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[Resolved] Character complaint - BLANK-BOT (Skaterboybob)

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BYOND Key: Bedshaped

Player Byond Key: Skaterboybob

Character name: BLANK-BOT (IPC)

Staff involved: Alberyk

Reason for complaint:

It really takes me out of the game when I constantly see an IPC behaving like BLANK-BOT does; the bickering with crew, screaming constantly in all-caps and the way his 'personality' type appears to be that of a petulant child.

I don't think Skaterboybob has either the maturity or the skill at roleplaying to play an IPC. He claimed to be a 7 or 8 in roleplay quality but I think he's got a lot more work to do. His whitelisting was a mistake, I think. As I go down through all the comments people made -1 for his whitelisting app; he's still doing all the things people didn't like Carl Duran for, just as a synthetic.



Here, Skaterboybob says he made an OOC mistake while he was on the phone releasing phoron all over toxins; fair enough. However, he then chooses for BLANK-BOT to behave like a screaming child who nobody in their right mind should have assigned as a Doctor of Dangerous Freaking Explosive Gas Department.



BLANK-BOT (follow) says, "Okay, I've had it up to fucking HERE with this racism."

Approximate Date/Time: 26/05/16 At 21:00 UTC+0

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


After a quick conversation with Admins I've decided to be the one to take this complaint, since it's about his behavior with a whitelist.

Now, if this incident was a single one-off incident I would make a remark that this shouldn't be a recurring theme with the character, but there are comments that this behavior is on-going. More examples of this behavior over a longer period of time would be appreciated.

In the original application we see that the application was a very polarizing one. A lot of the people posting were divided on wanting to be able to trust Skaterboybob (Baugette is his forum name) with an IPC. IPC's tend to be "quirky" and have more leniency for quirky behavior because synthetics are weird and whimsical sometimes, so it's hard to decide when "it's too much". But I trust overseers to make their best judgement and I encourage them to try to always give the benefit of the doubt.

That trust seems to have been misplaced here. The behavior shown in the logs is very bizarre and beyond what is really acceptable. No matter what race you play or who you are you have to be someone that you can reasonably say possesses the qualifications and maturity to have an NT recruiter go "Yes, I will hire you."

I already asked moderators to keep an eye on his IPC play shortly after he recieved the whitelist because I recieved complaints on similar behavior before this specific complaint.

I will ask for more feedback on specific situations where players witnessed/were involved with misbehavior by BLANK-BOT, but as it stands right now I agree with rrrrr in that a whitelist removal may be the best, as well as allowing less benefit of the doubt for future applications.

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One of baguette/skaterboy's characters, Carl Duran was assigned a week of probation as a CCIA disciplinary measure for his behaviour, and told to report to me

In that week, i only saw him once, and he seemed to just stop playing Carl Duran as soon as he got this whitelist. I made an effort to reach out and arrange a time together in byond messaging, but iirc got no response, he didn't make any attempts to contact me. this seems to be a bad-faith act of avoiding CCIA action

The behaviour i've seen from blank bot is kind of similar to how he used to be, nonserious, silly, barely RPing sometimes. But more significantly, very human. Blankbot acts pretty human and emotional, despite occasional references to mechanical parts. I could swear the character is just a human wearing a robot suit.

and then there's this http://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&p=61754#p61754

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This IPC is the worst I have seen in a long time.

After explaining to a other Crewmember that IPC's do not feel, even when they say they do, they are only programmed to, then I see this IPC (Blank-Bot) come up to me. (Mind you, he was a Security Officer and was demoted later that shift) He then shouts "WE DO FEEL." Then he procedes to punch me in the face. Me not taking any of these decide to slam him on the table and take his gear. (I hid it in a disposals unit)

But it is really just fucking stupid the shit he does, I swear he is only here to fuck around.

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Not sure if this applies. I had filed this for someone and myself. This generally left a bad taste in my mouth, dating a cyborg as an IPC. http://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=6174


Different situation not linked to URL.

There was a round where BLANK-BOT was calling out Jim Calhoun on being racist. I tried to ignore this, but Captain Evans stepped in and started smacking Calhoun with his authority. I felt, IPCs shouldn't be feeling that too emotional rather should they feel superior to humans. Although, I had spoken to Bedshaped in privacy and informing him that BLANK-BOT was a Security Officer and is switching jobs which lead me to think this question issues: Is this an IPC who knows every aspects of every jobs or just trying jobs? Are the species inferior to the IPC? Is the IPC a substitute for Carl Duran? Why is the IPC behaving this way? Does he attempts to be emotionally corrupted Data from Star Trek: TNG?

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Yes, I figured a Character complaint would come about this guy.

Where do I start? Right, this IPC is more emotional and causes more drama than a freaking expendable character featured in Desperate Housewives. Either he's trying his best to have cyber sex with a Station-bound Cyborg or he is having some kind of issue with another crew member. Since I wasn't really a part of any of these, I just let these slip pass me.

BUT then the day had come when I stumbled upon this. So, during a Heister round. Blank-Bot repeatifily asks and requests for this /one/ particulair borg to be kept alive, to the point of becoming furious and emotional when said borg is mentioned in Heist suggestions such as "selling for parts".

At some point, this borg managed to find our shuttle and what does BLANK-BOT do? Of course, he lets the borg in with the risks of it telling out our location. When the team questioned him about it, he got mad at us and told us it was something about "true" love or us being jealous etc (Going back to that Housewive remark.)

Somewhat after mid-round, I end up witnessing the two having and I say again some kind of cyber hugging and kissing to the point where and I try to describe it as it was emoted grinding their monitor against Said-borg's face as if they were FRENCH KISSING them which felt out of place and completely ridiculous.

From any IPC encounter I have faced, this one feels more like a Human who doesn't need to eat (not counting APC power charging), doesn't have to worry about a pandemic or Medical attention and happends to look like a robot.

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He's one of the most disrespectful players I've met. His roleplay is terrible, one round I was playing my bartender IPC (Booters) and BLANK was at the bar whining about a robot love story of some sort. One of my customers said he shouldn't be able to feel love and that's when he screamed "I can fucking feel love!" and began punching the person in the head four times. It was pretty shocking to most people he was even accepted for the whitelist

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Thank you all for the feedback.

I am going to give Baugette (skaterboy) until the end of tomorrow to respond to this complaint, if he wants a chance to defend himself.

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