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  1. I feel that purchasing firing pins would then have more merit with the (possibly) upcoming TC rebalance PR. Regarding screwdrivers, I think this isn't really a good argument - finding them is extremely easy and they take little to no space in inventory.
  2. If pins can be purchased from the uplink, isn't replacing a gun pin very quick? You just use a screwdriver, if I recall correctly. I am not for or against the idea, just curious.
  3. I have to separately disagree about this. My former ckey and forum name is VTCobaltblood and you may see that I had previous forum warnings about civility, as well as I think one temporary restriction from posting, as well as other history that you certainly know about. Your words read as if you're unaware of this so I do not want to lie by omission by leaving that fact out, since it may impact judgement.
  4. Absolutely, I have especially noted the comment from Omicega here regarding what exactly in my messages is indicative of tone, as well as a similar comment from DeadLantern on my Skrell deputy application and I will take care to prevent these speech patterns or at the very least notice them right away. Hopefully it is evident that I have used "lol" in such discussions a lot less since DeadLantern pointed the tonal implications to me because I genuinely did not think of it that way at the time. Whatever I say in response here would be picked apart over and over again and it is a topic
  5. We have the same issue here and that is also how I view things. Try to view it from my perspective. People are rarely as cold and calculating as you describe. That is not to say that you must accept my apology. You are entitled to your opinion on my actions and that's fine. I do not have any intentions to interact with you in this regard further.
  6. BYOND Key: Carpe Venenum Staff BYOND Key: NiennaB Game ID: Not applicable Reason for complaint: Continued extremely stubborn behavior and refusal to answer questions or suggestions in a meaningful manner. I don't find this acceptable for a loredev of a race that is supposed to be one of the more open-ended ones, encompassing a concept as broad as "megacorp-made bipedal sentient robot." As well as an attempt to harass me via a player complaint over a personal issue. Evidence/logs/etc: I want to preface this by saying that my behavior is absolutely not perfect, as stated both by Nienna
  7. As a player who has played on the server since 2018 and does not have antag preferences enabled, I am very discouraged to actually ever try it because of rhetoric like this. Everyone, including you, is talking about how "we should be less toxic towards antags", and then go on to say that antagging was better before, every antag sucks, and that antags should be banned more often. I absolutely don't want to be subjected to the same kind of scrutiny that's expressed as desirable by you and many others in the thread, and I believe other experienced people don't want it either. If you want new peop
  8. Since the PR was closed, Caelphon has allowed me to accompany my application with a written work. I present the rewrite of Qeblak. There are some areas that may very well be added to, of which I am aware, but the core of it, I think, won't change significantly. Qeblak
  9. I guess that's fair, my experience was a long time ago. Maybe make Nurse an alt-title of the intern?
  10. This may sound very neat and cool on paper, but when I did this as a nurse, people were at the very least very bewildered that I made security officers go into the post-op room instead of immediately sending them away to the next gunfight. While it can be argued that such behavior is unrealistic and allows for less RP from the medical department, I sorta see their point - it's not very fun to be taken away from the round for longer than you have to, even if you can chat with someone in the meanwhile. I am no expert on the balance between security and antags, far from it, but if a nurse role is
  11. Implemented (partially) in this PR https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11328
  12. My offer to Nienna was just that, an offer. I do not want to imply that I will plain not talk to them if I am accepted, I just wanted to make sure that I will not make them pointlessly uncomfortable if they don't want to speak to me, not vice versa. I do not treat the public lore server as a formal environment, I don't see an issue with using "lol" in what I say there. It's not indicative of tone, lately I'm just using it all the time. I do understand what you're saying with this though and I acknowledge that it's a valid point. It is up to Mofo to judge my previous behavior in
  13. The PR that I applied with was closed, but there is still spritework there and I intend to use it in a future PR with ~ cosmetic additions ~.
  14. I apologize for my behavior. However, I am not applying to be a main lore developer, so I do not really have to interact with you or your team, if that'd be more preferable to you.
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