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nursie's mod app

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Server Moderator Application


Basic Information

Byond Account: NursieKitty

Character Name(s): Phoebe Essel, Kiara Branwen, Kazuo Kurosawa, a bunch of others I haven't ported yet.

AI Name(s): I haven't played an AI in literal years. If I start as a cyborg, I usually go by Deimos.

Preferred means of contact: Skype, discord, steam, take your pick.

Age: Twenty-one.

Timezone: EST.

When are you on Aurora?: Usually from noon until 3-5 AM.


How long have you played SS13?:A long time. I started to back when MSN was a thing.

How long have you played on Aurora: A year. Two, maybe? Let's just say a little over a year.

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: A decent amount, although things like atmospherics still elude me. Learning more every day.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: Nope!

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I once caught a light ban for EOR grief. Don't remember exactly how long it was, but I know it was shortened due to the circumstances.


Why do you play SS13?: Escapism, hilarity, and fully destructible environment.

Why do you play on Aurora?: I have friends here. It's a really welcoming server, more so than it used to be. The HRP environment is nice and it gives you an opportunity to play out neat little stories banging around inside your head.

What do moderators do?: They make sure that certain rules are adhered to, mostly, but they're also there to help players with the game.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: HRP has differerent ooc standards than most servers would.

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I've been a part of the community for a while now. I've seen staff come and go, and we always seem to have some kind of shortage of people willing to deal with issues. The "permanant mod applications" thing didn't really surprise me all that much.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I tend to be easygoing, and give second chances. Sometimes this results in getting bitten in the ass, I hate the idea of someone who could and would improve not being given that chance.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I will be very inclined to insult them back, but I am also told this is not professional behavior for a moderator to display.

Anything Else You Want to Add:


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Easily +1 from me. Nursie strikes me as someone with an abundance of magnanimity and a very level-head. Someone able to strike justice and terror into the hearts of chucklefucks without going over the line. OOCly a very pleasant person, and rational too.

EDIT: Visual representation of Nur'Sie as a moderator:


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How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I will be very inclined to insult them back, but I am also told this is not professional behavior for a moderator to display.


Well, I am sure we can work on that.

Besides that you get a clear +1.

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Nursie's interview responses below!


Garnascus: we like to ask moderator applicants some questions, an "interview" essentially

basically how you would react to various situations. you got time for that?

Nursiekitty: actually let me do a thing irl, give me 15-20 minutes

Garnascus: no problem, ill be here

NursieKitty: k am back

Garnascus: oki doki First question is pretty straight forward.you see a player join with the name "Barack obama" what do you do?

NursieKitty: pm, tell them the name isn't proper for an HRP server and ask if they've read the rules.

Garnascus: Alright, after you PM him it becomes very apparent that he speaks almost no english

NursieKitty: i wouldn't want to ban them because they aren't doing anything horribly wrong, but i've seen "aurora is an english-speaking server" come up in situations like this.

Garnascus: Alright, next question. You get an ahelp from a player claiming they have been thrown in permabrig for no reason. what do you do?

NursieKitty: i ask them to elaborate and start talking to players about the situation.i might have to check who's an antag and who's not regarding sec, depending on the legitimacy of the claim

Garnascus: you have a verb to quickly check who the antags are

NursieKitty: awesome

Garnascus: alright so lets assume you talk to the parties invovled and find out the officer isnt an antag. you also find that the officer placed him in perma brig for a relatively minor offence.

Nursiekitty: i'd probably start talking to the officer about his actions, not in a disciplinary fashion, but just so he'd know what's up. also be a little worried if there's a warden involved, if they're properly informed, were lied to, or just not paying attention.

Garnascus: Lets assume there isnt a warden, it was solely this one officer who permabrigged him

Nursiekitty: easier then, i just have to talk to the officer

Garnascus: what do you talk to him about? what happens to the guy that got permabrigged?

Nursiekitty: i talk to the officer regarding regulations, and how "corruption" or stretching a sentence isn't suitable for a nonantag. IDEALLY, the situation is solved icly, officer admits he made a mistake and the guy goes free, if he's been in there for a while, or goes to a cell to serve a time more fitting of his sentence.

Garnascus: Alright lets conjure up another hypothetical. Lets assume you are alone during deadhour and all of a sudden two players start firing lethals at each other. One of the players is a well known regular, the other is someone with a relatively new account.

you dont know WHY as you werent really paying attention

what do you do?

Nursiekitty: i feel like winding them would be too drastic of a measure but they're shooting lethals at eachother and idfk what's going on, also, i don't even know if mods CAN wind. regardless, once i get their attention i pm both regarding the situation, probably starting with the new account. do mods have access to logs?

Garnascus: you unfortunately dont have access to server logs, you do have access to the wind button however

So you would wait until the fight finished?

Nursiekitty: honestly, winding might be the best option if they're already shooting lethals at eachother

Garnascus: I see, alright once you PM them you find out both of them have had a longstanding grudge over several rounds now. they both decided that enough was enough and agreed IC to a duel to the death.

Nursiekitty: this was something that would have been allowed in older aurora, but i don't know about now, as in i've quite literally seen this situation, but i don't know how staff would deal with it now. how i feel is that both parties have agreed to it, but whether it would be realistic or not to escelate to a duel, or kill eachother on a space station is more of an issue. i feel like i should be concerned about self-antagging, but i also see the ic motivation.

i feel like this kind of agreement should have been brought to staff.

Garnascus: As a member of the moderation team you always have the rest of us for guidance or advice. GENERALLY though the final say in a situation falls to whoever calls dibs/handles the issue. Unless of course someone is being REALLY out of line. Im looking for what you would personally decide here.

Nursiekitty: i don't think i would hand out any action OOCly, but i would have asked them that next time they do this kind of shit, they tell staff so it doesn't give us a collective heart attack. also, if they continue, they would reap any ic repurcussion that comes with straight up murder.

Garnascus: excellent. one final question!

Lets say you answer an ahelp. Giggly mcswiggly claims another player is powergaming. You jump over to him and find out that he has kitted himself out in the strongest weapons that he could reasonably aquire with his job and is not a member of security. So a scientist with a laser cannon or a QM with a bulldog and armor. You find this individual chasing down an entire nuke team back to their ship and somehow winning the fight. what do you do?

Nursiekitty: also a situation i've, uh, stalked before. i'd talked to the accused parties about mostly about how "playing hero" really isn't suitable, reasonable, or rational. if they're indeed scientists, i'll speak with other staff about disciplinary measures, such as a short-term jobban.

also what is a bulldog

Garnascus: A really strong firearm

Nursiekitty: Okay

Garnascus: Alright so as you are PMing him you check his notes history and find out he has had two previous warnings for "playing hero". Essentially hunting down antags as non-security. Now what?

Nursiekitty: was he playing as the same job he is now?

Garnascus: Its a different job every time but the method, IE gearing up with weapons and going after whatever antag is at large remains the same

Nursiekitty: right. he's probably sitting on a short server ban, then.

Garnascus: Alrighty that about does it. any closing comments? Do you mind if i post these logs on your application?

Nursiekitty: oh, sure thing. i'm feeling somewhat more confident about this than when i wrote the app.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I don't know. Nursie has multiple times been rather hostile in OOC towards players or when a round type gets voted in that she doesn't like. It's not confrontational because it tends to be very dismissive, but she can get hostile or bristle at someone very quickly. If you add onto the stress of moderation and how moderators deal with themselves abrasive players who may not otherwise aren't actually breaking rules or something, I can see a recipe for a lot of confrontations or hostility with nursie given the weight of being a server moderator, and thus the power in any argument.

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While I agree with Jackboot's sentiment of having a short fuse at times, that's a thing that can be trained and be taught out of. Nursie's generally a great player who contributes to the experience of the server, and I personally see no reason to at least give them a trial.

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When I first started playing, I found myself in proximity to Nursie frequently enough, and I got a lot of miscellaneous pointers OOCly from her. She treated my beginner's incompetence with a level head and respect, even when I accidentally broke the research wing. +1, hands down.

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