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  1. as a ninja main 10/10 change I can finally gank literally everyone with no recourse
  2. literally just trying to remove a sec slot
  3. @veradox This is a "short" version of it, but it is none the less a lot of work needed to make
  4. its and it's are my absolute fucking bane in writing I swear. A roadmap isn't an awful idea however, so I will put something together. I know the fear of spaghetti lore is a very justifiable one, and an ever-looming threat to our lore.
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: SeniorScore Position Being Applied For: Human Lore Developer Past Experiences/Knowledge: Previous working as a human lore deputy, and continued writing for humanity even when not in that position. Examples of Past Work: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Jupiter https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Luna https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Sports (Turbo Quoit specifically, in case anything else gets added at the time of submission) https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=The_Worker's_Party (the skeleton that this is) And two Earth provinces but I don't even want to bring that up with recent changes to Earth. Additional Comments: In terms of requirements in terms of creative work to show for humanity, a write-up being worked on that I had in mind for Saturn. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JxsPKIplrUEe6SZDC4t2I7mTONHAvMCJ_iZclAQCa2I/edit?usp=sharing I think as I've made clear in my time working for the lore team, I'm much more focused on refining what we have instead of finding out what grand thing to next slap into the setting. I think a large point of note, is making sure Sol Alliance, and by extension, the Frontier Alliance, get refined, and given a proper relationship for a good sounding board for both of them so Sol isn't talking to it's self to (literal) death while the Frontier just sits in a glum, dejected silence. I think a question that is naturally going to come up, and I think deservedly so, is my track record of dropping the deputy position, and then reapplying at a later time. I felt, at the time, I could join, do what good I can, and when i felt myself slowing down, leave, and allow someone else to take that slot. I recognize that the developer position is more geared to a long term position, and I feel I can commit to that, as well as seeing a , I personally feel, need for a steadier presence in humanities lore at large. A suitable counter as well I feel is: How much of an issue is an inactive developer, and point to some of our developers' previous track records. Not to say they weren't needed, or warranted absences.
  6. It being mostly unused should push this change into a higher priority really, less likely to be used as intended in the first place due to it.
  7. Pegasus, from what I've seen having worked with the guy and continued talking to afterwards, shows dedication with what he's working with, at the time primarily Dominia, and I think he can apply the same level of such to a broader scope of humanity and help drive it forward to better places.
  8. Maybe not a cult but we have several political subfactions, and whole human faction, more or less, dedicated to augments and being cyberpunk as shit. How this wasn't a prime candidate before backwards desert fucks I will never know. Humanity and skrell have, in theory, technological dominance of the known galaxy and this just.. does not reflect that in any capacity.
  9. ..they've done it every fucking year give it a week lmao
  10. Research is the meme here bucko. THere's plenty of asteroid to extend research along the back. That being said the idea for an internet cafe should be fine tho
  11. ...yeah you're coming back form a long hiatus saying this is a frequent is rather amusing. I've never seen it used too awfully. Banter's the best part of antagging anyway
  12. ..what work is being done on it currently though?
  13. It's not being tricked by an alien though, it's being stung silent and dragged into a corner to never be found again. Very good RP I've changed my opinion
  14. Yeah problem with that is it's not. Only ling PR I'm aware of is just going to make escalating to killing ling that much faster which I really fail to see how that'll make things better. So until those(rework PRs) are done removal is the best option
  15. 0/10 will stop me from getting the succ. Seriously though shit's busted, has been for awhile. Removal (even until a rework) would be preferred than the rather encouraged silent takedowns with your GEP proboscis
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