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Station-wide atmospherics test.


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As she was sitting at her desk filling paperwork one evening, something crawled into Aquila's head. No no, not a cortical borer, she's an IPC.

It was an idea.

A horribly stupid, wonderful idea.

And that day, her need to test atmospheric's true capabilities grew three times it's size.

This is the story of how Aquila stole the Auroura's atmosphere.

One day, during dead hour, when hardly anyone is on, I would like to drain the entire station of atmospherics, in the purpose of seeing what the system can handle, with specific settings. Primarily the waste loop, as I already have an idea of how robust the distribution system is, when configured properly.

The testing would be properly prepared for, of course. Arrivals shuttle would be given a note explaining what is happening, and pizza on tables. Maybe an extra arcade. Dorms would also be sealed, and untouched during testing.

Cargo would order enough space capable gear as is necessary to ensure everyone will be safe in a suit, and the large oxygen tanks will be given out, as well as filled. Finally, when everyone is safe, and the two "untouchable" areas are sealed off, I will go down the list and panic syphon everything else, just to see if there's any limitation to what the waste loop can hold.

Afterwards, and hopefully before the round ends, I will begin to fill the station back up, and turn the waste loop pump on, taking notes at it's progress at 1, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes if I'm there that long.

Obviously, I want admin approval before I do something like this, and am willing to co-ordinate to make sure someone is on when I attempt to do this, if it's approved.

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1.) Go here. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora

2.) Download the ZIP master.

3.) Open it.

4.) Go to config.

5.) Create a "txt" from notepad called "admins.txt"



Should look like that, but with your ckey in the front.

6.) Save it, drop it into the config file of the aurora master you downloaded

7.) Boot up Dream Maker

8.) Once it opens, Open Environment

9.) Go to wherever your auroramaster is. For ease of access it should be on your desktop

10.) Open up aurora.dme, that's your environment and map

11.) Compile it to make sure there's no errors

12.) Now open up Dream Daemon

13.) Click the "..." button to browse for your aurora-master file

14.) Open it, and then load the .dmb

15.) Hit "Go". Don't click anything else, it needs to wait a bit

16.) If there's an error with a port not being able to be reached/put on the hub, don't worry about it. Just click the detour-arrow looking thing.

17.) Aurora map should be loaded, you should have all permissions on that specific 'server'

You can do whatever the hell you want from there without needing to worry about admin permission and such. Tweak any systems, grief that station as much as you want. What I just listed is how you can open up a test server to do this.

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I can tell you what it's probably going to happen. Waste loop is going to clog up so much that you will only be able to fully vent 2 or 3 rooms after several minutes, after that, probably several hours for the whole station. You will also have to select all the horribly listed air alarm in the atmospherics console, making it a very tedious process that you have to do again for refilling.

Good luck if you ever get to try it, though.

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You're going to kill the waste loop by doing this. You get backed up off of 3000-4000kPA being syphoned off at once, and it'll take 30mins for that to clean out (yes, even with pump optimizations to move the waste loop faster).

For reference, the departures lounge is roughly 14,000kPA of pressure overall? I've completely filled it from vacuum to 101kPA with a 14,000kPA pump before, so my estimations may not be exact, but they're very close.

So yeah. You have fun with this. Please don't do it on the main server, though. It's going to take hours to completely drain, as Keinto said. The problem doesn't lie in the station's distribution systems; you can easily refill the rooms with a bit of legwork. The gas disposal system for this map simply wasn't designed to ensure stressful amounts of siphoning. At all.

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Super cool the wasteloop as much as possible, from as many atmospheric substations as possible.

Also, you can try it on the server, provided all of the command staff agrees. Might make for an interesting makeshift colony event.

(Wtf even is it with people telling others to stop testing interesting shit on the server? Remember the time when Duck super heated the entire fucking asteroid? Or when Delta blew up arrivals? Yeah. Good times. Let there be more. Reward initiative, instead of stomping on it.)

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Test concluded - with all of atmospherics and engineering, including the lead-in hallway, waste loop barely even had 400 kPa. It's my assumption the pipe system, which spans the entire station, can hold much much more.

Then Aquila got EMP'd and went crazy due to brain damage.

Results: Success.

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