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Hear me out. I know clowns were banned because they're too close to the definition of chucklefuck to be allowed.

Depending on what we want, I propose two possible gamemodes:

That's why I propose having a Clowns gamemode: where instead of having 'standard' antags, 10% of the crew spawns as clowns or mimes, and that's what the gamemode is.

Alternatively, Cult of HONK: Pretty much a combination of RP Rev and Cult: instead of an edgy cult trying to summon an eldritch abomination or two groups of people fighting for stuff on-station, there's the Clowns and the Mimes. There's some original Clowns, some original Mimes - and they wage a war on the station, trying to convert people to their side to fight the war. Clowns win if all mimes get their muteness honked off by the Horn of Fun, mimes win if all clowns are silenced by being forced to drink from a Bottle of Nothing . Crew wins if all clowns and mimes are arrested by end of game OR killed, and everyone loses if none of the conditions are met.

The Horn of Fun is a mighty horn held by the original clowns (or at least one of them, the Lead Clown). Spews 5 units of Liquid Bananium (a new chemical that induces laughter and that can, with the applications of 25 units (five sprays), make mimes laugh, ending them and making them people again, eligible to be clowns - also, if captured in a beaker, can be solidified to Sheets of Bananium with two nitrogen and one oxygen to construct a H.O.N.K mech). Liquid Bananium also heals clowns of 1 brute and 1 burn per tick per 0.1 unit of substance (so a single spray of the HoF can heal clowns for 50 of both brute and burn).

The Bottle of Nothing is an ancient urn held by original mimes (or one of them, the King Mime) that naturally produces Nothing (a new chemical - a basic painkiller that mutes people temporarily, and with 25 units (5 drinks) neutralizes clowns and makes them people again, eligible to be mimes - can be transferred in containers such as beakers, spray bottles and chem throwers to create grenades and sprayers). Nothing heals mimes of 1 brute and 1 burn per tick per 0.1 unit of substance as per Liquid Bananium.




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"They're too close to chucklefucks to be allowed" We still have nuke ops and geneticists. Clowns seem harmless comparatively.

I'd rather have clowns.

I don't think it's very fair to equate nuke ops and geneticists to clowns. There is nothing inherently chucklefucky to nuke ops (tbh I'm a bit confused why you bring them up), and geneticists, while having a bunch of silly powers, can also pretend to do serious work. (I used to have my issues with genetics but I realized making the whole game super-serious is an outright impossible objective.)

To use the notion of geneticists to further my argument, I don't really mind if silly things happen from time to time. It's actually quite refreshing, and I think most people would get bored if SS13 was 24/7 office simulator or big drama with people dying (which tends to make people mad anyway). Geneticists are sort of the terribly flawed, half-retarded yet true epitome to that. Some of them are really serious, some of them do incredibly funny things and some are plain annoying.

Clowns, on the other hand, are the plain "in-your-face" chucklefuck. They have a designated silly outfits, silly equipment, and a designated slot for doing silly stuff. A big difference between clowns and other funny characters is that no other role is inherently designated for chucklefucking. And that's what makes some of those characters great, because it's a bit more believable, a bit more unexpected, and a bit less frequent.

I'm happy with the amount of nonserious stuff that currently happens on the server. And I wouldn't mind clown-based events from time to time, though giving them a whole gamemode seems like a lot of effort for something people would get tired of quickly.

Anyway, all of this is why I think clowns aren't that fun on HRP yet we can still have (and enjoy) outright silly stuff.

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Clowns would be the gamemode that would create a deadhour. Think about what people come for when they join the server, Heavy roleplay. I mean, if you really needed a clown experience I'm sure there's plenty of servers you can go on for it.

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