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Shkor's Purple Head Cloths

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BYOND Key: Mofo1995

Character name: Shkor-Dyet Dom'Pesh

Item name: Male Skrell Purple Head Cloth

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Shkor is the current Science Divisonal Chairperson of an organization called SAMPLe, and divisional chairs are encouraged to wear purple headwear to differentiate themselves from the standard members. However, hats cannot fit on his Skrellian head. So, as a symbol of pride in his organization and his position, he wants to wear purple head cloths to match his SAMPLe purple labcoat. He also hopes that by visually demonstrating his position, it can help in his recruitment efforts.

Item function(s): The same as male Skrell head cloth, worn on the ears to show up on the head tentacles.

Item description: Purple head cloth for male Skrell.

Item appearance: The same as the red male skrell head clothes (which is all of them) except purple. Specifically, the same purple as the new purple labcoats.

Additional comments: If I knew how to get a picture of the sprite and recolor, I would, but alas I know nothing of these matters.

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The purpose is so that SAMPLe members can stand out to one another, and signal themselves as competent scientists that others can request help from, this was the nature of the uniform. - Founder of SAMPLe

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What exactly is it about a purple headband that you are going to be able to use for RP? How does it lead to interaction with others? If it's simply to get people interested in recruitment for SAMPLE, then I don't see how a purple head cloth is going to help out in it.


I'm glad you ask! Given that there aren't multi-colored head clothes, people will ask about it, and when they ask about it it suddenly opens up a deep well of conversation. The thing about being able to talk about the organization isn't always simply "you should join" recruitment conversations, but also "Here's some really cool things we researched and discovered!" In Shkor's case there's Project Tenement (slime overcrowding experiment) and the Jonson-Dom'Pesh effect (The temporary bug in telescience). Another important thing to note is that many SAMPLe members also wear purple labcoats, Shkor included, and there's also the highly likely question of: "Why are you wearing so much purple?" which can also lead into the same avenues of conversation.

And lastly, it's a badge of honor. In SAMPLe, chairpersons and the executive director are supposed to wear purple berets, but in our lore hats don't fit on skrell (even though mechanically they can just be thrown on, but, RP.) By putting purple cloths on his head, he's making a statement about both being in the organization and being proud of it. On the initiation side of Roleplay rather than the reactionary side, he can point it out in conversation as a manner of pride when talking about his accomplishments in research. A symbol of his life's professional accomplishments up to this point and his successful scientific career. Hopefully not in a "in your face" way, but in a more enthusiastic and friendly way.

So, in many ways, at face value it serves as a conversation piece. But the nice thing about it is that it's something of exceptional meaning and value to Shkor, and so all though it can be used as a casual conversation piece, it's the tip of the iceberg for what it represents and helps to facilitate getting people to want to go deeper, in addition to being an item Shkor would protect vigorously, especially against accusations of having a poor fashion sense which I can already see coming a mile away.

Hope that was enough comma spliced sentences to help!

EDIT: What Xander says holds water too. Newer and more or less clueless players are naturally drawn to simple visual indicators and color schemes. This would serve to further differentiate Shkor from others in science to look like someone to go for advice. I've certainly spent entire rounds mentoring new people before, and I think this would help people know that they can both come to me for help as well as get reliable tips and advice which will help them through their science-roleplay careers.

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