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Complaint - Abendroth - Approx. Jan 12th, 2016.

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I accidentally didn't post this complaint initially and I've wondered for the longest time why I've never seen it. Then I noticed I didn't fucking post it at all.

BYOND Key: Hivefleetchicken

Player Byond Key: Abendroth

Staff involved: SenpaiShadow fetched me logs, I think Josh or Serveris dealt with the initial ahelp.

Reason for complaint: Nia Snyder was an extremely bitchy sec officer in my brig, as I was playing Head of Security Rook Jameson. She did nothing but scream at people in all caps and harass people in the brig lobby for making a mess (I did this too, but at least I worked the rest of the time).

I finally noticed her screaming at the warden after watching her be a promiscuous lardlad with Fortune the whole round in all caps because I ordered them not to take the guns out of the armory to deal with the carp because the shuttle was already nearly there and I had officers with weapons already securing departures.

Nia Snyder immediately declared she was quitting over comms, so I pointed a taser at her and said "Fine, you and me, we're walking to the HoP office right now. You quit, right? Okay, good. Let's go." or something along those lines, and she just rushed me with pepperspray and attacked me. I then took her out and instantly told the Captain that she was to be demoted after all of this. Abendroth then started spamming the say logs with offensive shit that could easily be taken OOCly, so I muzzled them to test their reaction. They then immediately started power-emoting shit about fucking my mother in the emote chat, and this continued for almost 20 minutes. I asked Senpai for the logs, visible here:

[18:36:48]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder signs multiple gestures which indicate that Rook Jameson is an absolute retard, to anyone who can understand sign language.

[18:37:09]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder continues to sign various other rude gestures and phrases, while seeming to have fun doing so.

[18:37:35]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder makes various hints to sexual acts with parently figures in Rook Jameson's life via sign language.

[18:39:10]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder laughs via sign language at Jameson's incompetence which he shouldn't understand if he doesn't know sign.

[18:39:41]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder makes vaguely rude gestures concerning Rook Jameson's sexual organ size via sign language, concerning its small stature.

[18:40:29]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder gestures that this is the closest Jameson will ever touch a woman via sign language and eye motions.

[18:40:46]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder finds this very amusing in terms of the situation she is in.

[18:41:47]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder indicates that Rook Jameson would like to partake in sexual activity with this clone of himself, via sign language.

[18:43:12]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder motions to the HoS, indicating they have a stick up their ass.

[18:43:45]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder points to her head to indicate the HoS's lack of knowledge.

[18:44:50]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder indicates that this is not protocal at all, and the HoS was not acting within his position.

[18:45:42]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder motions that the HoS should hurry this up, showing she is becoming bored.

[18:53:23]EMOTE: Nia Snyder/Abendroth : Nia Snyder indicates that the entire Security team is incompetent.

He said he was too lazy to get them all, but this is the general gist of it.

After all of this had been handled, I shoved her out of the HoP office back into the station streets as a terminated assistant. I went into departures to make sure everyone was secure, and someone broke a window and caused us to all get knocked down. Nia Snyder then beelined for the warden's gun, switched it to lethals, and unloaded it on me without any words. I stood up, dodged her shots until she was out, and then instantly killed them with my telebaton because it was obvious it was a shitty attempt at a wew kill on me. (Wew meaning they did it purely on OOC grounds).

I ahelped and one of the moderators took the case off of my hands as I ICly submitted for detainment after killing Snyder.

Approximate Date/Time: Approximately January 12th, 18:30 server time.

EDIT: I know the kill was on OOC grounds because the moment I had Nia down and was killing her Abendroth said "WORTH IT" in LOOC.

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I witnessed the end where Nia Snyder did in fact attempt to murder Hive, for whatever reason. I was an anonymous atmos tech that round, trying to fix the escape arm airlocks because they were vented by space carp during CT

A laser happened to fly right past me and miss me, so I'd say this is notable. They recklessly attempted to fire upon a head of security for no notable reason whatsoever, and could've hit me or any other person in escape in the process.

This is a blatant instance of shitcurity, just to take from an IC standpoint. From an OOC standpoint, gee, I don't know, can I really say for certain that an OOC grudge was the intent here?

Considering Snyder immediately escalated to lethals ON THEIR OWN BOSS, on impulse, not thinking whatsoever on the consequences, I think it can be said the player was very likely booty-rustled and wanted to take vengeance against their asshol bozz.

But it's not really up to me to determine, nonetheless I think an investigation on the OOC intent would be much appreciated for this case here given the ludicrousness of the circumstances that I witnessed.

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I made this complaint because this is not at all the first time Abendroth has pulled shit on me OOCly purely out of asspainery.

For example, one RP-Rev round, Nia Snyder loaded up in riot gear and grabbed laser rifles and proceeded to kill all of the cargo department because they ordered a weapons crate with no words or warning. I was the only survivor and cuffed her to a chair, from which they just sassed me even when I tried to torture them. They neglected all pain or fear RP and I finally killed them. When I later submitted to execution that round and died, I was instantly met in dsay with Abendroth saying "What does it feel like to fucking die you idiot" and "go back to fucking goon" and stuff. They're a jerk in OOC if they die for being a shitter and I thought I'd finally display it officially after so many incidents like this.

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Sorry it took me so long to even address this, but I had been away for a while, and was not even aware of this complaint. I'll correct the first mistaken fact in that I tried to use lethals during the event as described. Every piece of equipment I used were set to stun or had stunning properties, with no lethal damage. I attempted to flee due to the fact my boss was pointing a gun at me and refused to stop doing so, even when I was actually going to abandon my gear in the security break room and head to the HoP's myself. I only responded with violence when he refused to stop aiming a gun at me, which at the time I was not sure if it was set to lethals or not. I knew by the sprite it was not a taser, but his actual laser pistol/carbine, and found out as such when I picked it up after disabling him. Keeping it on the stun setting, I downed him and attempted to cuff him so I could flee, but was stopped by the presence of other Security members.

Now then, onto the whole "ignoring Fear RP" business, you clearly do not understand Nia's personality type. When faced with fear, she becomes confrontational, and actively tries to cover up her own fears by mocking others and trying to act as if she were not afraid at all. Inside she is panicking, and I will state this now, the killing of Cargo during that Rev round was out of line, but at the time it was the option I chose. I was informed Cargo was smuggling weapons/armour/etc and due to the continuous problems we were facing on the station I took matters into my own hands. True I did it poorly, but there were no OOC intentions towards anyone in cargo at that time. I didn't even now who you were at the time.

As for the log displayed, I admit I was a bit salty at the time and I do apologize for it. I did however find it funny since I was originally trying to do such things in sign language to amuse myself, but found that being gagged somehow blocks one's ability to perform sign language. So I resorted to /me'ing it for giggles. But again, that was out of line, and while it was funny at the time I am sorry for it. I hope you can accept my apology.

Not much else I can really say on the matter, since it's a long time gone and I honestly forgot this was even a thing before a mod brought it up to me when I joined the game after my time of absence.

Your faithful Security Officer, Nia Snyder/Abendroth.

Edit: A quick thing, I did try to get some petty revenge at the round end. I did try to murder the HoS out of spite as I was mad at the time, and I apologize for that too. Forgot to mention that, but the first encounter was entirely performed with stun.

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I attempted to flee due to the fact my boss was pointing a gun at me and refused to stop doing so, even when I was actually going to abandon my gear in the security break room and head to the HoP's myself. I only responded with violence when he refused to stop aiming a gun at me, which at the time I was not sure if it was set to lethals or not.


This is all good and plenty, but I'd just like to say that the only reason you actually managed to get close enough to down me was because I actually did put the gun away.

Otherwise there would have been a 'shot fired in the struggle!', and such.

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Why would you respond with violence when someone has a gun that may be lethal aimed at you?


When you are a Security Officer, who is readily equipped to handle such matters (Taser, flash, pepper spray, etc) fighting someone with lethals aimed at you is not out of the question.

Also to respond to the other guy, you did still have your gun aimed at me. However I pepper sprayed you in the face once I walked close enough, which you allowed me to do without firing with your lock on, as you allowed me to walk. You don't normally fire your gun when you get pepper sprayed in the face, as you drop to the floor and therefore drop your weapon. That is how I managed to take it from you in the first place.

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you know, this is one of those times i really should have checked notes on you at some point abendroth. Turns out josh1133 handled this issue at departures and gave you a warning for it.


Since josh already handled this incident there doesn't seem to be much i can do. It would be REAL shit of me to over rule a decision made on you and make it harsher. Frankly i would have job banned you from security for a week because of this >.>.

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Note added primarily because it may be relevant to an active complaint. Overuse of force as a security officer in a situation where an arrest was technically possible. Though, given the fact that the suspect in question had resisted for the past 5 minutes, along with his group of heisters, and a lethal confrontation had just passed, the beating into crit (later devolving into death) seemed passable at present.


This just happened in a heist round.

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