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Aurora Relationship Manifest

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In light of the recent intensive and targeted griefing the manifest has sustained at the hands of an apparent community member who frequents the relay spanning multiple sheets now, I am unfortunately presented with an unpleasant situation: give up on the manifest, simply accept the persistent griefing moving forward, or try something new: an invite-only manifest. I have decided to do this on an experimental basis - my primary concern is that moving in an invite-only direction will kill activity on something that already struggles to maintain much activity at all past the first week of a new sheet. As such, from May 1st until July 1st (spanning two sheets), the manifest will be coming back.

To gain access, you'll need to DM this account - Bone Courtier#4585 - which can be found in both the main Aurora discord and the Relay discord. Do not DM my account, please - just the one listed. You'll need to send it a gmail address - it doesn't have to be a real one, and can be a throwaway - and the name that that gmail address is associated with. For example, my gmail account could be sneedfeedandseed@gmail.com, with the name Charles Sneed as the name associated with the account. This is important to keep track of who is who - all edits made to the sheet will show up with the name associated with the account. From there, I will let you know that you have been added to the manifest and you'll be able to edit it freely, and hopefully without risk of griefing.

This new manifest will also feature a few new relations on a trial basis - envy, contempt, disgust/discomfort, and nemesis. Additional ideas welcome. If these prove to be poorly received, they will be removed.

Here is the new manifest: Click this - It will not be open to editing until May 1st, and only those added will be able to edit it, obviously.

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The joke is that the place is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed" which is clever in itself and quite funny to those with a mature sense of humour but what's really just hilarious about it is that if you look closely at the front of this store, Sneed's Feed & Seed, you can see a line that reads "Formerly Chuck's". Now, this might go over the average viewer's head as this, THIS, is peak comedy. I doubt anything will ever be as funny as the joke about Sneed's Feed & Seed. Are you ready for this one? So, like I said, the place is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed" and this sign says "Formerly Chuck's", which means that when Chuck owned the place, well, I don't have to tell you...

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Right so, after yet another grief I have decided on my end to try making an alternative. This is a Discord equivalent of the Manifest, it's goal being to be as easy to use and retain the original goal, all the while remaining as safe as possible against possible Griefs.

The idea is that each player gets a role for each of their character (two characters max per player, safe for possible exceptions), in which they make a profile of their character to pin, then, make a section for each character they want to write on, giving opinions and the likes. Perhaps the main difference with the original manifest is that it is NOT updated monthly, and instead, can be tweaked and updated whenever you want. This also comes with it's own room to discuss the manifest and all OOCly, of course.

All of this is mostly a prototype, and time will tell if it will work.

Here's the link: https://discord.gg/V75CHhZQgB


It's in no way officially endorsed by the staff, since it's closer to just a personal project, also.

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