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Aurora's Player Q&A thread



So. I realized I had gameplay questions - and I'm sure others do to. So I'm making a thread for us to answer one another. Can be gameplay, "lore" (even though it's going to irk the loremasters in the lore question subforum) or character questions for all I care - we're here to seek answers.

So, to kick it off, my question:

I've learned that Aurora has hyposprays. What do they look like, what are the advantages and can Science build them?

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As noted before, they're effectively a 'Syringe+'. Extremely limited in quantity (There will typically only ever be one on the station), and can be filled with just about whatever you see fit depending on the codebase. Whether this is a medical cocktail to fix most any mess, or a mere sedative, is up to the wielder in question. Unlike autoinjectors, they can be refilled and hold far more medicine.

I am almost completely certain that Research cannot build them unless this has been added in recent times.

As a bonus, they're also a Star Trek reference, used by the CMO and Nurses of the USS Enterprise, although the sprite isn't based on the original design if I recall correctly:


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After a set amount of time, I believe. And the likelyhood of it leaking radiation is random.

You see, most protopistols are produced from the RnD lab. Stuff made there has a tendency to break. They're only meant to be prototypes. Power cells can stop charging, and protopistols will produce radiation. That's why you're supposed to be very wary of handing out stuff, and not give it out like candy.

The protopistols in the ERT room are fine, and won't break. So no ERT suddenly has random radiation damage.

Question 3: is it possible to add a new secret frequency to the telecomms?

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If you meant "adding a frequency" as in "adding a frequency that's not between 141.1 and 149.9, IIRC no. There's a few antag/Odin channels which falls out of these bounds, but I'm 99% certain you can't actually select a frequency beyond that.

If you meant "create a new communication channel on an unused frequency", then yes - to mindblowing extents. You can tell people to tune into a channel. And if you got access to telecomms code, you can give a whole filter to your channel - like the common channel, except it's player made.

Question 4: I know that power cells' reliability can be fixed by going 2 levels above their rating (at least IIRC). Know if there's a parameter like that for protopistols?

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