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  1. The first thing I thought when I read the paragraph about Top of the World, was the Aerium from Altered Carbon: it's pretty much the same thing. I do not actually mind it, we've known for ages that Biesel is p'much governed in its entirety by NanoTrasen, so the idea of having a flying city with technology we've never seen before (especially in-game) isn't that far-fetched. There's a lot of bleeding-edge technology across the Orion Spur we've likely never heard of: places like the Jargon Federation, Elyra and the Techno-Coalition comes to mind. Therefore, seeing something that's described as a colossal credits sink, which is completely unsustainable and serves solely as a display of prestige, and all this being financed by the richest and most influential Human in the known universe isn't that...weird, at least to me. Personally the only thing that strikes me as odd is the timing. This is treated as something that "always existed before, it just has never been mentioned/explored". Wouldn't it be better to see this as a recently-constructed (maybe secret) project, a testament to Miranda's Trasen unparalleled wealth as the CEO of NanoTrasen & the SCC?
  2. This is sad news to me, as once it'll be implemented, nearly every one of my characters will be put out of commission. Anyway....I didn't know that Zavodskoi dabbled in heavy industry, how come they suddenly have an Engineering division? While I am certain (as it's been explained by an admin) we'll get some lore updates... ...I am surprised that Zavodskoi has been, for some reason, been pulled out of Medical and instead now sits in Engineering. This here can be found in-game, and currently Zavodskoi Interstellar allows you to play a Surgeon character if you wish. The picture specifically says that Zavodskoi has an existing, competent medical division that struggles to remain on the field. Wouldn't it be better to move Zavodskoi in Medical to replace NanoTrasen, and have the latter be moved in Engineering?
  3. I apologize for my late reply. I have interacted with HoP Seiichi Iwai in two different occasions and I like the character. He's also one of the best-dressed HoPs I have ever seen in a SS13 server. He screams Sonny Crockett with that outfit! He strikes me as a good bureaucrat who's willing to pitch into a Department when and if there is need of Command assistance, particulary those under his care. I thereby offer a +1, as I look forward to see more of him in the future!
  4. Ahh, the Charon. My current main is my former Bay main (I'm not sure if I'd be a Bayfugee, I've been playing on Aurora before I even tried Bay...), and that was an ace shuttle pilot. I have quite the experience when it comes to the Charon, from regular journeys in the depths of space to handling all sort of emergencies. To this day it remains the best shuttle design I've seen on SS13. Baystation 12 should genuinely be our primary source of inspiration. Back on the topic at hand, I agree with Fowl, the current shuttle seems to be built with the goal of keeping your crew morale high (the kitchen, the table with the deck of cards and so on) whilst sacrificing all common notions of practicality. I'll be honest, I feel it needs a complete redesign from the ground-up. Here's what I'd suggest: Remove the kitchen. If you're in need of food and drinks you may just want to pack rations before the journey. Remove the beds. The side airlocks are WAY too small. Ditch one, and make the other bigger. If we want to keep the Sick Bay, then make it slightly bigger. As a former Medical main I know I would have nightmares to even treat a single person in there. The four tanks to the port side of the shuttle are...how are you supposed to move them? Say that I have to grab the fuel tank, where in the hell should I put the two water tanks, even temporarily? Now imagine thinking this while the shuttle's full of people. I'd have nightmare for days. Also why is there a fire extinguisher tank when we have no fire extinguishers on the shuttle? The stern Cargo Bay is...SMALL. Way too small, it needs to be A LOT bigger. Remove the two shutters from the Cargo Bay and replace them with an airlock. From a mechanical as well as lore-perspective, you want an airlock. Should the shuttle land on a planet whose atmosphere is different than ours, the shutters won't help to keep those gasses out, and at the time being I am not seeing any scrubbers whatsoever on the shuttle. The whole interior will, therefore, be easily contaminated. Why are there two seats in the cockpit? Make it a single-seated shuttle, a co-pilot would be useless.
  5. I adore all of these! I use a custom-made head augment and am interpreting it as a social module to help my IPC develop its social skills with the much more unpredictable crewmembers. Massive +1, especially for the Vocalization Simulator (which I would rename into Voice Synthesizer)
  6. Hi. Yes, I was pinged of your, eh, bugged reply It's fine. You honestly have replied and addressed all of my concerns, including the last one. I wholly appreciate you quoting that specific section of your IPC application, it gives a greater insight behind the motivation that pushed you to be negative when it came to rate your own RP. That being said, conscious of what I read in your reply, I'm happy to have my -1 removed and to see you in action during the trial week. Good luck with the application!
  7. That's...not a bad idea, though imho It'd depend on the augment. Imho the most powerful (I.E a night vision implant) should blind you for a minute or two if you are ion'ed, whereas something "weaker", like the integrated eye sensors, should just switch the implant off, and you'd have to manually re-activate it. That being said, I am in love with the Microscopic View Enhancer posted by Bunky.
  8. +1 I never really understood why we have that life-sized chess board, but...moving it in a public space may least give it a modicum of purpose, why not. The Bar is excessively big and hardly needs all that space.
  9. You strike me as a good player and your characters seem to be well developed. However, I couldn't help but dislike most of the answers you have provided. For the sake of honesty and improvement, I will indicate what I didn't like: First of all, this whole section is written in a sarcastic tone, at best. I am very sarcastic in-game and out-of-game but while the placement of the question in the whitelist format may be odd, reading this sentence as part of a Command whitelist request does not give me the best of impressions. Continuing under that sentence, I couldn't help but pause upon reading this. Could you elaborate on how the recent changes in the Orion Spur have affected your character and/or career? Seiichi Iwai is a name I have not read on your list of currently existing characters so I reckon it's a new one. Your answer is very vague, you have described in very broad terms what is happening across the known universe yet you barely touched on one of the characters you intend to bring as the Head of a department on the Aurora. This answer is the one I disliked the most. A roleplayer's ability to stop and think whether their roleplay is conducted reasonably or unreasonably may be difficult but achievable. I believe it is important for a roleplayer, let alone who is aiming to obtain something as game-changing as a Command whitelist, to be self-conscious and evaluate their own level of ability as a writer and roleplayer. Not only you didn't answer it, you addressed it as "stupid" and consider it to be useless. This is not the kind of behavior I like to see from a player who wishes to obtain a Command whitelist. That being said, at the time being, this application gets a -1 one from me. Should some of these answers be updated and/or tweaked, my opinion could change. I will keep a close eye on this and hope to see some positive improvements!
  10. I partially disagree with this. Make it a separate role from Intern, or else you'll soon find unexperienced roleplayers mistaking Nurse for a learning role.
  11. Hi, I had the pleasure of interacting with Adriana Volvalaad on one of my Security Officers and Darwin with my latest G2 IPC. All of the character are diverse and enjoyable to interact with and the player strikes me as a solid roleplayer with a good knowledge of the server lore. I'd be quite interested in seeing what they can bring to the rest of the crew (and community) with a Command-level character. The application looks good. It's a +1, I'd like to see you in action during your trial phase.
  12. Atmosphere Scanner: A series of small sensors in the throat samples the surrounding atmosphere and provides the wearer with an accurate readout. (A built-in air analyzer. Fairly cheap,1 loadout point) Idris Incorporated: Social Enhancher: A small implant that emits artificial pheromones upon being triggered, helping sway bystander(s) to your words. People with this augment installed may immediately recognize its use on them. (Plays like the Vampire's Presence ability, just...less powerful?. And if this gets released, it may also help with people metagaming that ability as it's no longer exclusive to the Vampire! Costs 4 loadout point.) Zavodskoi Interestellar: "FreshRest" Implant: An implant that coaxes specific sections of the brain to increase the user's awareness, helping him remain awake and alert for long periods of time. (Similar to the emotional manipulator of Zeng-Hu. Purely a fluff-mechanic. 1 loadout point) Kind of have a few ideas in mind, but I'll elaborate on those in another post.
  13. Just out of curiosity, are we allowed to contribute to the list by proposing some of our concepts?
  14. Massive +1 Golems have little to no lore and their current lack of intelligence is often an excuse to both self-antag and vandalize the station, and they're a sad byproduct of Xenobiology who, at the time being, offers no mechanical (and most importantly) RP hooks outside of playing with slimes.
  15. Hi, thank you for reviewing my application. Sure, I'll quote each question and offer an answer. From a social perspective, most nations in the Orion Spur treat IPCs differently. I would like to start with the places I feel like are the best for IPCs, and those are the Techno-Conglomerate and the Republic of Elyra. The Techno-Conglomerate is a member of the Frontier of Colonies and is arguably the backbone of the Frontier’s technological research. It's a moving flotilla of high-tech ships mostly made of transhumanist, Off-Worlder Humans who don't hesitate to augment themselves with cyberware and bioware so extensive that some of them can barely be called "humans". Despite their looks, they're also some of the most welcoming people a living being could find out in the Frontier, and they see synthetic life as equals. There's no differentiation between organic and synthetic life, to the point where owning a synthetic is literally interpreted as slavery and treated as such. Hell, human-synthetic relationships are not even unheard of! The Republic of Elyra is a rare gem in the Orion Spur: one of the most logistically and technologically advanced Human factions with access to one of last known, greatest Phoron deposits. During the Lii'dra invasion their heroics have earned the respect of the population and their conditions have greatly improved since then. When an Elyran synthetic is built, the ownership and supervision falls to the corporation that made them. They work for three years for the corporation, and if they work well and without issues, they're offered a full citizenship and are freed. It is their choice whether to continue working with them or to seek fortune elsewhere, with primary necessities such as energy and maintenance no longer offered by the Company, they'd have to pay for those. The only negative trait is a synthetic that hasn't been built in Elyra will be prohibited from even stepping into their borders, and forceful entries will be met with force. On the opposite spectrum, while they still face great discrimination in Tau Ceti, I'd wish to mention the Empire of Dominia, Idris Incorporated, Zavoskoi Industries, and the Jargon Federation. The Empire of Dominia is...in my opinion, one of the worst of places a synthetic of any nature may consider as a place to live. As an a heavily religious absolute monarchy, the Holy Tribunal declared that all synthetic arriving to their borders must be actively hunted down and destroyed. Dominians working abroad are demanded to be tolerant with synthetics. Idris Incorporated, as I stated above, can be one of the worst megacorporations an IPC may work for, as they never allow them to obtain their freedom and can inflict severe punishments if the unit operates below their standards. Those who somehow manage to pay themselves are quietly moved elsewhere and...prevented from finding the freedom they seek. Zavodskoi Industries simply wipes or retool them as they see fit, without the slightest care in the world. Or they scrap them altogether if they're under-performing. The Jargon Federation needs an honorary (and I feel important) mention because they have a complete ban on any form of artificial intelligence, as they're all still traumatized because of the cataclismic event they know as the Glorsh-Omega Singularity, that being a massive A.I that enslaved their whole Federation and threatened them with a real chance of full-scale genocide. Now, regarding the way they think: Let's start by mentioning their primary and most important directive, one that governs every moment of its existence: their self-preservation. Every IPC will go at great lengths to ensure its self-preservation, and even the strangest of choices they may take are governed by their powerful desire to survive. Moving on, nearly every model can speak and imitate a sentient's personality, mannerism and accent, but it always will be a fac-simile, a pale imitation of an organic's personality, and no matter how complex and advanced the brain it may be, it will always remain such. They lack the oddities and chaotic whims of an organic mind and ultimately, their robotic nature always prevails, and every decision taken work on a binary format: cause and effect, action and reaction. (Example: the chair in front of me is poorly designed. If I sit down, it will break under my weight). Their very robotic nature prompts them to analyze a situation and decide the most optimal course of action to achieve their intended goal. A positronic brain is more than capable of matching and, in some cases, surpassing the abilities of a human brain with further increases in capacity being limited by technology, both in hardware and software. Their ability to learn is a combination of knowledge and memories: raw knowledge can be sold and installed through "databases" compiled by some universities and megacorporations, whereas memories cannot be installed as nearly all attempt to integrate or access a positronic brain' memory is likely to cause its destruction. Therefore, memories are developed through time, and the efficiency at which they absorb information means this generally remains a cheaper alternative to training a human to do a similar task. Another note I'd like to touch is that as a positronic brain ages, its internal memory grows, and that allows is to expand itself in different fields that may have nothing to do with its occupation, going as far as to develop hobbies and personality quirks of its own. All this, if put together, gives an IPC plenty of opportunities to develop itself as a sentient being and branches them in ways they may've not even thought possible. If a service unit previously rationalized that its weight could break the chair, it could now build or thoroughly reinforce the chair to support its weight. Cause and effect. Courtier was initially meant to be programmed and treated as a labor droid. The idea of its original owner was to buy a Baseline frame, have it programmed with some basic notions (the woman knew little about IPCs, mind you) and have it haul heavier crates and other packages while her organic workers focused on something else. When Idris acquired the brain they obviously shredded those plans, put it in a repaired G2 Industrial frame and programmed it for security tasks. Knowing that Idris Security Units are called in to handle higher risk reclamation contracts and are loaned as private security, it's been programmed and "instructed" to replicate the behavior of a police officer: good interpersonal skills (important for good customer service, after all) and firm politeness, whilst able to rely on "reasonable force" if commanded by the handler. Yes, it performed "within acceptable margins". And since those who performed well were promised regular maintenance, it means its frame's hydraulics, servomotors and various circuitry are, to this day, well maintained. And since their predicted pay is extremely low (we sadly lack a good Economy page...), I reckon Courtier would save as many credits as possible and see them channeled to buy its freedom, whilst spending as little as necessary for non-issued equipment it may need on the job, or it feels somehow important. I.E, buying a PDA. For those two years Courtier did nothing glamorous and has been frequently employed in duties typical of his designation, with those being private security contracts and the occasional reclamation contract. For these entire two years, Courtier constantly worked as a member of this assigned unit. Its negative views on Dregs have been nearly exclusively inherited by a handler whose cursing and swearing were always directed to what she perceived as "lesser creatures". Courtier never interacted with a Dreg, but it's been bombarded with an endless list of all the negative traits and faults they have. An important mention goes on Mendell's Distrixt Six, aka Little Adhomai. Knowing that "Greasers" are characterized by a rebellious attitude, leather jackets and most of them are lowly delinquents and criminals, the handler would've pointed them out and said something like "Do you see these tongue-pierced hooligans? Dregs, all of them! They remind me of Dregs!" Yes. This leads me to one of my previous answers: Courtier's purchase of a PDA happened shortly after the Unit's disbandment, and stemmed from the desire to keep in touch with the rest of its "friends". Since they're on Biesel, they lean on the easy-to-use NT-IRC text chat to communicate, and in this chat is also included their former handler, Miss Akinjide. Courtier, along with the rest of its unit, would've been exposed to other Idris employees over the years, some with less-than-favorable opinions on synthetic life and how they should be treated, therefore is grateful of a handler who treated them "well" and they, in turn, thanked her with a good work conduct. She also remains their overseeing agent, and it makes no sense not to keep a good relation with her, or risk "disciplinary" actions. Let me know if you have further questions!
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