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[1 Dismissal] Make punching reinforced windows and grilles do brute damage to the hand used


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I just tested this, banged the window about 50 times. Not even a crack. Now, it might be different if they are holding an object, but if they are, then we can hardly damage their hand because they're hitting a window with a shovel or something.

If you're just wanting to punish people for being annoying and spamming window bangs, that's another thing. I could even get behind that.

But you can't break out of glass with your bare hands, unless you are in the Hulk state.

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so I had no idea that you couldn't smash windows with your fist anymore. It's been a while since I was a greyshirt and tried to bump out of the brig with my bare hands, and when I've seen people smash the windows I imagined they just used their hands.

Even still, I can't imagine any shoes other than steel-capped are gonna provide a lot of resistance against kicking a reinforced window. Have you ever kicked something in a pair of stans? It hurts, quite a lot.

Anyway, I think haloloss would be a nice medium, considering that you could open palm a window if you were brave enough.

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