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Big Beepsky Custom Cyborg sprite


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BYOND Key:katsukai1

Character name:Big Beepsky

Item name:Big Beepsky

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Current cyborg skins are not of my taste and, I want to use something that provokes intimation and feeling of discomfort usual cyborg sprites do not bring these emotions or atmosphere.

Item function(s):Cyborg Standard Module Sprite

Item description:=//=

Item appearance:RBH7pYU.png

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?I would interact with more structured and scripted replies to the crew, instead of the usual freeform way of talking to add a darker and more machine like atmosphere, when interacting with crew members. I believe the sprite would help me a lot, when I want to make the vibe darker during trying times within the station or when I play a role of a malfunctioning cyborg. I believe the sprite would fit on standard module, since department modules have their own color schemes and standard module is more of a AI limb role, which the sprite would fit. For example as AI chamber guardian, general peacekeeper etc.

Additional comments:

Have the sprites here, including borg eye overlay.


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He's a big guy.

But I fail to see how exactly this conveys "Security cyborg"

Seems less of a "Secure and protect" and more of a "Hate and penetrate"

While I agree yes, this would be perfect for a syndicate cyborg, malfunctioning borg or perhaps a combat module this should have no place as a standart borg sprite.

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Give credit to where it is due. These sprites are from Lifeweb and the sprite is massive. And I mean it is massive.

Big Beepsky is from the russian neo-feudal simulator Lifeweb, it is one of the deadliest hostile mobs from the derelict Tri-Net Corporation research base. It is a combat robot inspired by the Assault Robot from System Shock 2. It has twin WATTZ lasers for eyes. It is incredibly hardy and nothing short of a laser cannon penetrates its thick plasteel armor.

It would not fit in the current roleplay atmosphere considering how towering Big Beepsky is to begin with, to further emphasize how dangerous of an enemy it is to face. It makes little sense as to why a combat robot chassis would exist in-game if it isn't appropriated for syndicate cyborgs or combat borgs. Further, porting sprites without giving credit to its source is bad form. I'm opposed to this being put in the game as anyone's personalized cyborg sprite, much less in the game as a standard cyborg sprite at all.

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