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[RESOLVED]Player complaint - Rain That Forms A Prison (Warden)

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BYOND Key: Bedshaped

Player Byond Key: *Unknown*

Character name: Rain Forms A Prison (Warden) - Dionaea

Staff involved: Alberyk, AimlessAnalyst

Reason for complaint: Placing a prisoner in solitary without a radio and before a proper investigation into the severity of the crime had been conducted.

Without a radio: Zero radio abuse or any kind of radio use had been made between arrest time and removal of radio.

Solitary: Warden solitary brigged for murder entirely on the word of an Officer who did no investigation that it was an actual murder.

I feel like I should have been placed in a general cell with a radio until such time that a detective could have confirmed it was murder.

The crime that was actually committed was stabbing a corpse in the leg aka desecration of a corpse + contraband; not solitary offences. Not IC conduct I would expect of someone whitelisted for Dionaea.

Approximate Date/Time: 11/05/2016 @ 03:00 GMT

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Greetings, This was already solved by a member of the staff team.

The staff member who solved that was Alberyk.

They deemed this issue was an IC Issue, http://forums.aurorastation.org/viewforum.php?f=81 You should post an incident report instead, Unless you wish to pursue an OOC action, Then you would have to make a staff complaint on Alberyk.


If the infractions described in the complaint have already been dealt with by a staff member in-game, a player complaint will not change the outcome of this. If you feel that the outcome was unjust, you are encouraged to post in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.
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If someone died, this is not going to be investigated by us. I will consider this an OOC issue. It also sounds like this was an antag round so again, we do not investigate people who were involved with antags.

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I was the one to investigate this issue firstly, if I can recall, security was really overwhelmed and I just joined in game after arriving from classes, so I was in need to question everyone about the situation since I was not around when it happened. You were being investigate due to a possible murder, since you were found attacking a dead body by security. The warden, played by Raven, told that your headset was removed due to you abusing it, which did seems to be an ic issue and I was still investigating the solitary situation as a whole. Then, I started to question the officer which arrested you, Jim,but then Aimless issue the ban due to the pen stabbing and logging in perma, which made my drop the rest of the investigation because I could not question you.

Anyway, I would need logs to see what did happen at all in the round, because, due to the reasons told before and oocly ones, I was unable to complete my investigation in the matter.

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