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Drago Jensen's Engineering jacket

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BYOND Key: Stickydragon

Character name: Drago Jensen

Item name: Engineer's Jacket

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Jensen was recently hired by NT to help design the cooling system for a cruiser's reactor. The team was given jackets to designate them as part of the design crew. Jensen likes to wear a jacket to work, and this would be ideal as to not cover his jumpsuit.

Item function(s): Essentially it would work just like the bomber jacket. though it would be amazing if the Jacket's toolbelt could be used in the belt slot, but i don't know how the code works or if it's even possible.

Item description: "A black leather jacket with a white stripe around the midsection. It has two carabiners on the torso, a pocket for a hand held radio on the left side of the chest and a design on the right. it has what looks like a inbuilt toolbelt around the waist. It looks like it would hang down to your thigh. There's a cloth hood connected to the neck."

Item appearance:

A dark gray leather jacket with dark orange detailing that goes just to Jensen's thigh. it has a light gray stripe that goes around the midsection of the jacket. The shoulders and top of the upper arm looks to be made of a tougher brown leather. the left breast pocket looks to be made specifily for the handheld radio that sticks out of it (assuming there's one inside it). the antena sticks up out of the pocket. it seems to have a gear belt about the waist with various loops for tools. there seems to be caribiners for a harness about the front midsection of the jacket. The right breast has a logo on it. it looks like the top view of a dragon's skull. The collar seems to come up to protect the neck. There's a cloth hood connected to the neck. At the hips are various pouches. two of wich are thin as if they're designed for something specific.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? The jacket would help to tell the story of Jensen's progress in the engineering field as it was given to him to designate him doing a more advanced job. He would likely use it as a conversation starter or to help designate himself as part of the engineering department when he's not on shift incase he's needed in an emergency.

Additional comments: I will get somebody to do the sprite if it's accepted. I don't want to have somebody do it before just incase my app gets denied.

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How long has Jensen worked with NT? This just sounds like a very huge thing and last I remember Jensen was still very new to the company and you are to Aurora. Not trying to stifle creative freedom, this just seems like a huge deal and something to flaunt around as opposed to bring genuine roleplay to.

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He's been there roughly a year. He's however only working in a minor part of this design, and beyond that he's working under somebody on the project. So they're mostly seeing if he can actually handle something like this in the future. It's also worth noting he has experience with other companies. He also has a PHD in engineering for what that's worth.

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Jensen has been working on his own, and he's much more skilled than when he first started. It's not really new to him anymore considering he got moved to engine technician a few months back and has been demonstrating his competence for quite a while. Mainly i'm just not too outward about his progress when playing the charecter. He tends to be a more reserved person and you would actually need to observe him working to see where he's at now. I also spoke with a few people asking if they though he was skilled enough for this before deciding to actually go through with it.

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Alright, if you've worked on the char and gotten him to a position like this and others agree it's fine. I can't argue against it. Well I could, because it's a sudden jump and I think it's an item that will just be used to flaunt, but we've already made entire discord servers and IC organizations for people to flaunt stuff around.

I won't say I support this item, but I am not against it either.

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My personal opinion is that I actually thought Jensen was very quick to come from an apprentice (I am not sure about this) or a rather new Engineer (who just woke up from.. some year long cryo?) to a appearantly very intelligent engineer with a Ph.D and the recommendation to invent a completely new cooling system for NT.

I mean like Ally said it sounds veeeeery big and to think that around a year ago he was frozen and seemed almost clumsy.. and now he's a Doctor of Engineering.. it seems like quiet a jump.

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I did do quite a large modification of his backstory. He does work in science now, but his work is related to engineering on new engine systems. As of recently his knowledge has been heavily changed and modified along with his backstory. As for him originally being not the most competent engineer that was mainly an OOC issue. At the time i made the charecter i was still getting back into the game after a few years of not playing at all. He was originally intended to actually be smart, but i was still getting used to the environment of HRP servers.

As for Laulyrr's point i would have to agree if i was still going with the original story. However i have largely modified it leaving him walking away from the initial incident in a much better state than he did originally. Now he maintains much if not all of his memories and past experiences.

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