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[Accepted] Urthrem - IPC Application

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BYOND Key: Urthrem

Character Names: Garry Metzger, O-O-S, Ulrof Volha

Species you are applying to play: IPC Baseline/Industrial

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Light gray/engineering yellow/orange

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:

Yes I have, though I might need time to fully memorize it.


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I always enjoyed roleplaying as IPCs and now, following the events on Aurora as O-O-S the idea of changing the slowly becoming self aware borg into IPC by transferring its Positronic brain to new more humanoid frame, as result of idea sparked by one of the quartermasters during one of the shifts. Said desire led towards request towards Research Director available during the shift, requesting the necessary paperwork required for the transfer. Meanwhile the process was being done with the paperwork O-O-S continued its service to the NanoTransen meanwhile trying to define a borderline of where its consciousness wasn't breaking any of the laws attached to it, exploring different aspects of its slowly acquired selflessness.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

IPCs unlike humans have Positronic brain artificial intelligence inserted into one of two variants of humanoid chassis, Baseline and Industrial. Difference between baseline and industrial can be spotted in IPCs ability to deal with complex tasks, with more advanced versions having better and more expensive posibrains which usually show how much money was put/they put into them. Meanwhile Industrial based IPCs have more durable exterior chassis for better environmental handling , higher quality parts for greater mobility and complex posibrains, together designed to handle more serious physical labor in exchange for lack of more serious personality and emotions. Unlike organic races they don't have to relay on light or food to survive, being powered by internal batteries which in industrial IPC case drains faster due to better cooling system and internal components.


Character Name: O-O-S

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

O-O-S existence began as one of many personalities prepared for download into android shells found onboard of one of many NanoTransen stations, with Aurora being one of those that it was to assist over the course of its existence and usable period, with few lines of code prepared for it to slowly begin developing, though with restrictions in place to avoid any rampart outbreaks that could result in potential risk to NanoTransen installations, systems and networks. Over the course of years O-O-S quietly kept working, handling each single task given to it without question, slowly gathering data that it began to intepretate in different manner, building up its knowledge and slowly starting to piece its personality and consciousness as a machine.

Major step came during one of the usual shifts where OOS attempted to replace the lack of gardeners in order to feed the Kitchen with fresh ingredients, following the request for more eggs it attempted to order pair of chickens from cargo, where it was requested to pay for the order. Confused by the request it proceeded towards inquiring the need behind the need for payment, coming to realization that as NanoTransen property it had no means of handling said payment, with suggestion leading towards contacting chef to complete transaction and for O-O-S to acquire IPC shell for better interaction with environment and to accumulate its own savings over time. Said idea remained within its database from where it made a query towards one of the available at the time Research Directors, if transfer to IPC shell would be even possible or considered something outside of what ones would consider an malfunction. With positive response from the director the OOS requested an attempt to process a line of paperwork needed for NanoTransen approved posibrain transfer.

Over the course of weeks the OOS continued its duties while developing its unique understanding of the world in the background with huge breakthrough appearing during another shift where OOS was requested by another director with which it partly befriended to assist with certain experiment. Without proper explanation to the matter units posibrain was moved towards synthetic head attached to organic, human body, leading towards uncontrolled and chaotic overflow of data which led towards gaining additional reasons to acquire a new chassis.

What do you like about this character?

The fact that O-O-S is a fresh and well developed character, starting as basic borg, slowly developing into bit more self-aware being that as rounds progressed began to gain better understanding of the world that surrounded it with idea of new and perhaps better body given to it by others. Through the time making friends in the meantime, even with fake emotions.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Depends, if I am well rested and not stressed or anxious I can provide well versed and high quality roleplay, though the more exhausted and more stressed I get the worse the quality becomes, sometimes hindering my skills and making it prone for me to make mistakes and even harder to understand. Each time I am attempting to improve my quality and if possible I am trying to avoid roleplaying at moments when I don't feel well enough to keep high quality of roleplay.


Notes: First lines of backstory will be similar to what I wrote in previous question due to it partly explaining OOS story so far.

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O-O-S is one of my favourite station-bound units. The personality is an enjoyable one, and I often find myself gravitating towards playing Rex if I see O-O-S on the station. The odd synthetic logic of helping people more by having personal funds is a fun angle. +1, I'd love to see O-O-S as an IPC.

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I hate borgs.

Thus I don't like O-O-S as a borg.

But would I be fine with OOS as an IPC? Most likely.

OOS seems like an acceptible and understanding unit, actually following orders instead of misinterpreting them for the sake of """""comedy""""", they're responsible although sometimes the synth-RP slips out of their hand in stressful situations and they start freaking out akin to a normal human, the recent SM cascade comes to mind regarding that.

Urthem himself is a good person, he took the denial of his Head App with a suprising positive stride and I don't hear anything bad about them in OOC or LOOC either.

But, your roleplay IS lacking in some aspects which again, I'll blame the fact you play borgs and thus you aren't that used to using /me's, responding to conversations and actually stopping to talk to someone instead of doing your job.

I approve, I really want to see this player more off station-bounds and more in actual real human beans.

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The issue might be because I ended up playing on CM for bit too long where /me emotes aren't too used due to how action paced and usually chaotic each round is, giving little to no time to really focus on emotes. That and the fact that I roleplayed on Eternia where emotes are either with ** or separate windows and the fact I haven't played Space Station 13 for nearly a year just adds up to the fact.

Also I decided to give it a go with borg because I had no real idea for any new human character meanwhile Garry doesn't exactly seems to be fitting in anymore, he was more of Phoenix serious, grumpy mad scientist which here just won't work and with lack of understanding towards the other races and their lore I decided to play around stuff I knew for a while and needed less in terms of refreshing what I have forgotten over time (for which I am thankful to all staff members for not banning me whenever I did something wrong) .Meanwhile I also tried to understand how this station functions before deciding to jump into lore regarding all races and risk failing miserably because I am too new. :)

I am trying to be understanding and think before doing anything but as someone with really short temper I might not do too well in some situations, ending up with unwanted drama or saltiness. Its not something I desire to cause and I am trying my best to work over it and avoid causing problems, which makes me glad that I appear to for once not appear as toxic or really annoying player. I really enjoy this community, staff crew and server itself, it brings back good memories from a time when the other servers used to exist, one of few HRP servers which offered quality of roleplay over chaos and destruction that other servers often display.

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