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Rename "Vaurca Breeder" to "Vaurca Gyne"

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Lore Impact (Small/Medium/Large):  Small

Species: Vaurca

Short Description: Just replace all instances of "Vaurca Breeder" with "Vaurca Gyne".

How will this be reflected on-station?: The only tangible effect it will have on gameplay is selecting the subspecies in chargen and examining characters.

Does this addition do anything not achieved by what already exists?: Echoing what I said on my accidental suggestion thread, changing the name of the subspecies will make them less susceptible to "mommy" and other sexual jokes, and just remove the overall discomfort associated with the connotations of being a "breeder".

Do you understand that the project may change over time in ways you may not foresee once it is handed over to the Lore Team? I do, and it doesn't bother me as long as the name is changed in the end.

Long Description (will be copypasting my suggestion thread for this): At the risk of the cries of Kharmaani reference, I do think that Breeders could benefit from a name change due to the connotations associated with being called a "breeder", and there have been discussions here and there to that effect. According to YourDictionary, a gyne is:


A female social insect that is or has the potential to become a reproductive queen, in contrast to a sterile worker.

Which, while not fully accurate to the Vaurcan hierarchy, given that Breeders help reproduce as well but are not (yet) Queens, is still a lot better in my opinion.

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While I doubt this is going to cut down on the 'mommy' jokes, I do imagine it'd curb some more blatant (though already bwoinkable?) jokes that the term breeder might provoke. If we're going by more classical terminology (where my mind goes whenever I see the term 'gyne'), it's still plenty applicable without being overtly prone to unsavoury jokes. I like it, even if I don't really know what you're concerned of it referencing.

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