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  1. I mean this sincerely, I really do: Most of y'all actually wouldn't survive an Xbox Live lobby.

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    2. Kryostro
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      none of you would survive my coh2 t-34/85 timing attack

    4. KingOfThePing
  2. Not Funny. Didn't Laugh.

  3. Again, how many times has the station been canonically attacked by hostile forces? The point isn't Security to be stumbling around in maint. The point is for Security to have the means to counter a threat hiding away in maint without the need for command lifting all access on maint tunnels and making the "pls don't be in tunnels if you don't need to be in tunnels" announcement. Nobody here is asking for security to be running around in the tunnels and is recommending people who do that type of valid hunting to be punished.
  4. There is absolutely no reason you can explain why Security should not have access besides OOC. Kind of sad seeing things voted for dismissal so quickly when others bring up valid points and the dismissals are sentences with one point.
  5. 60 units. I'm not sure what bottles they drank though as I was not there, but IIRC I did speak with the player and he mentioned it was named DRANK which I'm pretty sure was pure STIMM. So I believe they drank two pure STIMM bottles at once.
  6. On extended I got a stupid idea to give a drug called STIMM to the merchant to sell. STIMM is 5 parts Rewriter (Even mix Space Mountain Wind and coffee) and 1 part Welder Fluid. I also decided to make up a newer version of it that was gold by mixing in some gold after asking others about it. Now I've hear STIIMM could be dangerous but never saw it really hurt anyone. The merchant had a few bottles of it throughout the round. Another character drank I believe two bottles at once and had complete organ failure and died. Later friends of the deceased attack my character and their friend. I w
  7. BYOND Key: Codename_Bear Staff BYOND Key: WitchBells Game ID: b8b-arAn Reason for complaint: Issues with the warning wording Evidence/logs/etc: To cut the long and short of it I don't agree with the wording of my warning. It is worded: "peddled toxic alcohol (a mix of fuel, rewriter, and gold) to several people on the crew during extended." 1. STIMM is not alcohol. Alcohol was not involved. (unless we want to count welding fluid) 2. I was not peddling it to crew. The merchant did. I feel this would be better wording for the warning: "Made a dangerou
  8. I mean this is a thing that can be done. I don't see the point of it too much, since it's already something that can be enforced. If someone is using LOOC to RP that's basically IC in OOC which is against the rules. I use LOOC to ask people questions sometimes as a living person and a ghost, because I personally want to avoid using discord as much as possible. I could absolutely use discord/forums more. I've had some LOOC discussions with people before. Nobody has ever pointed out it was a problem. If anything I'm saying in LOOC was a problem in any way, I'd hope people would mention it.
  9. Has engaged with my character rather well and even gave them guidance for their future. Got them to change their goals from Engineering to Chemistry, and even went out of his way to procure them a scholarship opportunity. It was rather neat all things considered. He did this simply because my character mentioned having some hesitations on their future over Common. That's a fat +1 from me dog.
  10. I'm against this. The meta-morphing glass is a good way to visually indicate the drink being served and is not something that should or needs to be taken seriously. Adding more things is unnecessary. Removing it is unnecessary. I like it, it adds variety and "flavor" to getting a drink. I can see what drink is being presented and that is nice.
  11. This only affects new items correct or will things in the existing loadout be changed? This was answered on the discord. I don't really have much of a problem with it to a point. Just kind of wish there were a couple more generic things like capes or something like that just for fun. Maybe there is and I just miss it due to how the Loadout menu can be a little wonky. Otherwise this is a thing.
  12. BYOND Key: Codename_Bear Character Names: Marty McCullin, Jacob Cross, THRIVE and others I play on and off. Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Black Scales Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I like space. I like lizards. This is a hard question for me to answer in the proper forma
  13. I'm not the biggest fan of the caulk gun, since it reminds me of the time while working at a hotel I had to caulk like 10 showers in one day. That's not a real complaint. The sprites look fine. Just a random question: will the caulk gun come in different colors or just one standard color?
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