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Unban Request - Chaznoodles

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BYOND Key: Chaznoodles.

Total Ban Length: 3 days.

Banning staff member's Key: Garnascus.

Reason of Ban:




Reason for Appeal:

The cause of this, Hypatia, has kept up a common trend of actions against myself, which include disobeying orders, insults, whining like a child when they don't get their way, and extreme levels of violence without escalation. This has been a major disruption to the rounds of both myself and others. The killing in the ban reason was perfectly justified, seeing as Hypatia had previously cuffed and removed my headset, dragged me into maintenance and smashed my skull with a harmbaton until it broke and I was in critical. The only reason I survived was due to another member of Security stumbling across Hypatia mid-harmbaton and shouting, then dragging me to medical, on the way to which I hit a completely white screen, taking me out of the round for fifteen to twenty minutes whilst it was fixed. This provided enough IC reasoning for me to execute the staff member, seeing as their actions all shift had endangered other Security members and crewmembers. The ban itself, not due to the staff member's fault, was not open to discussion due to an archaic rule stemming from when end-round grief was commonplace and there was no way to sort through it.

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I'd just like to point something out here. After Chaz left the shuttle brig (I assume he killed Hypatia in there) Jim Calhoun (redfield5) charged at him and fired at him with a lethal gun while still on the shuttle. Was anything done about that?


No, but we were dealing with multiple other issues at the time. And I believe they only shot at Chaz once after they filled Hypatia with lasers. Still, that is technically against the rules. I will talk with them as soon as I get a chance, but we're usually leniant when it comes to EoR grief if it's just one attack log or two. But we will have to wait for Garn to post to get a full picture.

Also: we had dealt with Hypatia for their behavior, but I think this highlights how the 'End of Round Grief' rule might need to be revamped. But that's a discussion for a different topic.

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This is what I saw.

Hypatia after being admin healed in the SAME ROUND, pepper sprayed two people. I am not sure what their name was but, I do know that I have adminhelped regarding the case estimated 7:50 PM Central Time Zone, when I talked out over OOC. This is what happened.



From what I see, he lawfully broke a rule and intended to do that to get back at him whom was insulting. RPly, he did nothing wrong. Not to mention the fact that Hypatia bashed HoS's head in. I was James Silver, I saw him injured in the round in Medical Bay, he was being treated by Rusty. I was a revolutionary, I had intended to bomb the Head of Security, but the shuttle was called and Hypatia done more harm than Security and Revolutionaries in that round. Hypatia consistently begged for lethals on peaceful protest.

Please take this post into account for BOTH this appeal AND player report on Hypatia.

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OK, lets start off with my reasoning for the EoR rule. I admit its a rule we very rarely punish for. Almost always its someone getting into a little first fight or starting one and we just note/warn them about not doing it in the future. In this case, i logged on and one of the first things i saw was chaz lasering hypatia to death. Now firing lethals against someone like that was in my mind too over the line to just say "dont do that again" as the rule does state a 3-day ban is the punishment.

The context.... the incident earlier in the round with the harm batonning and what not...may change this, i admit im a bit conflicted. I have never been keen on enforcing the rules blindly, i think context is important but HOW important?

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