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Straightening out Deconversions


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Fairly simple: I think the current cult deconversion system is super, SUPER awkward and doesn't stack up to how easy it is to convert someone. You have to use the obsidian rod, and wave it over someone's head. Sounds simple, but as soon as you click on your target, there are 3 ways for the deconversion to fail: Either the rod slips in your hand and you hit them instead, nothing happens at all or it works but the target chooses to stay true to the cult. Please, either make it always get to the choice or make cult conversions themselves just as unreliable, because I think the awkwardness of deconverting is one of the big reasons chaplains are so bad at fighting cults, which in turn causes people to not even want to try at all. It's already hard enough to get to deconvert people ICly in the first place, this RNG really is not needed next to it. At least take out the damn rod slipping because that really makes no sense. If it slips while waving it >around< someone's head you drop the rod, not slap them with it. Giving the cultists a choice to deconvert or not is a good thing, though still annoying because of the nature of cult conversions basically forcing people to join.

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The only problem I have with this is some chaplains will litterly rush you as a cultest and spam the null rod so cult should have a choice of yes or no.

If the de-conversion works, the cultest will have a chance for a fucking limb to pop off their body some how. That and the slapping should be removed.

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The reconverting should not be optional. If a cultist has gotten themselves caught it's largely their fault, like it is for those who get converted to the cult.

It should just be less reliable with a bit of risk to it. There should be a 30% chance of converting the person after a 5 second timer with the null rod. If it passes, the person is deconverted and loses all memory of them being a cultist and any of the actions they performed, in addition to forgetting who else was a cultist. If it fails, it should add 10 brain damage. Which, overall, is a 11.76% chance of a cultist potentially dying if all six attempts fail.

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The thing about conversion is this:

The null rod is optional, it will HURT them to refuse to convert already, it does, which is why you can get arrested for assault during conversions regardless of the 'rod slip' bullshit we have to put up with >_>

Now, HOLY WATER is not optional, if you absolutely drown someone in holy-water through forcefeeding, it WILL eventually force them to deconvert, I think it's like a 30% chance or something of deconversion? It won't do harm to the cultist either - but you can get arrested for assault for this as well.

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+1 for this. that round where your shaman smashed kizzy over the head was stupid and made no sense. and people are gonna capitalize on a mistake like that.

I'm not sure I agree with [mention]Scheveningen[/mention] saying that getting caught is largely your fault though. Because even if it's clear ooc'ly that someone's a cultist, if someone you know and trust ic'ly asks you to come down to the sublevel, you're not really gonna think anything of it. The idea of losing all memory of the cult is great though

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