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Give Each Major Faction a Snowflake Hardsuit

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Currently only Unathi and Humans get super special hardsuits. In my ideal world we'd have snowflake hardsuits for each major species' that represent what their focus is on in space situations. BE AWARE THESE WOULDN'T BE EASILY AVAILABLE AND ONLY ADMIN-SPAWNED. Regular nuke ops and heisters shouldn't get these.

The Unathi

What we already have is the Breacher Suit. It's a slow walking tank.

armor =list(melee = 90, bullet = 90, laser =90, energy = 90, bomb = 90, bio = 90, rad = 80)

Slowdown = 4

This one is fine so let's use it as a frame of reference.

The Skrell

Take out the white Skrell hardsuit and give it:

armor =list(melee = 10, bullet = 30, laser =95, energy = 90, bomb = 10, bio = 90, rad = 60)

Slowdown = 1

In addition, give it EMP resistance. The Tup Commandos, who would be using it, are focused on fighting synthetics or other skrell in ceremonial war where they fight with low-powered lasers. The hardsuit has ablative and EMP shielding, making it incredibly resistant to typical robotic and laser weapons, at the expense of being extremely fragile to ballistic weapons and melee attacks. The slight speed loss is balanced with a blink teleport ability. It's hard to pin down a Tup Commando, but if you have some luck and a ballistic pistol a lucky shot could bring it down.

EDIT: If we want to go completely balls-to-the-wall, give it a built-in stealth module.

This gives the Skrell hardsuit a niche appeal of being a tank to robots and energy weapons, and a massive bonus of being the only EMP-resistant hardsuit, while at the same time it can shatter if it gets hit by a donut thrown at it.

The Tajaran

armor =list(melee = 50, bullet = 60, laser = 50, energy = 50, bomb = 20, bio = 90, rad = 60)

Slowdown = -4

Comes equipped with built-in thrusters, giving you EVA mobility as soon as you put it on.

The navy of Adhomai isn't yet able to project itself so special forces focus on lightning-fast strikes. The hardsuits are incredibly fast, emphasizing the speed Tajara have in-game and magnifying it while still giving them hearty resistance. They'll be able to dance circles around other forces but you can still take them down if you get a shot on them or fight in tight quarters. In essence fighting them in EVA is suicide, but fighting them in the halls is much smarter.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
I am really liking the idea of the Skrellian Hardsuit. These would still be able to be obtained on-station in EVA and not just for events, right?


There is a white skrell hardsuit and a black skrell hardsuit on-station afaik. This would just be taking out the sleek white one from the station and making it unique and OP. The station wouldn't have regular access to anything here.

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I am really liking the idea of the Skrellian Hardsuit. These would still be able to be obtained on-station in EVA and not just for events, right?


There is a white skrell hardsuit and a black skrell hardsuit on-station afaik. This would just be taking out the sleek white one from the station and making it unique and OP. The station wouldn't have regular access to anything here.


Okay good, so like for whenever an ambassador comes or an event then. Still, I really like this.

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I think the armour values might be a little high, it's not a good idea to sideline the security voidsuits completely

Also, the Real Unathi breacher suit is rare. I don't know how it's possible to even get it. The NT breacher suit which is in EVA is a knockoff which has about 2/3rds of those armour values. For reference the values are: armor = list(melee = 60, bullet = 60, laser = 60, energy = 60, bomb = 70, bio = 100, rad = 50)

This is still extremely tanky. Use this as an upper limit on how strong anything should be.

I think if these are going to be available in EVA (Which they should be) their values should be using the NT breacher, not the authentic breacher, as a reference.

Or, follow that example, and make two versions of each. An authentic version that's only available for antags and VIPs that spawn with it, and a 30% weaker NT version which is always present in EVA

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The point of this I believe is having cranked up hardsuits for events, not regular antags or just security, they aren't going to show up in EVA.

IIRC, it's actually possible to get a authentic Breacher suit through mining, although impossible otherwise outside of adminry.

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Tweak down the Tajaran MBL (melee bullet laser) values a bit, just so it isn't as good as the cheap breacher. Otherwise, I'm okay with these being unique hardsuits never used for anything aside from events. I'm good with it.

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Events are too rare, creating new content just for them seems kind of a waste, most of the playerbase will never have a chance to experience it.

If we aren't going to get cheap/toned down versions of these available on the station generally, then personally this idea doesn't interest me one way or another. I'd say it's not worth the effort of creating the sprites just for rare usage

Jackboot did specify replacing the skrell space suit in EVA though

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The breacher will randomly spawn in crates? You mean in the asteroid? I didn't know that was a thing, but if they do, it'd be cool to slap them on along with it. Could write it off as criminal hiding their ill-gotten gains on asteroids for later retrieval.

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Ok jackboot, you've edited the OP to have "BE AWARE THESE WOULDN'T BE EASILY AVAILABLE AND ONLY ADMIN-SPAWNED" In bold italic underlined red text. That's as subtle as a brick to the face.

But your OP also still includes 'take out the white skrell hardsuit'

So you're saying, remove something that is always present on station, and replace it with something that is only there in the rare case an admin spawns it.

That's just a plain content nerf. Can i vote double no? I don't want things removed

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Oh hey. So. As much as I love posting exactly two words into a thread, I should probably elaborate.

We had talks in the not so distant past about making some custom hardsuits for races other than the Loreking's pet project, so that's where this all sorta spawned.

I'm super into the idea of having a Federation-brand hardsuit that we see OCCASIONALLY if ever at all. Like how we should in theory never see a real breacher suit.

The sleek white design we have on-station is presently used for nothing and I've seen the custom edits for Skrellian helmets used so rarely that I've asked a dev if they really exist. Seriously. I see a dozen times more space suits custom-edited for Space Cats and Reptillians than I ever have for Frog People.

I think the fact that the clan-driven race that had essentially no space-experience before meeting aliens should not have made their own OP spacesuit basically within a year of first contact. I think said OP suit should be less OP simply because it's ludicrous. I think it's silly that the Tajara should have a space-suit that strengthens their already impressive speed-buff, but I'm more likely to believe that they made than in fifty years rather than the Unathi who made what is essentially a personal space-worth tank in one or two years with, according to the loreking, no outside help at all.

I'm also inclined to believe that an OP Skrell suit would be more OP because of the whole "spess frog" thing, but I'm more than capable of admitting my bias and "dealing with it." And for god's sake, where's all the Human Mech pride? Based space-age has made anime real, and we barely talk about it.

These suits are silly, poorly balanced, and make me scared of the dark. But if they are going to happen, I want my snowflake guard to be able to beat up Jackboot's snowflake guard. #NukeMoghesAgain #NukeAdhomaiAgain

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Early models of the breacher suit was created and used 20 years ago during the contact war. It was modified to be space faring. It was an independent project of the unathi. The different races are not tiny babies that need their hands held - their planet's engineers and scientists are just as capable of creating OP gear as humanity is. If it was made for the Unathi by humanity that would both demean the intelligence of unathi and also make our knock-off dumb - why would we get the shitty one when we made the thing?

Their poor balance is meant to make them highly specialized. Being able to blink teleport and be resistant to EMP's while shrugging off lasers and energy weapons (when you're not invisible) is a massive advantage. A buff should come with a debuff.

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Balderdash. All races are inferior until they do something scientifically useful or cool. Like help invent cloning or the piano. This was clearly an inside job.


In all seriousness though, this isn't awful. First two words out of my mouth were in fact "Do it."

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