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Niennab - Spriter Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Niennab

Discord Name: Laowra#3847

Position Being Applied For: Spriter

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have dipped my toes into spriting here and there throughout the years. While I am nowhere near great, I believe my experience sprinting and my traditional art background can be applied to my knowledge regarding sprites.

Examples of Past Work:



Below I have added a few of the things I’ve made over the years. Until the above PR, my work was lumped into PRs from other contributors (usually Stryker's). However if need be, my credit can be confirmed in any of the relevant PRs to the below assets.

  • I made the unbranded sprite:



  • I recoloured the below suits as well as recoloured existing Golden Deep assets in order to have them better reflect their respected materials:



(old = top)

  • I think that this isn't relevant anymore, given that I (think) the IPC chassis’ are black and white by default now, but I originally updated the G2 sprite before that change.


  • I made some antennae for IPCs:


  • I made a number of flags as well as tweaked the colourable trench coat. I also made the 2x1 Zavodskoi flag:


  • I do not believe these lab coats are in game any longer but I recoloured the labcoats to make two Zeng-hu variants plus the transparent gloves and apron:


  • I recoloured and made a number of premade lipstick colours to suit actual real life shades and a few fun colours:


  • I’ve also previously added baseline screens and fixed the issue where they were animating too quickly. However, since it’s been so long, I am unsure which are mine or are by other contributors in the community or ported from polaris.
  • I also made the Synthetic title cards:

Additional Comments: I would hope that by being taken on as a developer, it would give me the availability to work with other teams in order to provide art for the wiki or title screens as well. If not, that’s of course fine.

I suspect I will only be able to review PRs that focus solely on sprites as well.

Some things I wouldn't mind adding are new flowers and sprite improvements to the current flowers, the ability to make flower bouquets in hydroponics, resprites of a lot of the grown fruits/vegetables/etc and with lore approval, a portable mind wiping device for IPCs.

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Nienna is a cordial and polite member of the community and I no doubt think they'll be a welcome addition to the developer team.

Their sprites are pretty good and the fact that they taught themselves how to use Git and make pull requests is already a major plus.

Give it my +1



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