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  1. Why isn't this in the suggestions forum. I love this. If this gets in I am 100000% making a Zavodskoi character.
  2. i really suggest you read more than the first two posts of this thread. I'm guessing you haven't, since I think it's been shown by this point that. This suggestion is different from what was suggested in that thread.
  3. You're right. I can't say that your character "lacks the perception to tell the difference". But I don't think this change prevents you from assuming a character's gender. Imagine this change does make it into the game, you can look at- again, taking my character as an example- Yuri's sprite and say, "Well this character has long hair (the picture I chose probably doesn't highlight this much) and "Yuri Masuyo" kind of sounds like a woman's name so my character assumes it's a woman". Your character would be wrong but that's okay, that's still the way they think, I can't fault you for that. As I was writing this, Fresh posted their response and it's honestly written much better than anything I was about to. This is kind of unrelated to the topic but, I find your idea that you can "tell the difference" between a non-binary person's gender a bit. Gross. All this change would do is illustrate better what these pixelated sprites are trying to convey. How does this person look? Maybe a few real life examples would help show that, no you can't tell. Is this person male, or female? Well, they're Rain Dove, a Female model who wears both men's and women's clothing. What about this person? They're Seth Aswell. A male canadian model self-described as a "shape-shifter" Right now, I can make a character with a flavour text that all but boldly states "this character uses plural pronouns" and (based on your latest response as I was typing this) I can confidently assume you'd still call them by whatever gender the little examine text says. Maybe you're right and people aren't indiscernible (After all, I only found images of models who look a certain way but actually are the other way. I haven't shown any examples of someone who "looks androgynous") But with this change people could more easily show the style their character has. And you could still make your conscious choice to ignore this.
  4. I don't think flavour text is enough. I'll use one of my characters to show what I mean: This is Yuri. An Off-Worlder human. I'd like to think I managed to make their style look pretty androgynous. Now let's see what someone sees when they examine them: And you might have noticed a problem. My flavour text never uses "She" or "He", I don't use these pronouns when describing their actions, but someone looking at this at a glance might still use gendered pronouns because our character creation has a binary gender selection. I can't exactly put ((THIS CHARACTER IS NON-BINARY PLEASE USE THEY/THEM PRONOUNS THANK YOU)) in big bold letters in the flavour text because, that's not what a flavour text is.
  5. YES. Please. I don't think saying this is a dupe of that topic is quite fair, Skull. That thread calls for changing all player characters' descriptions to a plural pronoun, Compared to "Give applicable species the option to have gender neutral pronouns, in character creation." A reason for this addition that seems to have been danced around and not really mentioned in this or the previous thread is that, right now, today, in 2020, there are people who identify with non-binary pronouns. I don't think it's such a radical idea to think that just maybe there will be humans that also identify as non-binary 400+ years into the future. I would argue this is also reason to assume that there might exist alien societies that have advanced so much socially that they realise maybe calling people what they want to be called isn't a violation of their rights, thus maybe there are non-binary skrell, unathi, tajara. Though, if their respective loredevs don't want this I also think it's understandable. Any species can, after all, be technologically advanced yet still have social problems. Just look at humanity today. (I don't mention Vaurca and Diona because of their unique factors. And there already was a PR that made them have plural pronouns always.) Even it is decided that skrell, unathi, and tajara shouldn't have this, I still think we should be able to have human characters with plural pronouns. Personally, I have had many times where I've wanted to have a character with plural pronouns. Even if they're not non-binary, even if they still identify as male or female, maybe this character just likes dressing in an androgynous style. I've also had times where I wanted to have a non-binary character. I have trouble seeing why there would even be pushback at all against having a simple menu like this: Well, I can think of one reason. "NOo You Can't BRinG sHIttY reAL Life PoLITICs iNTO THis gamE!!!!!" I'm probably biased in this point, though, since I'm non-binary, too.
  6. I played Fernando's pAI (SYNOW) during this incident. I was with him for most of the round. From my perspective: The wizard never seemed like much of a threat, like Resilynn said, they were described as a stowaway, not an intruder. So, you have this stowaway that seems harmless suddenly come into medbay choked severely by security, which caused them to receive brain damage from the lack of oxygen, and with the captain asking for their eyes to be removed. Fernando notes that the prisoner was clearly abused by security, the command staff shrug it off saying they'll investigate later (Altough, considering the other threats they were probably facing, this is understandable). While being healed, they are distressed by the member of the security team, and the wizard later claims it was them who choked them. All of these things build up and make it seem like this prisoner was being abused for no good reason. Neither Fernando or SYNOW ever witnessed the wizard or their stuff being a threat. I'm not saying that what Fernando did is right, I am saying it's understandable. He was under pressure, judging by the state the prisoner came in, if security found out he hadn't removed their eyes or what happened to the detective, they'd probably kill the prisoner.
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