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Extend the amount of time we spend on Odin

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So talking on Odin is nice, yeah? You can take a breath, talk about anything you want about your entire round to your co-workers, you can also talk about whatever anyone plans to do now that their shift is over, nice things like that.

Problem is, the amount of time we normally spend on Odin is 60 seconds/1 minute, and unless you and your partner type and respond fast then there's no way you're holding any decent conversation in that amount of time, especially if you actually take the time to get off the shuttle first.

From here, I see two ways to go about extending the time spent on Odin.

Option A:Shave a minute off the amount of time it takes the transfer/evac shuttle to return to Odin and extend the amount of time actually spent on Odin to 2 minutes, this can stem complaints who those who'd not want the end of the round extended while still giving us some more time on Odin.

(And lets face it, you can barely focus on jackshit while riding in the shuttle so there's no way we're really missing out on anything there.))

Option B:Leave the shuttle alone and extend the amount of time on Odin to 3 minutes (or 2 if we have to), I personally like this option more because it gives us more time and makes things less wacky about just how fast the shuttle goes, although as mentioned earlier, people could potentially complain about things taking longer.

Pls gib Odin RP

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I agree with Chevalier. All you can do is Odin is leave the shuttle and form a line or sit at some tables in the Odin bar. It's no different from sitting in the bar on the station while security locks their cargo in a tiny room until it resets. The only tangible difference is that people act like big sillies more because the round is ending. I'd prefer it remain the same.

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I've got a third, slightly more extreme alternative. Add another ten minutes after docking at Odin. At any time (perhaps not until 60 seconds have elapsed, to allow that bare minimum of Odin time), a vote can be called to restart immediately. If 40% vote yes, then the round restarts. Similarly, a vote can also be called to EXTEND odin time by another ten(maybe more?) minutes. Perhaps a 75% yes would be required because I have a feeling that those voting no would be VEHEMENTLY opposed to that extra ten minutes. It's a high bar, but it wouldn't make sense to extend the Odin time that much more unless there was an overwhelming desire to see it through.

Just spitballing here, but maybe a second extend-round vote could be called if the server feels that twenty minutes wasn't long enough to wrap everything up, then a third. Some checks might be that the admins have the right to go "nah fuck this" and restart when they want to, or that only one restart/extend vote can be called in each ten minute cycle.

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If we get the old version back, as well as more room or atleast more interesting areas to mess with beyond the never-manned Arstotzkan checkpoint, pre-filled bar, and hospital, then I could see this idea being quite dandy. But as long as the area is dull then it might not be enough to hold the attention of a good majority of the crowd.

I can see 2 minutes still being okay even with the boring areas, fix that dull lifeless factor though and you can easily extend it up to 5 minutes.

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