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Gather around, children, for a wonderful tale of trolling and fun times in the OOC. Yes, even you, you can come sit on my lap if you wish, for this is a legendary story.

No identities will be protected for the sake of this wonderful incident as there is only really one person who seeks to lose from the event displayed.


OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: meanwhile powergaming is heavily encouraged here, but killing yourself is not

OOC: Alberyk: w0t

OOC: Fire and Glory: it's ok if you aren't the one killing you

OOC: Fire and Glory: /me nods sagely

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: obviously it isn't.

OOC: Ryan falco: Anyway, don't say "Obviously" Because its obvious it's not obvious to us.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: ask the shitty ass SEC rpers.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: you sound salty friend

OOC: Alberyk: You could ahelp your issue.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: pretty salty yeah

OOC: Ryan falco: Why would we ask them when they don't feel theirs been powergaming?

OOC: SierraKomodo: Right, I think I know what happened then. I'm the AI and I'll explain things at round end.

OOC: SierraKomodo: All I can say is, you go in murderboning, you'll get murderboned

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: ^^

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Uh I didn't murder anyone, so.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: meanwhile i get fired and brigged for an accident, this guy can beat me infront of the head of sec.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: pst

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: ic in ooc

OOC: Skull132: IC in OOC, hush.

OOC: SierraKomodo: Oh, you're that guy.

OOC: Ryan falco: ahelp it if you want to rage

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: have you read the rules for this server today sir

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i did

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: not gonna really follow them if other people don't have to.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: not a fan of bias treatment.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: That's a good policy.

OOC: SierraKomodo: Did you consider /ahelping/ the issue before complaining in OOC?

OOC: Skull132: +1

OOC: SierraKomodo: Admins aren't omniscient

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: "other people aren't following the rules so I'm gonna break them"

OOC: Brayce: F1 type in your complaint.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: wew

OOC: Ryan falco: "Other people commit crimes so I'm going to commit a crime"

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i didn't consider that actually, skull is pretty inadequate.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: you're inadequate

OOC: Ryan falco: "Other people join isis, I'm going to join isis"

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: isis isn't really relevant here.

OOC: SierraKomodo: Tbh you're just whining to whine

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: no, i've been mistreated since i first joined this server and i find it deplorable.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I can use big words too, it doesn't make you automatically right though.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: just because you feel stupid doesn't make me wrong either.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: deplorable means badly.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: projection much?

OOC: Chaia: What kind of material is diamond on the ore detector for the big mining drill?

---Some time later, the following comment likely being a response to something said over ahelp or LOOC---

OOC: Skull132: Alright. Ei, mister O3. You should probably know how this shit is handled, seeing as you're a good set of years into your commission, but. You don't question orders, aight? You fill out an AAR and submit that. Fucking hooyah? And I don't want to hear shit beyond "Fucking hooyah," in return.

OOC: Jboy2000000: Diamonds are Exotic MAtter

OOC: Fire and Glory: Well,

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: hooyah

OOC: Skull132: Fucking RIP. Hey, mister O3, where's the attitude gone?

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: he said, goodbye

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: too many times before

OOC: Ryan falco: fuck

OOC: Ryan falco: the facists defeated the commies

OOC: SomeoneOutThere: Hey,anybody's got a link for the "Research paper hub" on the Aurora forum?

OOC: Ryan falco: quick skull

OOC: Ryan falco: how defeat america

OOC: Skull132: With nuke.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: elect hillary clinton

OOC: SomeoneOutThere: build a wall

OOC: Ryan falco: but nukes don't have enough range and I have one bomber

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: one shows his mental disability to us all onc emore (he said, as he struggled forming sentences utilizing the English language)

OOC: Skull132: Mister O3 finally spoke.

OOC: Skull132: RIP.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: O3 is projecting still.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Hey O3, you PT?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Am I 03?

OOC: Ryan falco: Apparntly

OOC: Skull132: Idfk, O3.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: What do you think?

OOC: Skull132: Are you fucking O3?

OOC: Ryan falco: I thought 1138 was 03 Lmao

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: it's beginning to look that way but i don't really get the joke.

OOC: Ryan falco: I got so confused

OOC: Skull132: You claimed to be a fucking company commander. And you don't even know wtf an O3 is.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: OH

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: hahaha

OOC: SierraKomodo: XD

OOC: Skull132: Fucking RIP you.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: fucking embarassing

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: You're talking ranks.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: lel

OOC: Veradox: wtf is going on

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Company commanders aren't restricted to O3 mate.

OOC: Ryan falco: argueing and stuff

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You didn't even know what an O3 is

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: o3 is a captain

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: kek

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You had to look it up, aye? You PT?

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: How often?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Officer, tier 3

OOC: SierraKomodo: Actually that depends on the military branch

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: For the army o3 is captain. I was actually a major, o4, lol.

OOC: Ryan falco: Kicking the dirty 'muricans off of facist greek soil. aye

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: but yknow, ignorance is bliss for kids like you

OOC: SierraKomodo: O3 is a LT in the Navy

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Yeah? Unit number?

OOC: Skull132: Ei, mister O4, do you PT?

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: which company?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: maybe if your admin and community base spent half as much time as they did coming up with witty insults as they did teaching people

OOC: SierraKomodo: <-- Was in AFJROTC and NJROTC during high school. Two different units because of transfers.

OOC: SierraKomodo: 931st Warrior Wing, AFJROTC and Sentinel Company, NFJROTC

OOC: SierraKomodo: NJROTC*

OOC: Andricus: Heh, same situation Sierra. 1.5 yrs of AFJROTC in two units, 2.5 in one NJROTC

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: afjrotc is trash.

OOC: Ryan falco: wtf

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: <-- literally lived next to quantico for several years

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: we smashed on you kids at every national comp

OOC: Ryan falco: why have so many SS13 peeps been in the military

OOC: Skull132: Ey, I'm not the one unfamiliar with how this shit works mister O4. You take an order, you run with it, and then you submit an AAR afterwards.

OOC: SierraKomodo: I still have my AF challenge coin from the military ball

OOC: Ryan falco: or similiar shiz

OOC: SierraKomodo: We're from America

OOC: SierraKomodo: It's relatively common

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: actually no. you do the right, moral thing.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: an O4 wouldn't bitch and complain openly about things and do nothing about it

OOC: Ryan falco: I'm from america and I have no idea what any of that is

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: military is not about doing the right thing

OOC: Skull132: Nah, fuck that mister O4. Do you let your COs backtalk you, mister O4?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i can't really do anything about a video game except btch.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: it's about following orders

OOC: SierraKomodo: Skull, you're reminding me of Black Widow Company.. XD

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: I let my subordinates voice their concerns and I listen, as a good leader should.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: something you know nothing about.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: but do you let them question your orders?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Yes, I do.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: I'm not omnipotent.

OOC: Skull132: RIP.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: lmfao

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Nor am I omniscient.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: leadership is much more than your SAI taught you kid

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: perhaps you failed your LET 4 year.

OOC: Aboshehab: So ah, this afjrotc and other stuff, isn't that high school stuff? I'm not familiar with these terms

OOC: Fire and Glory: OOC gets hung up on the weirdest things.

OOC: Veradox: ooc is a bunch of bitches is why

OOC: Andricus: It is yeah, Abosh

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: it's high school junior reserve officer training corps

OOC: Skull132: Nah, I learned from good people, mister O4. I did fail, but at the opposite thing, actually, mister O4. See, I didn't really know when I needed to shove my boot someone's throat.

OOC: Andricus: If there's a J in there, it's HS, if there's no J, it's college level

OOC: Aboshehab: Okay, so it isn't even remotely proper armed forces then

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Holy shit what you just said violates AR 15-6, for instance, or NR 15-6, it's equivalent.

OOC: SierraKomodo: The J means 'Junior'

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You're saying that the chain of command is free to be questioned or broken at any point in time?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: depends on the context, honestly, but yes.

LOOC: Rachell Pershing: wew lad im the POTUS and leader of the meme world

OOC: Aboshehab: Proper SOP is to follow orders unless it is in direct violation of a specific guidelines

OOC: SierraKomodo: That's not /normally/ something they teach you in SOP

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: the best soldiers aren't the ones who act. they're the ones who think and then act.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Correct

OOC: Aboshehab: And once the order is conducted, you are free to appeal

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Wait do what now

OOC: Andricus: If you go the college route, then you can be given a comission at graduation, but the HS-level has no such benefits, unless you enlist (for the AF, IIRC you can go to E-3 upon graduation of basic)

OOC: NebulaFlare: I feel like writing this lore paper will be a loss, since people might not read it...

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: The best soldiers follow orders and execute them.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: an appeal does nothing for your conviction later down the road.

OOC: Veradox: i dont read lore but write it anyway

OOC: SierraKomodo: I was planning on enrolling in the Air Force Academy and signing up for the Air Force

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Lol you wanna bet?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: no, that's what slaves do. slaves obey without question.

OOC: Aboshehab: Owl, this is heaviliy sentimental talk and not proper military ethic, conduct and disicpline

OOC: SierraKomodo: Couldn't pass the physical though. Bad knee.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You're not an O4, you're a wannabe.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: not really.

OOC: SierraKomodo: I was a c/E-3

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i'm not a big fan of our military industrial complex

OOC: SierraKomodo: Or was it c/E-4..

OOC: Aboshehab: You Americans sure love your acronyms

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You disgrace yourself and your country by claiming valor you don't have.

OOC: SierraKomodo: It's been too damn long, I can't remember

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i really don't though.

OOC: Brayce: America the land of Alphabet soup.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i actually never even claimed to be in the military.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: you assumed that's what i meant

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: what do you think a company commander is pal

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: hence your down's syndrome

OOC: Skull132: Okay sir mister O4 sir.

OOC: SierraKomodo: Are you a PMC then?

OOC: Veradox: what is this shitposting

OOC: SierraKomodo: Idk anymore xD

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: well we have been discussing JROTC/ROTC as well

OOC: SierraKomodo: Oh. Guys.

OOC: Andricus: I think I was c/E-4, but I had a team commander position, and went to c/E-7 for that bit.

OOC: Brayce: why are you playing with the troll?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: there is also

OOC: SierraKomodo: I was a Lieutenant once.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: PMC as he suggested

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: (Because it's fun, Brayce.)

OOC: SierraKomodo: In the Terran Republic Assault Force (PS2 outfit :P)

OOC: SierraKomodo: Does that make me an officer?

OOC: Veradox: yes

OOC: Veradox: heil

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: but when you make inference without statistics you really make yourself just look dumb.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: your kind typically do though.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: So where'd you op, O4?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: classified, kid.

OOC: Aboshehab: OPSEC 1138

OOC: SierraKomodo: And that's how we know you're bullshitting us

OOC: Veradox: guys

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: It's not classified to say where you op'd

OOC: Veradox: shut up

OOC: Veradox: :(

OOC: SierraKomodo: Cause the way classified works is you don't mention it even existed

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: it's classified if i say it is.

OOC: Veradox: we know you make money :(

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You wouldn't say "hurr classified"

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: don't question your betters, remember?

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: that's against PMC SOP

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i've clearly disregarded all military ethic

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You would refuse to answer

OOC: SierraKomodo: I thought it was don't question your butters

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: so why would i adhere to that one rule

OOC: WeAreYourHope: Okay, so WhiteOwlWarrior, you are saying people aren't playing fair with you

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: And you're disregarding corporate private operation standards as well.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: well that was an hour ago

OOC: WeAreYourHope: But no one else has this issue.

OOC: Aboshehab: We're beyond that now, hope.

OOC: SierraKomodo: He's just being salty and dumb for the sake of it

OOC: Aboshehab: He wants to be edgy

OOC: Andricus: I definitely do not question my butters. I put my butters on toast, thank you *ba dum tss*

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Yup. He's pathetic.

OOC: WeAreYourHope: So do you believe it is because you are being singled out?

OOC: SierraKomodo: He kinda singled himself out tbh

OOC: BygoneHero: Can someone just post the marine meme thing so we can move on

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: WeAreYourHope, we can discuss that after I continue with this kid.

OOC: BygoneHero: trolls are trolling

OOC: SierraKomodo: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: ^^

OOC: Brayce: Thank you.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: lol

OOC: Aboshehab: Thank you

OOC: Alberyk: banned

OOC: Skull132: Fucking hooyah.

OOC: SierraKomodo: You asked, I delievered

OOC: SomeoneOutThere: I so want to post WGW into chat now

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: it's funny because

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i never claimed to be in the military at all

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Okay O4.

OOC: Alberyk: i am cia

OOC: SierraKomodo: Company Commander

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: DOCTOR PAVEL I'M O4

OOC: SierraKomodo: Implies commanding a company, which implies some form of organized militia or military

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i'm pretty sure companies exist outside of militaries.

OOC: SierraKomodo: Unless you're corporate and have some weird naming system


OOC: Skull132: Not in that context, bud.

OOC: SomeoneOutThere: What was that which you just said about me, my friend? I think you ought to know that I have completed my time as a novice-monk, and I've passed through the Gateless Gate, and I've lived for over 300 cycles of rebirth. I am trained in anapanasati and I'm the most senior bhikkhuni in my local sangha. You are nothing to me but just another human being worthy of dignity and respect. I will have compassion upon you with loving-kindness the likes of which has never been seen before in the Cycle of Samsara - you would do well to remember these words. Do you believe that you can say these things and still escape the principle of dependent origination? Perhaps you should reexamine those beliefs, brother. As we speak I am contemplating the importance of accepting your words with detachment and equanimity, so, without malice, I advise you to prepare for the storm, young one. The storm of suffering that afflicts all living creatures in this world. You are trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth, child. Not only am I ex

OOC: Skull132: Fix your shit, hooyah?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Hooyah, lol.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: hooyah

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: What are you, kid?

OOC: SierraKomodo: Ohm

OOC: Alberyk: remove memes

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: air force?

OOC: NebulaFlare: my gosh

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: What's wrong with air force, exactly?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: everything, really.

OOC: SierraKomodo: Skull's not american actually

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: lol fucking EXCUSE YOU?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: worst branch there is.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: below the marines

OOC: Skull132: Fucking "hooyah" isn't even a fucking airforce thing, bud.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I wanna hear your rationale on this

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: hell, below Blackwater PMC

OOC: SierraKomodo: You really don't like the air force it seems

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: fat slobs who can't do anything combat wise

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Blackwater doesn't exist.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: it exists as Academii now

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: ignorant swine

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Why'd you call it Blackwater then?

OOC: Skull132: I kinda wish I could ban for that.

OOC: SierraKomodo: That's fine, I understand. Not everyone can have the intelligence to be a proper Air Force pilot or technician

OOC: BygoneHero: ermg its being fed make it stop

OOC: SierraKomodo: At least anyone can be infantry

OOC: Brayce: Can't you?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: because that's the romantic term for it.

OOC: Kvasir: I live right near Academii.

OOC: Skull132: I'm thinking. It's like being a shitler in a very specific way.

OOC: SierraKomodo: Sheil sheil shitler

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Skull, isn't "being retarded" a tempbannable offense?

OOC: Veradox: memes are a permabannable offense

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: I guess you'll be gone as well.

OOC: Veradox: dont you fucking meme

OOC: Veradox: dont you EVER fucking meme

OOC: SierraKomodo: I don't think that's in the rules, Delta

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I think it's within line of the unspoken Rule Zero, but who knows.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Too bad Xero left. I wish he could see this.


OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: but yeah, air force is utter shit. worst branch of the military. british royal af wannabes. makes me cringe.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: huh what

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: even their basic training is dumbed down so they can squeeze through.

OOC: Fire and Glory: Shame OOC doesn't mute on vote now

OOC: Veradox: dont you rank in like months in the air force

OOC: SierraKomodo: Either way I have a planetside op in 5 minutes, I'm gonna bounce early. Cya guys.

OOC: Veradox: so that its totally worth it

OOC: Veradox: + you rarely see combat

OOC: Ryan falco: cya sierra

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: which is why they're the worst

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Apache” and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: talk about stolen valor

OOC: Veradox: why would you want to get fucking shot boi

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: AF parades around like real soldiers

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: when they do zip

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: getting all the valor other branches deserve

OOC: Skull132: Whoah, settle down there mister O4. Who the fuck flies your arse to hell and back when it's too busy getting blown up?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: The army has our own air division lol.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Right, because piloting AH-6s and providing air support for ground forces and completely pinning down enemy positions in addition to providing exfil and MEDEVAC when needed... Oh right, and drones.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: We can do everything ourselves.

OOC: Ryan falco: lel

OOC: Skull132: Helos only, bud.

OOC: NebulaFlare: oi, settle down. They're all for the same country.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: AF is completely obsolete.

OOC: Ryan falco: airstrikes for the win

OOC: Aboshehab: Yes, those F-18's are army, right?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: They should be.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: We don't ned fat tubs of lard slowing down the Mach speed.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: They aren't though. Branch detachments don't always travel alone.

OOC: NebulaFlare: ....someone's salty

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Or getting captured dafter eject and giving away secrets over a jelly donut.

OOC: Aboshehab: The Airforce tasking is different than the Army, marines and other branches of the armed forces buddy

OOC: WeAreYourHope: As a former Navy guy, I gotta put in a word for my branch

OOC: BygoneHero: We are beyond salt

OOC: Skull132: WAIT.

OOC: Ryan falco: World war SS13

OOC: Skull132: WAIT.

OOC: Skull132: WAIT.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: AF is still trash, any real military vet will tell you that.

OOC: NebulaFlare: what

OOC: Something_Vile: who gives a shit about this anyway

OOC: Lord Lag: borers.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Marines are stationed on Navy vessels, Air force crew are manned on Navy vessels or in their own independent bases, F-35 pilots HQ at a wide variety of bases whether it be Navy, Army or Marines.

OOC: Skull132: "Former navy" who doesn't respond to "Hooyah"?

OOC: Kadargo999: skull

OOC: Skull132: Wtf is dis shit.

OOC: BygoneHero: Aliens

OOC: Kadargo999: choke me harder, onii-chan

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I'm already choking with laughter so there's no need

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i like how OneOne just says stuff that has no relevance to his argument.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Fact remains that AF are just valor hoarders that do jack shit and don;t face the real trials of war like /real soldiers/.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: They're not equal.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I'm effectively saying you're still full of shit and you haven't said anything worth your composition of salt.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: By any means.

OOC: Skull132: Yo, fucking navy guy, where the fuck is my fucking hooyah, hooyah?

OOC: Printer16: white

OOC: Printer16: are you american

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: That the best you can do to defend your branch kiddo?

OOC: Ryan falco: white sounds like a commie

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Depressing.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I'm not AF lmfao

OOC: NebulaFlare: meh, I'm still gonna aim for AF or Guard after I get my degree. So..........wish me luck on that.

OOC: Aboshehab: Good luck

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: AF is shit. GO Army.

OOC: Something_Vile: None of you are heroes.

OOC: WeAreYourHope: Maan, I was an avionics tech that never saw a boat. I heard the marines say oorah enough during my training to never make me wanna say anything that rhymes with it

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Hell, at least the Marines make a man out of you.

OOC: Skull132: At least I'm not claiming to be one :^D

OOC: Printer16: lol go army, yes, go to your death you useless ground pounders!

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I literally thank the servicemen who fight for my country on the outside so my family can sleep well at night, but my family has been military for generations and I've been taught how to spot a fraud.

OOC: Skull132: Nor am I talking like one.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: And you're a fraud, O4.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: wow your thanks mean so much

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: AF are the real frauds, sorry.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: And I never claimed to be military, once again.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Right, dude. Right.

OOC: NebulaFlare: wait

OOC: Veradox: but are you military

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: I think your family are frauds. What war did they serve in?

OOC: NebulaFlare: You're not even military. Why are you talking shit?

OOC: Skull132: HOH BOY.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: I bet they served in peace time.

OOC: Something_Vile: if you aren't even military, why do you give so much of a shit?

OOC: Ryan falco: The space war

OOC: Ryan falco: against the tajarans

OOC: BygoneHero: trolls

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Peace time weekend Nat Guard heroes, right, One One?

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Korea and Afghanistan. My grandfather served in WWII.

OOC: Veradox: i fought in spacenam

OOC: Printer16: the real idiots here are the ones responding to him lol

OOC: Veradox: in the first contact war

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Lies and slander. You defame the character of EVERY HERO that died in those wars.

OOC: Veradox: lasers everywhere i was like wew lad

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Say what now.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Your family hasn't given this country shit except autism.

OOC: Alberyk: ayy lmaao

OOC: Alberyk: my sides are in orbit

OOC: NebulaFlare: ....okay he's trolling.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You sound like you're under 18.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Plahunter, is that you?

OOC: Ryan falco: my Grandmothers father was at pearl harbor aye


OOC: Something_Vile: lol


OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: No rebuttal so he questions my age.


OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: kek

OOC: Kvasir: http://www.ign.com/videos/2016/06/15/final-fantasy-15-noctis-flying-car-official-clip

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: You're pathetic, lol. Just like your family members that supposedly fought in wars.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Nat Guard weekend soldiers.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: You HAVE to be Plahunter. There's no one else who is more degenerate than that.

OOC: Nanotoxin: #rood

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: You make me sick, child.

OOC: Skull132: ooc Nah, he's not Pla. Pla's more distinguished.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Talk about stolen valor.

OOC: XdwbX: The shitposting is real

OOC: NebulaFlare: Wow. Just - just wow.

OOC: Alberyk: more memes, daddy

OOC: Alberyk: pls

OOC: NebulaFlare: brb gonna get chlorophorm for my eyes.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Damn dude you really got me, you're totally memeing me out the airlock

OOC: BygoneHero: No more son

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Claiming that you actually had family members go to war just for the sake of an argument on the internet.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: Is despicable.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Your words don't dispute my family's service, O4.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: They never served, spo.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: So*

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: I bet you wear fatigues and get a discount at Mickey D's.

OOC: Nanotoxin: nice meme dudew :^)

OOC: Veradox: PFFT

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: got your JROTC patch on your shoulder the whole time

OOC: Skull132: Trolls gotta troll, eh, mister O4?

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i'm just speaking the truth

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I don't, actually! I wear a LEO uniform and get a dollar off for coffee.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: oh so you're a child murdering racist now

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: thanks LEO

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: you keep us all real safe

OOC: Lord Lag: that escalated quickly

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: Yeah, as our department's motto is.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: thanks for the Ferguson riots

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: "Cap a black and make sure they don't come back."

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: really appreciated that

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: you couldn't even do a facing movement lmfao

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: how trash can you honestly be

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: I'm not the one getting frustrated over meaningless things.

OOC: Serveris6: Oh, boy.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: if you think i'm frustrated

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: lol

OOC: Serveris6: Here we go.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i'm just having fun making you cry.

OOC: OneOneThreeEight: An O4 slinging shit about cops causing the riots? Yeesh.

The OOC channel has been globally disabled!

A little later...

Jackson Blackwater says, "Ya'll white boys better bow down to this king kong nigger dick."

Jackson Blackwater says, "Your wife and daughter sure do."

Jackson Blackwater says, "Bow down before my king kong nigger dick, whities."

Jackson Blackwater says, "I'mma breed all these hoes."

Jackson Blackwater says, "Obliterate the white race."


No, really, this is literally the fucking funniest thing I've ever seen on the server in awhile.

Rest in peace, WhiteOwlWarrior, you were one of the good ones.

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What even set this guy off? What was the "accident" that got him fired and all that?


He stole a taser as a cadet, shot someone with it 4noraisins, got arrested and demoted for it. While the heisters were effectively going guns blazing.

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OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: For the army o3 is captain. I was actually a major, o4, lol.


OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: i actually never even claimed to be in the military.

OOC: WhiteOwlWarrior: you assumed that's what i meant


Fucking amazing.

Also, I got targets confused for a bit. Apologies @WeAreYourHope. You two have names in similar vain (words upon words), and I thought it was mister O4 here who claimed to be a former navy major.

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