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Player complaint: Kazkin and Demonofthefall

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BYOND Key: Ove

Player Byond Key: Kazkin, Demonofthefall

Staff involved: Tenenza

Reason for complaint: Check the spoiler below, please.

Approximate Date/Time: 12/18/2015, 8:00-9:00 PM GST.

I apologize for deleting the original topic; The round was still going on and I only clued in that that wasn't allowed shortly after posting it, so I took it down. Now that the round's over, it's back up.


R.A.T. (follow) boops, "Hey Trav, are you a mouse or rat?"

TravO.S. (follow) states, "A mouse."

R.A.T. (follow) beeps, "FUCK YOU"

R.A.T. (follow) beeps loudly, "KILL YOURSELF!"

R.A.T. (follow) beeps, "Fuck mice man, you guys suck more giblets then a retarded cannibal in the morgue."

R.A.T. (follow) beeps, "If you ate french fries I'd definately call you a potato cause you clearly have down syndrome."

R.A.T. (follow) beeps, "We either yell at each other or fuck."

R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " Fancy a shag Trav? You're on bottom."

R.A.T. (follow) beeps, "This place needs more pussy in power."

R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " Translate this, Trav sucks big huge donkey dicks."

R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " We should hollow out the vacant office and create a store to sell shit for cash."




R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " Humans are retarded." ((Beware, I lost this one due to the format being messed up by lines of code for some reason, so I typed this one myself, but only in context to the next line. Although typed by myself, this is what was said from Rat, and if a staff member would be so kind, I'll more than back up my statements by asking you to check the logs.))

Rafee Isra (follow) mrowls, " they sure are, they invented the word retarded after all"

Rafee Isra (follow) mrowls, " Rafee can sell this flash"

R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " A security outfit might as well."

Rafee Isra (follow) mrowls, " Rafee could make ambrosia and process it into pure drugs"

R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " How about we sell things out of pocket and discretely."

R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " That way sec doesn't kick our teeth in."

Rafee Isra (follow) mrowls, " yes, dont want to draw attention"

Rafee Isra (follow) mrowls, " can you hack the holodeck? make it so Humans actually hurt themselves?"

R.A.T. (follow) mrowls, " I don't have the processing power or programs to do something that fancy."

Rafee Isra (follow) mrowls, " If Rafee changes it while they fight the gloves will vannish"




Rafee Isra (follow) says, "nothing wrrrrong with a big jiggly bootay"

R.A.T. (follow) beeps, "You can drown on air the same way her body is drowning on lipids."

Rafee Isra (follow) mrowls, " hopefully when shes off crying we can sneak into chemistry"








There was much, much more than just these little tidbits I've picked up on during the round, but I'm not going to torture myself over getting some logs that the administrators could get if they wanted to enough. It brings me to the question: Why would Nanotrasen hire a Tajaran assistant who would pull this kind of thing? With this mentality? You'll notice that in one of the screenshots, Kazkin (R.A.T, the pAI) was ordered to insult everyone to the best of his ability, by Rafee Isra (Demonofthefall).

I was informed that Kazkin was not in fact just saying all this really demeaning bullshit to everyone out of sheer choice alone; They were ordered to. That doesn't change the fact that you're being completely and utterly unnecessary. Yes, it can be argued that "Oh, he's synthetic, he's playing a pAI, oh it's all IC" But come on man, that's literally you reaching into the back of your mind and throwing out some of the vilest things you can think of because lols.

"You don't know what vile is, that wasn't me being vile, I could have been much worse, this was me being mild!"

No. Stop right there, I don't want to even hear that, should you be thinking of posting that argument. I'd appreciate a staff member, and community members' inputs on this topic.

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shouldn't this be a incident report?


Tricky, honestly. There is certainly a point where the "why would Nanotrasen hire this guy" argument becomes valid. It is my opinion however that situation for it to become valid is quite extreme indeed. I have not yet been able to get in touch with tenenza so I cannot say for sure what he chose to do.

First things first, Lawed synthetics still have to abide by server rules first. In the case of a law that conflicts with server rules its expected you ahelp before carrying it out (although there is a generous degree of leniency if you DO carry it out). After that we go after whoever placed the law.

What happened here appeared to be a trash talking and foul mouthed PAI Lawed to be as such. An initial thought is it appears to be an IC issue. Did you contact security? Report him to a head of staff? An IAA? An incident report? I admit I don't know if this is a longstanding problem with rafee and R.A.T or if its a one time thing. If its only happened this once perhaps its best to just laugh it off and handle it IC?

Although I admit in not exactly going to bend over backwards to defend a Pai slinging insults. Its not exactly something I think should be going on too often on a high RP server or it willmvery quickly become an OOC issue.

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R.A.T. is an asshole pAI, I got contacted by an admin that round and toned it down. I'd also like to mention the pAI Trav and second master after Raf spaced RAT after (badly) attempted to concoct some sort of plot privately over the PDA system. Though he crawled through space before the shuttle left to flip them off still, since they somehow disabled his radio.

That said R.A.T. is a character I try not to play often because he is an asshole, I understand some people don't appreciate being yelled at in a game meant to be fun but not every character is going to be sunshine and roses. R.A.T. himself is a personality that is "downloaded" into a pAI device. Meaning he is pulled from the internet (or galactic equivalent, I see it as a matrix web-way ala shadow run style) and as such isn't subject to incident reports because he isn't a nanotrasen employee. Hence why he doesn't give a flying fuck about what he says. From an ooc standpoint I try to keep it strictly to conversations in person or over the PDA and try to avoid public comms. Rule one states don't be a dick, but creating conflict icly isn't being a dick even if your personal feelings say otherwise. RAT's point is to create a laugh for his master and he isn't mean and crude to everyone. A couple people have just politely asked him to stop and he has.

Equally R.A.T. has to be willingly downloaded and can be destroyed without violating murder rules, meaning the reasonable escalation of actions can be followed. I hold no grudges for anyone that disables/destroys RAT because they have a reason to do it.

As far as the situation at hand, yes, Raf did order me to say that shit and yes I was really damn crude about it. I obviously hurt your personal feelings with how my characters personality is, I've been binging on RAT for the last few days and planned on cutting back on him. As Garn said between Raf and RAT this was likely a one time thing, though RAT has and always will be a character that rustles jimmies.

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