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Hello friends it's me, halorocks22.

On November 30, 2015 at 1:16 PM I discovered to my horror that the ability to like off-topic forum posts has been revoked from the masses.

I believe that this was a grave error; as you know, friends, I am currently an individual suffering with AIDS. Life is hard for me - sometimes, even my dank medical kush can't put me to sleep at night because the pain from the AIDS is too strong.

The like system that existed in off-topic before it was removed helped ease my pain. Whenever I was struggling, I posted on the off-topic forum to garner some likes. One like = one prayer to Allah.

The prayers helped me, people. It was the only thing that made life worth living. Please bring the like system back.

Thank you for your time.

Like to support and give me a prayer to Allah.

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Uh. Because it's just not fair, I may have not used the right word, but yeah.

It's just, well, a home world of shitposting, a lair of memes +occasional leaving posts.

I would actually be in favor of off-topic posts not being counted towards the total post count.

Like, if you have (for example, of course) 1234 posts, and 90% of those are off-topic posts, maybe you are on the wrong forum?

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We don't judge people by their post count. But I do.

It's like if we had total hours played counted, and displayed in-game besides a player name.

If you have X many hours, that means you weren't banned yet, and you are probably engaged in/bringing stuff into the community. And that's something.

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Fuck now I have to doublepost

You both have really solid points but the fact of the matter is that off-topic deserves the like function. The like system is stupid anyway and people shouldn't try to harness it into a valid system of credibility.

"You have 3 likes and a valid opinion? Well I say you're dumb, and look at how many likes I have!"

It's as irrelevant as post count, and if you want to really narrow a poster's credibility to how many likes/posts they have, well...

That's a, no hard feelings, bad idea.

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All of my limes were in off-topic. :cry:

And I don't see why off-topic is inherently bad for casual talking and meme-spouting. Nothing heinous or morally reprehensible is being posted there, and if it wasn't containing irreverent and light-hearted banter than it would hardly see the light of day as a board to post on. The important part is that the posts there are with respect to this community rather than others, as users seek to laugh about and share humor with each other rather than, say, with a different community.

For me, it's the only out-of-game way I can interact with the community because I don't have any complaints or suggestions, and at this junction I don't plan on applying for any whitelists.

"Like" buttons are generally irrelevant though, yet I fail to see why they've been removed from off-topic. However I think post-number is a good general (if not perfect) indicator of how involved an individual is with the community, and that off-topic should be included.

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I didn't even know they were removed/turned off.

The Registered Users group has the permissions to like posts on off-topic, I just dunno why it isn't showing. And I can't remember where to enable likes. Hnrg.

EDIT: there, maybe that fixed it?


praise based skull, thread's over lads pack up your belongings and return to the off-topic subforum with me

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