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What does Bluespace look like?

Guest XanderDox

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So, we can travel through bluespace to get places, but while we're in this null-zone of bluespace, what would we see outside the windows? Thousands of objects floating around that found themselves lost in translation? Adamantine/Slime cities? A big blue universe of nothing?

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I've been told that bluespace is effectively the professional sciency term for "the Void", from which the cult and other dark magics can exist and may also spawn from, so, one of my perceptions of what it would be like to sustain yourself in Bluespace (were it that anyone COULD, without being forever displaced in bluespace or had the ability to make pit-stops):




Bluespace is basically the Warp, on top of that, and while it is its own manifestation of space, it is separate from the material universe (or realspace, in short).

Your mileage may vary, as each organism has a different perception of what they take from witnessing something so variable and unpredictable. With FTL travel, especially bluespace, travel is effectively instantaneous. You warp from point A, then you arrive at B. Distance is irrelevant. Time may pass outside of that realm for longer distances, but the constant that never changes is how long you and your vessel remain in bluespace, which is close to instant provided you don't get pulled out or delayed by some anomaly in bluespace travel. While the realspace, material world may age a few precious seconds or longer than you will in your journey into bluespace, you will remain the same as you entered. See Jackboot's explanation and comparison regarding the Overworld vs. The Nether in relation to Minecraft, it explains and justifies the alternate reality dichotomy better.

This is my interpretation, anyway. You effectively would not be able to see the realm of bluespace instantaneous across all methods of BSFTL, you merely only see a flash of light, then you're at your destination. No brain can really respond or react to it that fast, is all.

I'm not sure how Diona or machines would be able to perceive it. Machines likely wouldn't be able to perceive the realm of bluespace due to how unequipped their sensors are. You need really expensive equipment to be able to record this sort of thing.

Diona? I've no idea. I assume they'd be the only organisms to be able to perceive it, but the way they would see it as opposed to another organic (mostly within the lines of Human, Vaurca, Unathi and Tajaran) being unable to perceive bluespace due to their undeveloped and unadjusted minds.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Everything Delta just said was wrong. Disregard everything he said. He's also banned from posting in this subforum again.


Delta got very close. The Veil is actually separate from Bluespace - you can try to combine their power, as the Wizards are trying to do, and what the Vox Apex managed to do just before whatever it made happen caused a cataclysm and the collapse of their galaxy spanning empire. The Veil is a seperate dimension from bluespace - the trinity of existence p much.

It's another dimension with a blue tinge. We know things live there - or at least used to live there. The creatures we know IC to be native to bluespace are slimes and golems. But we don't have a grasp on much besides that. Are there planets? What is giving everything a blue tinge? Is there something else that lives in bluespace besides slimes and golems? If so, what? Is there intelligent life in Bluespace? If so, do they notice the intrusions of extra-dimensional beings(us)? Can they come here?

Before our code-conversion there was a project to give RnD a bluespace probe, which would provide information on different areas of bluespace that it jumped to, and give information on what things look like inside this blue-tinged dimension.

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