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I Cannot Play Anymore

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I'm done. Goodbye. *walks out the door*


*turns around and comes back in* OK. Do-over! Woo~

I need to take care of a lot of personal, real-life stress. Voiding me going into a personal sob-story, my life is a mess; and 2D spessmen takes up too much of my time. I need to put a stopper on myself from playing this game. I need to get my life sorted out, and back together. I have spent too long procrastinating.

I have no qualms with anyone; please understand this is something I have to do, for myself. I do not know when (or even if) I will come back. I'm sorry about getting up and leaving so sudden, and not tying up loose ends and whatnot. But if I did so I'm going to drag out my good-bye. So please, forgive me for this. I will not lie: I'm going to miss you guys. All the good times and memories and stories. And I really, /really/ hate leaving like this, but I need to do it.

I don't want anyone to worry about me (Not like any of you care~ 3). I'm a big girl - I'll be fine. I'll make it through. But this is going to be my good-bye for...a pretty long while.

Anyhoooow, I'm sleep deprived and high on caffiene, so I better do this before I realize what the heck I just did.


...I'm gonna regret this in the morning.

P.S. You guys are great. Seriously. This community, the hard work of admins, developers, mods, lore writers, and every other person out there - awesome. Thank you all for being so awesome, and spending time with me.

Hasta la vista.

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I'm just checking in guys.

I got some....awesome news. My doctor found out why I haven't been succeeding while fighting an uphill struggle every time I try to get things back in check with my life. I have an old injury called TMJ - in simple terms, my jaw is misaligned to the rest of my skull. Most of the doctors I've gone to didn't want to risk trying to heal my injury, because it wasn't 'as bad' as others who have TMJ. If it's not severe, don't try to fix it, because it might just get worse. However, I guess something happened that progressively did make it worse - I dunno.

TMJ makes you 'foggy brained' and sometimes disoriented, since the jaw can push back into the ear canal (I believe that's how it's best explained..) and it messes up your sense of balance. You can't focus, and you can't think straight. I've never been bothered by this because I'm just so used to it. But right after the first session I had to realign my jaw - hooooooly snapples, guys. The clarity that hit me was astounding. I cannot believe how my life has made a complete 180 degree turn in such a short span of time. I cannot even believe this has been what was causing all the stress in the first place!

Now I'm getting an intensive 6 week treatment to fix the injury. Lemme tell you, it HURTS. I can't talk for an extended period of time, and I can't chew solid food (all I've had to eat since I've started was soup.) I can understand why the doctors wanted to avoid giving me treatment before. But you know what? I will take this painstaking task to finally be able to think clearly. It will be worth it. I have been in this fog this entire time and not even realized it. I want this thing to go away.

So yep. That's an update. I'm gonna head off now, so catch you all later. :D

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