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Allow ghosts to access their 'setup character' menu.


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I've seen this before on another server, and it frustrates me a little bit. As a ghost, you are effectively caught up as an observer in the round for a full 30 minutes before you can use the main menu again, and while that works fine for putting a delay between rejoining the round, it also locks you out of the ability to create and revise your character list. It would be nice if you had the option to start tweaking your characters while ghosted, because frequently I run into an issue where near the end of a chaotic antag round, a lot of people are dead, sometimes including me, and they have to wait until the next round starts, and get about 3 minutes pre-round to do any character edits. That's not enough time to do much, honestly.

Add an option in the ghost tab that opens up your setup character menu, please.

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