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What's the most robust thing you've ever done?

I'd say mine would be going on WH40k station, getting traitor, and killing the entire server off, along with half of them who got cloned and sent back into the fray as retarded clone fetuses, and two mechs (which you can see burning in the photo). Yeah, definitely my most robust moment. Ask Canon about it.



But what about you? What's the most robust thing you've ever pulled off?

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Id like to say it was while I was a vampire, and I went to IA to complain about Roy, Oliver and the CE whose name I forgot for drinking all shift over working. I had the IA lean in close, and then vampire flashed them and stole her headset. She tried to run for the door, so I started beating her unconscious with a wrench repeatedly, even when she was trying to send a message for help through PDA. After a while I did manage to start drinking and then finish her off. The privacy shutters were closed, but in a ballsy move I took her ID off to get out, and even OPEN the privacy shutters. And when the body wasn't discovered later, I even told security the dead IA agent was in there.

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I beat a Geneticist with all the powers, by standing in front of them with 50 sheets of metal, and telling them not to make me use these. I have also killed a carp with just my hands, without armor, as a Diona. I've also punched an Alium Queen, and the Pine Tree of Justice in the same round. The Pine Tree ran off to chase after someone else, but the Alium Queen stuck around for me and Delta to kill it. I think Delta and some other security officers killed the tree later. Oh, and I killed a mimic with plasteel bat, while being shot at by Hivebots. #ExoticSciences

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On goon, years and years ago, I was made a traitor by admin intervention. I was given the task to 'make a beautiful peace of art'. So I took a few corpses and began to fill the chapel. Then I killed the captain and left him at the front of the chapel. Gradually I began to kill more people til I had enough to fill all the chapel chairs and make a funeral of corpses.

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One of the most robust things I have done on Aurora, while not being the most robust, was beating a spider with a stun baton, until I had pushed it onto a surgery bed, and buckled it to the bed.

Everyone in the teamspeak was talking so much crap about how that officer was the worst one they seen, until I buckled it to the bed.

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I once survived the RNG of a stage 5 singularity. Without a hardsuit. Without internals.

I was the CE one round. Singuloth gets released, though I try to stop whoever tried doing it. Some asshole traitor, I think. I nearly get killed, but I manage to fly south from the station and bounce off Telecomms. I get inside and save myself.

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On Old Apollo, I had a Taj janitor that was captured by security. I managed to break out multiple times, and on my last attempt, I killed a security officer, grabbed the HoS and used him (fatally) to block the Captain's laser shots, killed the cap with the HoS' telebaton, and then used the HoS' and Captain's laser guns to kill the rest of security, and escaped in to maint for the rest of the round.

Nowadays, people would call it shit RP. But it's their fault for not being robust.

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Another thing.

(And before you ask, this was all Ahelped over and over. Everyone, at least to my knowledge, was okay with this stuff happening).

One time, as antag Shayla Roberts, I got in a fight with my co workers when trying to stir up trouble. Keinto decided it would be cool to toss me into the singularity for it, as it was a dead hour round. I was fine with it, but I told him that Shayla would try her best to escape.

When we got into the airlock, and Leo had given Shayla oxygen so the singularity or its containment field could be the sole killer, I forced the airlock and flushed the both of us out. We both stood on the platform, staring one another down, before Shayla leapt at him and tossed Leo into the singularity, right after she snatched the Captain's spare ID from his coat pocket.

She then drifted off into space, before hitting the research outpost on the asteroid. Feeling safe, I waited outside for a long while to catch my breath and collect my thoughts. Then I realized something. I was out of oxygen, and I had no way to get in. I circled around the research station like mad, my vision slowly fading, before forcing the airlocks with the Captain's spare ID. The whole place was syphoned of air, and things started flying past and hitting Shayla. The firelocks were down all over, and I didn't have a crowbar. In one final act of desperation, I checked the emergency locker for an emergency toolbox. There was in fact one inside. It quickly flew past Shayla, however, and she was barely able to catch up and snatch it before it flew out into space. Very luck catch. Then she got the crowbar, forced the inner firelocks open, ran inside, closed them behind herself and recollected her oxygen.

Then she stocked up on all the oxygen she could, travelled to the mining outpost, and went to the station. Unarmed. Little did she know, the rest of the crew was waiting there to lynch her when she showed up. Leo had also survived in space, having hit the station when he was drifting and was able to save his own life by calling for help. There were two crew members surrounding Shayla. Leo had his stun revolver trained on her, forbidding her from moving, while her old botanist friend was holding a hatchet to Shayla's throat.

It seemed like game over, but then, I quickly moved into help intent and switched places with them, praying that they were in help too. They were, and Leo shot his friend with the stun revolver. Too shocked to pursue Shayla, Leo stayed behind while Shayla made a break for maintenance and escaped. She then collected security gear and weapons, and stationed herself in the bridge. About four crew members surrounded her in there, welding the doors and making walls of grilles outside the brig. Leo finally came in to challenge Shayla one on one, this time. After warning one another that they wouldn't hold back, they engaged in combat. Shayla was losing and pinned in the back of the brig, cowering, but RNG was on her side soon after. He whipped around from cover, and his shots both missed narrowly, and Shayla's hit him dead on, melting his face. She then followed up by executing him on the floor.

The others were waiting outside, and were screaming that they would kill Shayla. She warned them again, to no avail. She had no way to unweld herself, but the Engineers that were trying to trap her made one foolish mistake. They broke the Head of Personnel's table to make way for another fortified window. She quickly destroyed it, smashing through their defences as they screamed and took off running. She had already warned them, and the Engineer of the two people still trying to murder her was shot in the back several times as he skidded to a halt, dead on the floor.

The last one left was Shayla's old botanist pal, who was running through the halls screaming for help. Her words were heard only by Shayla, slowly trailing after the sole survivor through the halls.

This woman was heavily armed, but she knew that none could out-robust me that night. When she was finally caught in the hallway, and engaged in a brutal laser/stun baton fight between the two, she was finally downed and handcuffed. Shayla took her into a chair in the bar, asking why they all had persisted in attacking her. When the woman remained silent, I grew impatient and shot her head off with a revolver, before trailing off to the Captain's office and delivering a kick to the side of Leo's head, before she was later killed by other crew members. I made no attempt to fight them at this point, as I knew that killing the new joiners as they witnessed the trails of blood and scorched bodies would only make me seem like a terrible person, and possibly promote OOC consequences.

But yeah.

#JustRobustThings, amirite?

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Once on the 40k server I was an ork warboss and took out a whole ultramarine squad, a squad of salamanders, killed most of the station, married a female slave(Who died later), killed an oddboy that tried to usurp me, and survived an exterminus attempt. They had to blow up the whole planet to take me down.

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One of the most robust things I have done on Aurora, while not being the most robust, was beating a spider with a stun baton, until I had pushed it onto a surgery bed, and buckled it to the bed.

Everyone in the teamspeak was talking so much crap about how that officer was the worst one they seen, until I buckled it to the bed.


I have to admit I was one of them. I didn't know it was you (not that it matters) and I thought "look at this dumbass trying to take on a spider with a baton" then you did that shit.

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An LWAP was fired, landing the killing blow on an op. The op throws a stun baton at someone in that second, and manages to throwbaton them to the ground and then the op dies in a blaze of glory.


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The guardsmen also got in a fight in the locker room over the Lord-Commander's ass.

I shoved one of them into a disposal can as a warning. Another got up and tried to stop me, so I pushed him, took his baton, stunned him with it, and packed him into the bin too. I then scolded them and took them out after they reflected. Never fought again that shift.

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I would have to say playing a traitor roboticist on another server (BestRP, I believe) and emagging a mediborg to kill my target. Its attempted spacing failed, but the target still died, so I placed a power sink in maintenance near Robotics. Eventually I realized I had Genetics access, so I hopped in, stole the body that was lying in the open and either hid it in Robotics or dumped it, I forget. They only figured out it had been me after blowing the borg, upon which the brain, now freed from its emagged status, told them everything.

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