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Player Complaint: The whole server.

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BYOND Key: Farcry11

Player Byond Key: A whole lot of keys.

Reason for complaint: You know, every day, I get up in the morning, bike to school, study hard, bike home, and do my homework. And then I sit down to play videogames.

As some of you may know, my main character on Aurora is Peter Thrushwood. Not Peter Thrustwood. I know you all think it's a joke, but every time you call him Thrustwood, it really hurts me as a person, deep inside. I invested a lot of time in that character, and RP is super serious business. I don't come here to be called silly names by you guys. So stop it. STOP IT GOD DAMNIT. GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! SPACE WILL RUN RED WITH THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES! HRAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

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Droaksa Rawibusihr wonders why Mr ThrustGood has issues with people pronouncing his name? Droaksa never mind when people mess up his name, people seem to have problems grasping the finer points of linguistic skill. Maybe Mister ThrustGood... oh, that not his name? Terrrribly sorry, Tau Common is not Droaksa's native tongue.

[And this from a guy who spent an entire round calling Stein 'Mr Steen' trying to get a rise out of him to make him get angry and screw up. Gotta love war vets who saw their homeworld turned into rubble for a cause, some maniac with a gun poking holes in his station just riles his jimmies a bit, but his hackles aren't puffing out from fear.]

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