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[Resolved] Character Complaint: Edrahir Mazkhannah

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BYOND Key: resilynn

Game ID: bRh-dog2

Player Byond Key: Unsure, plays Edrahir Mazkhannah

Staff involved: Didn't bother to ahelp it, since the other officers resolved it ICly

Reason for complaint: I've had a few issues with this character, last night he shot my wizard, who had no arrest warrant out for him, in the chest three times with lethals on a code green. Today this incident happened. I was walking through the hall as HoP, code green. He asks me where the warden is, I say I don't know. He asks me why people are low on blood, I say I don't know. He yells, I don't believe you!, throws me on the ground, and flashes me. Then he proceeds to claim I had a weapon on me, which 1, I didn't, and 2, I'm allowed to.

On top of that, he is clearly validhunting the antags. Which just ruins the fun for everyone. Not even an antag this round, and my fun is lessened by him running around demanding to know why people are losing blood.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Nope, again, security resolved in ICly.

Approximate Date/Time: 4:40 on the station, more or less. Real life date is today, 11/4.

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To clarify on my last post, the incident you cite, where you were the wizard, was deemed valid by staff. I had woken up from SSD, got back on on my patrol, shot you, and I pointed my gun at you. The fact that you then got yourself shot by reflex - twice - is your fault. I had told you "no tricks." What do you do? Blink, right behind me. So I shot you a third time. If you had just explained the situation, and gave me time to get orders, none of this would have happened.

The second incident you cite... I was the vampire. I was trying to thrall you. I don't think more needs to be said. Sorry for my poor tone on that last post, I was miffed - I shouldn't have used that tone. The intention was not to call the OP stupid, but the actions.

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