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  1. I'm really really excited to see how this works out. I love the AI role and it's been disheartening seeing some people hate it or calling to "just remove it". Specially when, at least in my opinion, the biggest problem came from bad players, rather than the role itself. Also, love the mechanical changes (both the ones proposed here, and the ones so far). I hope this means the AI will get subverted more often.
  2. I really like the bartender role. It's a cool role for roleplay since the bar is just such a perfect meeting place. When I play bartender, I like to put bottles in the table that separates the bar and the kitchen, both for flavour as a display piece, and to store the bottles I use the most. Something like this: Isn't that nice? Wait, why am I only showing you the latter half of this table? What's on the other side? Oh, it's a mess. The yellow bottle has been placed in front of the blue and green bottles... But the blue bottle is in the front of it, this makes it looks like
  3. I would kill for the different glass variety a server like Bay has, I love them. However, I'd also very much rather we keep the metamorphing glasses. I don't see why we need to remove them if we could add new glasses for the people who like them, and keep the current glasses too for people who like what we already have.
  4. Why isn't this in the suggestions forum. I love this. If this gets in I am 100000% making a Zavodskoi character.
  5. i really suggest you read more than the first two posts of this thread. I'm guessing you haven't, since I think it's been shown by this point that. This suggestion is different from what was suggested in that thread.
  6. You're right. I can't say that your character "lacks the perception to tell the difference". But I don't think this change prevents you from assuming a character's gender. Imagine this change does make it into the game, you can look at- again, taking my character as an example- Yuri's sprite and say, "Well this character has long hair (the picture I chose probably doesn't highlight this much) and "Yuri Masuyo" kind of sounds like a woman's name so my character assumes it's a woman". Your character would be wrong but that's okay, that's still the way they think, I can't fault you for that. As
  7. I don't think flavour text is enough. I'll use one of my characters to show what I mean: This is Yuri. An Off-Worlder human. I'd like to think I managed to make their style look pretty androgynous. Now let's see what someone sees when they examine them: And you might have noticed a problem. My flavour text never uses "She" or "He", I don't use these pronouns when describing their actions, but someone looking at this at a glance might still use gendered pronouns because our character creation has a binary gender selection. I can't exactly put ((THIS CHARACTER IS NON-BINARY PLEASE US
  8. YES. Please. I don't think saying this is a dupe of that topic is quite fair, Skull. That thread calls for changing all player characters' descriptions to a plural pronoun, Compared to "Give applicable species the option to have gender neutral pronouns, in character creation." A reason for this addition that seems to have been danced around and not really mentioned in this or the previous thread is that, right now, today, in 2020, there are people who identify with non-binary pronouns. I don't think it's such a radical idea to think that just maybe there will be humans that
  9. I played Fernando's pAI (SYNOW) during this incident. I was with him for most of the round. From my perspective: The wizard never seemed like much of a threat, like Resilynn said, they were described as a stowaway, not an intruder. So, you have this stowaway that seems harmless suddenly come into medbay choked severely by security, which caused them to receive brain damage from the lack of oxygen, and with the captain asking for their eyes to be removed. Fernando notes that the prisoner was clearly abused by security, the command staff shrug it off saying they'll investigate later (Alto
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