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Info / Feedback: Cargo Changes


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The upcoming cargo system

To explain the additional ideas I had for cargo, I have to expand a bit on what cargo is going to become after the completion of this dev cycle.

Instead of cargo being based on crates and supply points, cargo will be based on items and credits.

A crew member can order individual items, that will be placed in a crate and then shipped to the station the usual way.

Cargo will be billed for the items, the shipment cost, the crate, ...

They then have to bill the crew member for these items, if they dont want to run out of money.

(Or they can send so many items back to central, that they can just afford not to bill the crew)

In addition, there will be the possibility to order items from different suppliers.

Different suppliers might offer the same item with a different price and different properties.

Its up to the crew members that place these orders to decide where to order them from

(Ofc cargo can still approve / reject orders)

That is, in its very essence, what cargo is going to look like after this dev cycle.

Some more ideas for cargo. (Start here if you know what new cargo is about)

Now I would like to expand on that idea a bit further.

Instead of the ordered items coming to the station, cargo has to go to the suppliers to get the items from them.

Cargo will receive its own, controllable shuttle.

The cargo department would be remapped a bit and integrated with arrivals / departures and become transportation.

It would be turned into a hub where all the shuttles (with the exception of the ccia shuttle) dock and crew goes in and out to pickup items, come to / leave work.

These changes would open up the following options

  • Different suppliers, looking for specific items and paying for them.
  • Maybe a integration with the trader, where the trader has the option to teleport to, and assume the role of a supplier if cargo is on the way there.
  • Additional Shuttle destinations for cargo that can be enabled and used for events
  • Mechanics for the cargo shuttle, where you have to refuel it (either with fuel mined at the station or from a refueling station)
  • Add a way to smuggle items off / on the station that shouldn't be on the station.
  • Give more meaning to the security checkpoint as an actual checkpoint to control who / what is coming in / out of the station.


Let me know what you think about it.

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I'm actually new to the server, but, i think all of this would be very cool, even more with the economic system that will come, and would be a unique system too (i guess).

I also think that this would make cargo more interesting to play, with contraband and stuff, and I think it would also give more importance to the cargo technicians, since there will be more things that cargo have to do.

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I like this idea, but maybe pair it with Bank accounts saving (like it actually matters and saves) and every shift you survive you get a paycheck.


I'm pretty sure that's planned for the future. Pretty far off though I think.


Persistent Economy is indeed something that is planned.

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I think if you want the security checkpoint to mean something, you're going to have to remove people spawning in cryogenics.

People use it as a way to quickly into the station without having to take a shuttle. I use it for that myself, and its positioned far out of the way of the actual checkpoint area.

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The addition of the the cargo delivery program and the tablets have been working out good, and now that you can process payments before the crate is sent via the shuttle has simplified processing large orders.

I see that adding invoices is planned, One thing I’d like to have as well is being able to print receipts, Because a lot of the time crewmembers pay for work related stuff out of pocket. With a receipt of the transaction they should be able to get reimbursed by their supervisor at a later time.

The addition of a controllable shuttle to pick up deliveries is a cool idea. Cargo crew being able to directly affect shipment times instead of having to wait an arbitrary amount of time would be a really welcome change.

One other thing, Some of the cargo categories are pretty bloated and you sometimes have to scroll pretty far to find what you’re looking for, But perhaps this’ll be made better if the categories are removed inplace of suppliers with subcategories and/or if the ability to search for an item like on the project page.

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