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Lore Development Diary

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Venus; Using a priorly neglected Lore Application, Venus has been retconed to be lightly colonized and page created. This is a testement that Aurora community won't be satisfied until every asscrack and cranny of the universe has been colonized.

Guide to Mining has been made (copied); With pretty pictures. Once again, courtesy of BayStation.

Mars; Large revision, fixing grammar and lore inconsistences. Mars now went through a massive World War, also, you now dislike Cyborgs if you are a Martian.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I've gone through the wiki once more and am beginning my next phase of restructuring.

The Sol Alliance page has been completely restructured from the bottom down, with the lore team contributing to the current structure. The information on the page has been streamlined and made consistent with the reboot of last June.


My next goals are to do the same to the Tau Ceti page, which is currently a page of scientific jargon and meaningless numbers that overshadow the relevant information for players.

I discovered that the "major systems" have systems with dead planets, who's only saving grace was a resource I never heard of: Teranium.

Gollee is working on restructuring the important systems to make them actually important.

All in all, everything linked in the navbox is being overhauled.

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Tasks done this week:

-Waded through the backlog of lore canonization apps (1 2 3 4 5) (More to come)

-Overthrew Xanderdox's reignCleaned house in the Lore Question apps

-Helped FFrances out with the Skrell stuff

-Wrote a few other WIP things (that will be included next week)

-Summoned Nar'Sie people to threads

-Plotted to take over the team recklessly suggested ideas without checking the wiki In all seriousness though, I also started writing an improved Robotics guide that might hit the wiki in the following weeks.

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-Created some category pages and templates on the wiki

-Canonized some more stuffs (1 2)

-Updated some pages to try and make the wiki more dynamic and accessible

-Started thinking on other steps to make wiki more dynamic and accessible

-Made some proposals - will tell more later if/when they actually go through

-Forum stuffs

- dooted and nyeh heh hehd

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It's this time again!

-Started Vaurca proofreading and correction

-Created the Cargo Technician page

-Created the Shaft Miner page

-Started working on revamping how paperworks is handled. Expect a massive cut in the number of forms.

-Uploaded massive amounts of pictures on the wiki for future use

-Collected ALL of the pictures from the Baystation wiki

-Various more things to come




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Dear Diary... it's been a while. I have made no attempts to alter the wiki since the last entry, other than maybe documenting and fixing various mistakes. I've been working with the various other Lore Devs to help make known space a living, breathing entity that changes over time. As a consequence of that goal, I've made several news posts, trying to establish a narative.

A new Earth map was made by Catti, on my behalf, and implemented on Earth wiki page by someone else.

Currently planning to make an lore competition that will open for all players as well as new update to Mars lore.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

We're bringing this back, with everyone expected to post fridays.

My loremaster actions recently have been:

  • FilthyFrank was assigned to finish any upstanding game guides for Aurora game modes.
  • Our general goal now is to clear up all the red links.
  • All easter eggs and references are being removed from all planet maps at behest of an admin meeting.
  • Every Race is going to have a "Notable [Race]" page with biographies on famous individuals from that race, from legends to modern day heros and figures. This will help bring a slice of life to the races and hopefully provide a model for people to base characters on.


Recent work on Unathi has been:


  • Unathi history was given an economic point of view, with the growth of Guilds, industrialization, and modern day Unathi corporations..
  • The purpose of these expansions has been to reinforce the Unathi themes: pre-Contact modernization was like a hand-grenade: it exploded all at one and gave everyone in proximity a very bad day.
  • The modern Izweski have been reemphasized as rather radical, with the power they give surviving guilds and little care for guild exploitation of the lower class, patronizing (and hostile) view towards the rest of Moghes, acceptance of alien technology, and liberal use of decapitation for major crimes.
  • Three notable Unathi, all touching on themes of rebellion.


On-going evolving narratives with the Unathi will be:


  • Their relationship with the human Frontier and other races.
  • The fallout from Not'zar Izweski becoming Hegemon, with Nottyzotty being a cripple, fascinated with human culture, and very eager on cooperation with humanity and Skrell.

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Numerous game modes guides involving antags have been added and are currently being tweaked for the more aurora setting.

Vampire will be included in shortly once I get more info on certain bits about it.

Work has been killing me for the past few months, so I'm attempting to do wiki work in the middle of the night in sacrifice for sleep.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

For an official friday update,


  • The moon was given its own page.
  • The NMSS Odin is now called the NTCC Odin to prevent anarchy from engulfing staff. NMSS will still be accepted until the majority of people are going along with it. please stop having moral panics over prefixes
  • The Sol Alliance has been given an in-depth history on their page. The history is meant to explore why the Sol Alliance is as it is now.

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Dear diary,

-I've been making Skrell persons of interest and should have several out in circulation very soon. They will keep the Notable Skrell page warm as I polish ideas and gradually add more.

-A few notable animals from Qerrbalak have reached late stages in their development and will be placed on either the general Skrell lore page or given their own page. Much like the previously mentioned Notable Skrell, these animals will serve as the beginnings of what I hope will become an informative section on some of the more interesting species found in Skrell space.

-The foundations of several stories and news articles have been drawn out.

-Attempts have been made at graphical design to serve as base for future projects. It's not pretty. Drawing is hard.

-Talked with a few lorepersons about goals and themes.

-Probed the minds of the people.

Personal Lore Goals:

1. More frequent articles for news sections.

2. More consistent updates to the wiki.

3. More party on the station. (Events.)


To flesh out the universe and keep it from feeling stagnant.

To give the players more content to browse if they feel compelled to do so.

To encourage further feelings of "fun" among the general populous of the server. People like fun.

Goals for this upcoming week:

-Get some Notable Skrell on that page. Address a few from the tip-top of the to do list. Continue fleshing out additional characters.

-Get animals on the page. First two minimum. Get the next few ideas pretty enough to be shared.

-2 articles minimum a week. This is happening. If it doesn't happen, then missed articles will be added onto the minimum for the next week. I've been sitting happy with too many ideas and not enough work to show for it. A minimum will ensure I actually get around to developing things rather than letting them collect dust.

-Bother lorepersons about more themes and work. Get some of that cooperation going.

-Acquire feedback.

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-Hephaestus Research and Industrial divisions.

-Hephaestus early experiment with AI.

Not So Finished but Pretty Finished

-Hephaestus Robotics division needs a bit of rewriting and proofreading.

-IPC scandal needs a lot of rewriting and proofreading.

Current/Future WIP

-Finishing Hephaestus history.

-Brainstorming ideas for Zheng-Hu Pharm. Interaction with NT+cloning? Prosthetics? Nanomachines?

-Figuring out who the hell Bishop Cybernetics are and whether or not they should outclass Hephaestus/Zheng-Hu in prosthetics/cybernetics, or if they should even exist.

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-Hephaestus Robotics division proofread and rewritten a bit, to clear up mistakes and make it look nicer.

-Hephaestus IPC scandal proofread and rewritten a bit, to clear up mistakes and make it look nicer.

Not So Finished but Pretty Finished

Current Project(s)

-Hephaestus history.

-Maybe some Hephaestus line products? Starships, exosuits, robots, et cetera? Could be too much.

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Dear diary,

-The foundation of the Notable Skrell page (Warning: WIP) has been posted. It's progress, but there's still quite a lot of work to be done. Posted characters will be elaborated on and future characters will be added.

-New News news: One new article has been posted as of the time of this update. This means that the quota for the span of time from now to my next Diary Entry is three articles.

-Cooperation: Talked with Killerhurtz about a few things regarding the Dionaea and the Skrell. Had a few conversations with Loredevs about general stuff.

-Drawing went surprisingly well this week. That'll be useful in projects to come.

-How about those Animals?: Not yet posted. Let's see if I can fix that with another page addition.

-Some feedback acquired.

-Brainstorming continued as it always does.

This week saw an increase in content created and released, but not quite as much as I would like.

Progress is progress.

Goals for this week:

- Have three news articles pressed and printed.

- Continue development of Notable Skrell.

- Get the first two noteworthy animals for Qerrbalak to a presentable state.

- Work on the frame for planet pages.

- Keep up the cooperation.

- Acquire feedback.

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