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Morning, I'm Tenenza, and I've been /not here/ for the last two months.

Now, there are tons of people I don't know around.

These people seem pretty cool and nice, but I don't really know you guys so well.

So tell me a bit about yourselves, anything, just to put a personality to the username.

Older peoples who I know, tell me stuff too, so I can get to know you better.

It's not like I'm building up a database of information so I can hunt you all down and blackmail you for cookies.

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Hello, I'm Bokaza. I've been described as 100% slavic Lord Byron. I also lack a sense of humour, so it's unlikely you can make me laugh. If you do, you deserve a medal. I work as a programmer and tester for a small IT company. In my free time, I work off-hours on a spess station trying to stop spessman from burning it down. That's it, I guess.

Ohh, I also enjoy all manner of strategy games, so, feel free to add me on steam so we can throw soldiers at each other.

Edit: Damn you, Cres.

Edited by Guest
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Hello, I am J "Nerd" Boy.

You're a nerd.

Also, Im not very fond of heights. Believe it or not, Dandy was NOT my first character, my first character was a character I made and insert into every game I play, and Ive had this character since my age was a single digit. I also like strategy games, but my internet is poop, so it's unlikely I will ever be throwing soldiers at anyone.

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  • I, um, replaced your The List topic. Sorry about that. You don't have to put any effort into that anymore, at least, yay...!
  • I obsess over words. Boka's misspelling of soldier made me think of people chucking melted solder at each other. I once accidentally burned someone with a soldering gun, whoops.
  • I like Skrell. I've been zealously pushing for a greater playerbase of squishies. There are new mechanics coming for them, courtesy of Skull - colour telepathy, fear fluid that actually does stuff, and bioluminescence. Read more about that here!
  • I also like helping out with names, flavour text, and backstories.
  • I like a lot of stuff, actually! Some of these things include languages, maths, music, afflictions, and art.
  • My earnest gets me into trouble, sometimes.

You should tell us about you, also.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I have a weakness for early access survival games, I've got a small-time publication of a short scifi story of mine to my campus literary magazine, and my favourite author is H.P. Lovecraft. A short story I wrote in the theme of Lovecraftian horror was, unfortunately, not chosen for publication anywhere. v_v

I'm a cartographer for fictional worlds and I love building universes. of course my terrestrial maps tend to look better than my space maps.

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I'm Sam, I'm British, living on the south coast of England.

I'm 17, 18 on the 22nd of August.mi have my driving license and drive a Land Rover Discovery 1, 1996 reg, best first car ever. I study aeronautical engineering and train as a Civil Air Patrol air observer in my spare time with plans to get work on an airfield or actual airport.

I have a keen interest in the military and did plan on joining but am unsure about future plans in that regard and I made the Sol Alliance military for this server

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You should tell us about you, also.


Well then, sure.

I'm Tenenza, and like Sam, I'm 17 going onto 18.

I've been gone for about two months due to some very bad schedule planning that resulted in me having a buncha projects, tests, community service and general work back-to-back for two months.

As for me and Aurora, I'm one of the resident science-centric people, and I used to teach and advice a whole lot of people regarding how to do research. Sadly, a great deal of my old science buddies and students have come and gone, but I aim to make up for lost time and get back to mentoring people on where to begin the sciencing.

In the outside whole, I've got an interest in language, writing, and the sciences, with a focus on the study of intelligent systems and neurology.

Also, I'm not bitter about the list.

Maybe a bit lemony, but that's probably the lemon tea.

Oh, yes, I like tea.


Edited it based on Crec's correction.

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Morning, I'm Tenenza, and I've been /not here/ for the last two months.

Now, there are tons of people I don't know around.


Ten and I are in the same. Exact. Boat. Hi, Ten! We need to do a buddy system thing. Totally.

I'm Conspire. I'm 18 going on 19, recently graduated from high school and going to college this fall. I like Dionaea. A lot. But some of you know this already. What you might not know...


  • I do 3d animations now! Mostly using Source Filmmaker because then I don't have to make my own models like I do with Blender. It's hard making models. :( And it's hard animating. I'm not very good at it.
  • I have a lot of voices in my head. I take on their personas when I act or, in the case here, roleplay.
  • I do very well with fast-paced video games. My hand-eye coordination is generally on-point.
  • I'm asexual. No, I don't reproduce that way. Yes, I've had people ask me that. That's why I don't usually say anything about it.
  • You are all my children. I sometimes wish I could reach through the screen and hug you, you little shits.


If you want to know more, you'll have to buy me a drink first.

... Not really. Please don't. It'll make me uncomfortable.

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I'm Jenna, or Jens. I'm 17 and German-Canadian. Some facts...

- I do recurve archery. I used to shoot competitively, until I took an arrow to the shoulder. No, really.

- I fall under the pagan umbrella.

- I play a lot of musical instruments, like the harp, piano, guitar and violin.

- I have a habit of making too many alts on any game that I play, running out of room, and still having too many ideas.

- I manage plugins/tech/serverside issues for minecraft servers as a hobby, and I find it quite fun to do. Especially initial new server setup, and watching as everything starts to work. ( Or screeching as I try to find out what broke. )

- The longest I have stayed awake for was approximately 50 hours. The longest I have slept for is 26. Non-coincidentally, this was just after the former.

- I dream almost every night, in very vivid detail. Though usually mildly disturbing or uncomfortable, I can tell you some really god-damned weird fucking stories about the more zany dreams.

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Uhh. Well.

I'm 23. I'm Sierra.. Or.. Sierra. My online screenname is a cross of my name and my airsoft callsign, Komodo.

I used to play airsoft. Haven't had my equipment or a field to play on for the past few years, though. I had a nice ArmaLite M15A4; I miss that thing.

Currently I spend most of my time at a computer, either gaming, writing, coding, or a mixture of those three. I also do some color work with color pencils, not on the computer. I'm not all to good at the whole 'talk about yourself' thing so uhh... Yep. Hi.

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I'm Chazn.

I'm a stickler for keeping things enjoyable for everyone. Used to be the host here, part of the old guard. Been around SS13 for a long time now. Do icons for people who request them occasionally.

Outside of SS13, I'm an actor, been in a few Shakespeare productions onstage, student films, and council-based film work. Was an Air Cadet for five years. Pretty much everything important.

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I am Inverted Rectum. As people may have noticed, I suffer from a rare medical condition called impetibili asinum.

It causes a moral high ground to spontaneously spring up from whatever im standing on and elevate me above all of my peers.

My hobbies are being angry about video games, being angry about people, being angry about other people playing video games, being angry.

I also have a cat, it's a very nice cat, but I will only show the cat to reputable cat connoisseurs through personal messages. It's a british shorthair and it's very nice.

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I come from a small, and usually ignored country, known as Lithuania. Now I am a filthy immigrant, and living in Norway

I'm 22 years old, and my birthday is the last day of the year... So all those fireworks that are fired, are fired in MY name!

I am a generic and boring guy, with not too much success in life.

I am ridiculously lazy.

I like drawing.. But I spend most of the time at my computer :/

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ya'll gon learn today.

Nurse, Nursie, Kitty, what have you. I'm a twenty year old girl from Tennessee who's just under five feet tall. Currently majoring in web design with plans to get a certificate in data processing.

I regularly watch children's cartoons and sappy moments will make me tear up at the drop of a hat. I also play a lot of video games with a huge tendency towards any kind of horror I can get my hands on. I think Machine for Pigs was better than Dark Descent. I have a huge backlog of games I need to finish some time.

I am unironically in love with DC's Scarecrow. I'm also bisexual, and it makes playing monosexual characters a little weird.

I love cats. I love the shit out of cats.

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Hello everyone, my name is Charis (kah-ris) and I am 22, a lady and have been playing ss13 since September last year. I used to moderate the Minecraft mod server "voids wrath" and have been playing a lot of mmos recently. My best friend is Dea. In real life, I'm an Accountant by day, though if I had my way, I'd be an aid worker, living in a slum building wells and houses and stuff. I have two brothers and three sisters.

My main character Charlie Dove is a spin off of my name, Charis Dobbs. She has, since December, been the one to die third most on this server.

I love making friends, so if anyone would like to talk sometime, let me know.

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