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Brightdawn Spriter+Coder Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Brightdawn

Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): Spriter Edit: And Coder

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've done some very terrible sprite based webcomics before, Thank god the sight is now dead and burred!

Examples of Past Work:

Here are somethings I've sprited recently for this server


And something I've coded recently

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.):

Skype: thebrightdawn

I also have steam but I will only give it on request I doooo like to have my quiet time!

I also have discord: Brightdawn

Additional Comments:

I know I'm pretty new to the server and everything but I hope quality and the short time It took me to make my work shines through and gets this app accepted!

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Guest Complete Garbage

From what I've seen of your work, and your general attitude on the server and forums, I'll give a +1. Despite being new, you seem very enthusiastic about being constructive to the server.

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+1 I was pleasantly surprised with the ROUSes. It started as a small joke but then progress happened and I urged them further to keep going. I'd put up a suggestion about adding vicious genetically-mutated rodents that form from unstable mutagen-exposed mice, but there's large updates incoming and we should probably wait a bit.

The sprites are excellent, however. Very well done.

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I really want coffee machines, so I'm biased here in saying +1. Plus, BrightDawn, aside from the uniform thread, has been nothing but cheery and positive, a lot of optimistic enthusiasm. Combined with these examples, I think they'd be neat.

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