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And then Lord Valkrae, the Necromancer, thus did resurrect this timeline back into existence, as a relic of times long past.

He then proclaimed that since he was the last survivor, thus he was King of this land, and got all of the powers of everyone in the timeline, thus cementing himself as a God!

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Merely 2000 years after the resurrection of the timeline, via foul Necromantic magics, two countries of the undead stood at an impasse, known as 'Bonlande' and 'Marroole'. They do not last, releasing foul bombs of Acidic bone-melting power, utterly devastating the landmasse they have come to claim for their Necromantic God.
I play:

NT-A 486
(Android with extreme Robotic tendencies, has links to a Ship graveyard, where its Posi-brain was salvaged from a mutilated Chassis.)

You see what seems to be a Nanotrasen Android model before you. It looks extremely undecorated, mostly a normal Robotic Endoskeletal appearance with spraypaint. It would have added outer-plating and the regular Station-bound core Modules as per usual.

Starting at the Chassis headplate, the optical sensors shine a blue, glowing light. The Opticals would be very visible in darkness, though they wouldn't emit much light beyond a glow. It could be distracting for onlookers, but never blinding.

Below the headplate, the 'Shoulders' of the Endoskeleton and some of the 'Lower body' have been re-enforced with Steel plating. This plating is usually replaced at the end of the Units work-cycle, or in the event of extreme damage. It's Spray-painted with bright colors depending on the Units current designation.

As for movement, the Unit has a pair of relatively light high-traction treads, very resistant to displacement, unless pulled. It tends to make little noise, one of the few boons of the model.

Elsewhere, on the front of the Unit, below the plating, it would have writing on the center panel, symbolising the Unit model and callsign: NT ANDROID 27-PBU-486

When it speaks, it is rather monotone, hinting that the on-board Voice Modulator is also less-than-current.
Other characters that I play: Orbul Qablri'Tri-Qyu, To Journey Past The Known, Those Who Brave The Dark, Pe n %^ Y.
Junked characters I no longer play: Gale Russel, Isaac Einsley, Walks With The Rootsong, Penny (The Android), Warmth Of a Candlelight.

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but he lived
Joie Desai:
A poor, ugly, starving, prolific journalist who loves her job. High-school drop-out who's still waiting on that shot at the big leagues. Interviewed several famous figures, including Gleb himself. One of my earliest and most developed characters. Recently had her contract renewed.
Astor Noton:
A talented one-armed Mechatronic Engineer with a mysterious edgy and snowflakey past. Has relationship and personal space issues. Currently working aboard a different station.
Serena Baskett:
A bartender who gets by day-to-day. She lets other people talk to make up for the fact she doesn't have any opinions of her own. Charges for drinks, pockets half the money for herself. Currently working somewhere on Sol.
Luka Brala:
A devoutly religious Head of Personnel. Follower of the Dodekatheon. Proud father and loving husband, obsessive note-taker and organizer. Often sets agendas for what he considers to be the betterment of the station, and generally boosts profits while working.
Mitchell Guess:
A quick-witted ex-field surgeon who needs to sort out his priorities. Might have some psychological trauma.
Wearing Face Over Mask:
An actually unnerving Diona who keeps to themselves most of the time. Eerily pessimistic about humanity. It's probably for the best.
Erakirali Kire'aka:
A traditionalist Unathi who tries his damn hardest to separate politics and work. Breadwinner and husband, wishes to be viewed as a 'hero' - despite being a warrior at heart, he doesn't have the skills to prove himself against greater threats. But just maybe he'll manage it, someday.
Jesse Holt:
A brave space-cowboy who just can't die. Lover of Russian Roulette.
The bullet narrowly misses Jesse Holt.
The bullet narrowly misses Jesse Holt.
The bullet narrowly misses Jesse Holt.
The Butcher:
A mad serial killer who knows his way around a hammer. Sent by the Syndicate in disguise to wreak havoc on-station. Wears a pig mask.
The Lords In Red:
A supremely powerful pyromancer who just wants to see the galaxy burn, one station at a time.
Austin Bishop:
A secret agent who excells at 'covert' operations. A master of short-lived stealth. Surprisingly successful.

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but he was in a coma for nine years

This was MY original meme, don't let Mofo steal it!
Sandman - Scientist - Formerly a very cheery and high-spirited IPC, now spends most of his days breeding cyanide kudzu. "Hah, get clanked, nerd."
Zakar'iya Touma - Gardener - Zak likes the garden, and his plants, and bees. "Hi! Needs plants?"
Reas'Eras Kerr'Nova - Chief Engineer - A former Naval tactician turned engineer. Dislikes the research department, and sees most scientists as annoying. "One is inclined to ask; how, exactly, did your parents manage to so adeptly throw the teachings of proper etiquette into the void while raising you?"
Nasser El-Hasem - Miner - Introverted. Keeps his few friends close and his proto-kineteic accelerator closer. "Don't fall."
Huzuizuh Guwan - Janitor -Reserved, sad, and disappointed in himself; considers himself a failure. "Pleassse watch your ssstep."
Sudo - Android - Runs LINUX. "Command registered. Moving."
Nik Giorgos - HoP/Captain - The very definition of a company man-- maintains a professional presence, and says he'd do anything for NT, but a coward at heart. "I'm taking an escape pod."
Kasasarra Tazuka - Doctor - Unathi; eager to impress, and has a strong aversion to violence. "Hold ssstill."
Kahal Nazkiin - Head of Security - Feels as if he's getting too old for the job, but wants to keep doing it anyway. Generally agreeable, unless you've done something that makes him think you're an idiot. "Could you maybe please stop doing that?"
Alexia Lei - Scientist - A quiet stammerer who has much greater interest in her work than in other people. "J-Judo is like... the Dane Cook of m-martial arts."

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