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Atmospherics Cyborg Module


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Random thought came to mind. Wouldn't it be nice to have a specialised Atmospherics module for cyborgs? It could have all kinds of useful tools:

  • A built in configureable air scrubber, so it can passively scrub air as it floats around (at the cost of extra power usage when turned on, of course). An emagged/malf borg could use it to scrub oxygen out of the air.
  • Built in heat insulation, to make it able to function perfectly in any temperature
  • An inflatable door/wall dispenser, refills when recharged
  • Engineering tape
  • Meson goggles
  • A built in air pump with a tank for each kind of gas, can be used to repressurise rooms with oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen to fight fires, and when emagged it could release phoron or nitrous oxide. Gases could refill while charging.
  • A fire hose. Like an extinguisher but with a longer range and bigger AOE, and a large internal water tank
  • A built in pipe dispenser that can dispense any kind of pipe, vents/scrubbers, and all the tools necessary to lay, collect, place and maintain pipes

    Plus a standard magnetic gripper for air alarm circuit boards.


A specialised borg that'd be really useful at its job. And a really powerful antag for malf AI rounds.


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Interesting idea, but I dont like the fact that it has a pipe dispenser.

If thats removed, then it would make a nice addition.


pipes are a critical part of atmos

if not that, then what? You don't want it to be able to do pipe maintenance?

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Although it's a neat idea, I'm not sure many would choose the module in practice. Since engie borgs can haul pipe dispensers, scrubbers, and air pumps already, the only unique things the atmos one would have are the fire hose and heat insulation. And fires just aren't common enough to be worth sacrificing your screwdriver and cable coil over.

Well, I guess the inflatable airlocks would be nice to have. But engie borgs ought to get those anyway.

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