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Remove the mechanism for locking down borgs.


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So, I am regularly playing borgs, and I have seen some malf AI's, traitor AI's and hacked AI's. Everytime AI is rushed by security, borgs get locked down, and both (or just borgs) are forgotten for the rest of the round. Yes, left to die out of boredom in that unfortunate location they were in, when they were locked down.

I would rather want to explode, than be locked down.

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how about we change this removal into something that can actually help rather, by making something to track borgs? Like a tracking beacon for Mechs, but it's in smaller size, and should be attached/can be attached on cyborgs.


You can already track positions of cyborgs through their cameras. The RD and security can track them.

Also, if you want to stop this from happening. Tell your malf AI to either blow the console or shut off the power to the area.

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This is actually a pretty big change. Part of the meta for malf and traitor AI's is the need to prevent the crew from killing their cyborgs.

For an observant AI, this isn't impossible. Turning off the power in Science and locking down Secure Tech Storage is a good first step. Getting your engineering cyborgs to recycle all the electronics for the Robotics Consoles and Circuit Printers is a good followup.

That being said, for the MALF AI dedicated to preserving their darling robo-servants, what about this:


module_name = "Scramble Robot Control Codes"
mod_pick_name = "free_robot"
uses = 2

/client/proc/malf_free_robot(var/mob/living/silicon/robot/R in mob_list)
set category = "Malfunction"
set name = "Scramble Robot Control Codes"
if (istype(R,/mob/living/silicon/robot)) // sanity check
	for(var/datum/AI_Module/small/free_robot/free_robot in usr:current_modules)
		if(free_robot.uses > 0)	
			if(istype(R, /mob/living/silicon/robot/drone)) // no freeing drones
			if (R.stat==DEAD)
				usr << "\red There is no point in freeing [R], they are already dead."
			if (R.scrambledcodes)
				usr << "\red [R] is already disconnected from the control network."
			R.canmove=TRUE // free robot
			R.scrambledcodes=TRUE // remove from network
			free_robot.uses-- // expend uses
			usr << "\red You scramble [R]'s control codes. They can no longer be remotely locked down or destroyed."


For those of you that don't read DM, that's a module for MALF's that lets them free a cyborg from lockdown and also make it so they cannot be locked down or destroyed remotely. It gets two uses for it's purchase, which means the average MALF only needs one purchase, but they'll have to buy more if they want to protect an unusually large fleet of cyborgs.

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What happens on rounds where the AI is seen as malf or traitor but isn't? Borgs still get shut down and forgotten about or assumed to be law altered and are intentionally left to stagnate and be bored. What's more is that because they are limited, those players who only rock synthetics are then stuck respawning as an organic (Which they may hate) or hoping a new positronic gets activated without linking to an AI.

That mechanic alone can kill a round for a synth only player. I'm not saying to remove it, but how can we find a work around to help them?

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You can still talk while locked down, and I think you can still use both your radio and your PDA message system. You can still call for help, right?

I've been locked down a few times, and someone always comes to find me. Have you been getting locked down off the station z-level?

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I believe it's general knowledge that all cyborgs are connected to the AI's lawset. If the AI goes, so do the cyborgs. It's better to lock down the cyborgs just in case, rather than have them continue roaming when it's very well possible that they could have the same (possibly hostile) law or lawset that the AI was given.

Now, if you're getting locked down and forgotten about, that sounds to me like a problem with the player(s) who locked you down, not with the mechanic itself. I would approve of jack_fractal's new suggestion (I'll leave that to the topic they made), however, the player(s) locking down cyborgs should try to keep in mind OOCly that when they do that, they are all but removing a player from the round. It should be their responsibility to see that the cyborgs are recovered and investigated and whatnot.

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I used to lock down Borgs that annoyed my RD, walk up to them, monologue to them about how I am in control and for them to never forget that for one second, then wander back to the console and unlock them. My RD was however a massive bitch most of the time, so that's something. But, yes, there is good RP potential in the mechanic, as well as good RP in the loss of control that can result from a good malf AI taking out the console.(there was a memorable time in which a malf AI broke a few of my RD's bones with a well timed machine explosion couples with quickly Bolting the door.)

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But, imagine what happens if RD wants to lockdown borgs, but without robotics console. They send security on a manhunt with ion weaponry and flashes, and actually try to imprison borgs in a creative way like welding doors in front of security borgs or stuffing them into lockers so they can beg officers/scientists to let them go. Or maybe these borgs will actually care about their fourth law (survive) by hiding on the asteroid, while engineers are cutting off the AI control wire on external airlocks, so borgs can't go back onto the station.

Now, they will just be lockeddown and forgotten. And they can't really RP with anyone, as when borgs are lockeddown, AI is close to getting intellicarded, and everyone is busy breaking into the AI core. And borgs need to beg 'that friendly roboticist' to come and place them into a charger.

And crew's metagame is not really helping, too.

"AI is talking strangely. That must be a malfAI. Rush upload."

"Someone broke into tech storage. Must be ops. Ops change AI's laws. Rush upload."

"That borg just closed a door in front of me. Must be traitor AI. Rush upload."

(These actually happened.)

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Two notes. Sometimes you aren't forgotten about: simply that the way the round progresses renders you unrecoverable. This is thr nature of SS13: shit happens, RDs die, etcetera.

Second, try adminhelping if it's too ridiculous. If the above isn't true, they should be inclined to SM someone to set you free.

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I feel the issue mainly revolves around certain players who play rounds with extreme meta-paranoia, that end up ganking the AI upload. And if I'm not mistaken, one of the guys who's infamous for that isn't around anymore. So in theory, this shouldn't be such a prevalent issue anymore.. we'll see I guess?

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So, maybe- And this is a sketchy suggestion, because of the implications of performing the action...

Give Borgs the ability to break out of lockdown, like people in cuffs? Granted, it's locked for say, like... Ten minutes. Or something. So they don't need to keep running back to the console all the time if you're actively being imprisoned, not just forgotten about.

That'd mean that locking them down doesn't just end their threat permanently, and being forgotten about like so many Borgs are isn't a horrible fate.



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Give Borgs the ability to break out of lockdown, like people in cuffs? Granted, it's locked for say, like... Ten minutes. Or something. So they don't need to keep running back to the console all the time if you're actively being imprisoned, not just forgotten about.


I don't think any borgs should be breaking out of lockdown unless there's a malfunction, and if that is the case then it's much better handled by the AI freeing them rather than them freeing themselves. The lockdown is a saftey measure to protect the crew, and yourself. The less kind alternative to lockdown is to blow them up, so be thankful that you're only getting immobilized. However, you should not be getting locked down and forgotten. And if you are, use your radio and PDA to remind people where you are and that you are locked down. Remind them with increasing frequency and volume until someone comes for you.

If the situation dictates that you cannot be trusted be to be free, then you can AT LEAST be moved into the robotics lab where you have someone to talk to. They can try to cut your connection to the AI. Usually as soon as you're disconnected from a malfunctioning AI, you're let free to go on with your duties. Or you should be.

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use your radio and PDA to remind people where you are and that you are locked down.


Note that- unless it was changed- borgs can only talk locally when locked down. That includes Binary, because I'm pretty sure that's a language and not actually a channel. So, if the AI is dead, and a borg is locked down in some completely abandoned place like, say, coffin storage as one of mine once was, nobody knows they are there and they can't get help because anyone who can hear them is dead.

I get what you're saying, though.

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