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Player complaint-Sleepy Wolf

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BYOND Key: Alberyk

Player Byond Key: Sleepy Wolf

Staff involved: None.

Reason for complaint:

Mercenary round, everything went as regular; bombing the armory and etc. So, we heard that the operatives attacked the engine and were taking the engineers as hostages.

Then, command has to call the shuttle due to them being unable to space the supermatter which was going to explode. So, one of the mercenaries, played by Sleepy Wolf claimed he did sabotage the engine. And later when most of the crew was waiting the shuttle, around 4-3 minutes left for it to dock on station, the nuke squad attacks departures and then the operative vaurca charges into the departures longue exploding itself, by opening the valve of a TTV, and killing most of crew due to the fact that the NSS Exodus departures is really small.

So, overall, pretty much terrible antag play by messing with the engine, which I believe that also fits in the atmos/singularity rule, and just rushing departures with the sole objective of murdering most people possible with a bomb. And due to the fact that I was involved, actively trying to stop them from assaulting the crew, I just ahelped at the time, but no one else was free to deal with the issue.

Approximate Date/Time: 08/02, the first round of the new code tests we are doing this week.

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I'm actually very unsure myself of what happened that round. I tried to roleplay with the other Vaurca on station as a Lii'dra warrior and was claiming they were all Zo'ra scum, etc etc, or tried to. But I believe Vaurcese was a bit //badumpsh// bugged. It was also complete mayhem in departures, my team was already shooting up everyone, and I'd already told the other members that if I died I'd blow up. Everything went to shit very quickly.

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I remember being one of the team members, but i had just about no part in it due to the fact that I accidentally went past the z-level when we were intially deploying, and so I was lost in space for close to 20-30 minutes before I bounced off the asteroid.

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I believe I was one of the operatives this round, my first round as op at that. The plan was initially to capture the CE, which failed when he escaped SM control and left two terrified workers. We clumsily evacuated and the plan became a hodgepodge of opening and closing the airlock to our ship. Suddenly we stopped above departures, and I got shot by my teammate (by accident, by our shuttle). I was in the red so I stayed back, but there were 2-3 of our team who engaged departures head on, at least at first. I don't know what happened after, as I infiltrated the station by holodeck and desperately tried to get to Medbay. Fired half a clip the entire round, to break a maintenance window.

Pretty sure it was this round, if it wasn't I apologise, the whole round was a mess. I was Mason.

Edit: I don't remember anything about engine sabotage, but I recall a team member staying in the engine room for x minutes. (We fled the scene in chaos and abandoned the straggler.)

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Sabotaging the supermatter is not something that should be bannable for an antag doing. All it does is send out one strong blast of radiation which medical could easily handle.

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It destroys the whole engine room, and other parts of engineering and radiates most of the Z-level, it's in fact, basically a round-ender since I don't think any engineer(s) would repair the engine room and set up another SM engine.

So if you plan to sabotage the engine, ahelp.

Back to the complaint, I'll take a look at the logs and find out who the rest of the OPs were and ask for their input.

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Sabotaging the supermatter is not something that should be bannable for an antag doing. All it does is send out one strong blast of radiation which medical could easily handle.


It also completely destroys the engine and most of engineering.


And not to mention that it poison the entire station. So, the ENTIRE station would have radiation poison, and medical could not "easily" deal with that. Espically if you stack them on top of the casulties and injuries from the explosion itself.

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Hi there.

I was one of the nuke ops this round, Tenner, a tajaran. I played along with Sleepy Wolf's vaurca.

Allow me to openly state in this round I did take, 'command,' but that a lot went wrong.

Our plan was as such. Break into two teams. Team A was to hit the armory, and draw security's attention fore of the station, making as much noise as possible. Team B was sent after our mark, Oliver Roadman, the chief engineer, whom we intended to take hostage, which I chose to tag along with. Very early on, we ran into Roadman in the engine room. We cracked the window, and breached from EVA, and Oliver began to run away. I do not recall any shots being fired at this point, inside the engine room, by any nuke ops. We moved into the engine room, where we ran into two engineers that we took at gunpoint. One of them moved, and was reflexively shot by myself and sleepy wolf, however I lowered my gun immediately, and handcuffed them. At this point, Lyar and Raniyah were getting dangerously close, so we backed off. Escaped into space, and ended up leaving Sleepy wolf behind unintentionally. We came back, and I saw Lyar standing over him, handcuffing him. I imagine there was a struggle here. Whatever, didn't think much of it at the time, so I didn't bother to assess. I was much more focused on unloading my gun into Lyar at the time.

Fast forward, we came with a plan to enter departures during crew transfer, and take Oliver there. As we're passing the windows, a security officer snipes one of us with a LWAP. I ordered the team to pull back, but at that point, 2-3 ops had already engaged the security in departures. This went to shit really fast. A bomb went off, a bunch of officers poured into EVA, and pretty much everyone but me got wasted. I grabbed Oliver (I was focused on taking him during the entire shootout, but did end up getting engaged by a few officerrrs, which I put down. Centurion is the only one that comes to mind by memory) and FO'd back to the shuttle.

I can't recall exactly who armed the bomb at departures, nor the details involving Sleepy and Lyar's fight in/outside/near the engine room.

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Considering that the shuttle wasn't here yet and the officers opened fire on the nuke team.

I see no problem with departures.

However, we clarified that people have to ahelp before they sabotage the engine. So that should no longer be an issue.

Ill leave this complaint open for 24 hours.

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