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Dramatic Interrogation RP


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To begin with, I am a man of RP. I will do anything to make the story interesting for both side, even if it puts me at a disadvantage. For this, I am hoping to provide Security a little improved roleplay considering the selection of two interrogation methods. Criminals loves to be interrogated by anyone, even if from a lousy cadet to a professional robuster Head of Security with amazing energy gun. Any attention given to the criminal will keep both parties satisfied to prolong deeper into the round

Essentially, there will be little to medium effort in map change for this suggestion. I propose a suggestion to improve our RP for interrogation. The interrogator will have two method of interviewing. The first method is interrogate as normal, face to face with the interviewee with a universal recorder in front of the desk. Just as how as it always has been.

The second method would have interrogating the interviewee behind the windows, masking his own identity leaving for the interviewee to figure out who the interrogator is. The interrogator will have three advantages to this. One as already stated, to figure out who the interrogator is. Two, the output of the communication will be broadcasted as unknown to the interviewee. Lastly, hopefully the windows will change to one sided window rather to use the cameras. The interrogator can perhaps make the RP more interesting by revealing who the interrogator actually is and try to pull more information from interviewee. The URL below is a summarized version of the second method except the numbers and interviewee going crazy.



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I would unironically like this.

It may be a bit spectacular, but it might be fun to see this sort of thing play out in a round. I'm not sure if it's something we'll end up changing the map to accomplish, but the sheer showmanship of such an interaction has the potential to be incredibly entertaining.

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I really don't understand what you're actually asking of us. Or rather, I do, but that would be putting my thoughts into your head which is, a sin.

The assumption is that you want an actually working 1-way mirror, instead of having to rely on the videocamera setup already in place, yes? Or am I wrong?

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