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  1. Do people do people do people?

    1. BoryaTheSlayer


      no erp allowed

    2. Lolziam


      That is absolutely lovely. Thank you sir for your contribution to King and Country.

  2. Lolziam

    Absolute State

    I've seen someone say once, not on these forums though: "You never know who's behind that monitor, if those are really their fetishes or if that was just sarcasm, it might seem like a joke in game but that person might really have fantasies about what they're actually saying" Still, that's unknown, we don't have to act as if they were actually trying to hunt you down and do it in real life. Take everything with a pinch of salt. Some people are offended? Ahelp it calmly. You think that's just a funny LOOC. Alright, don't answer to it and just keep playing. They keep doing it? Then ahelp it for sure. But we shouldn't go hunting for something we believe it might be one way. It's subjective.
  3. You were destined to be pinned by your padawan.
  4. The moment I realized that Vox are not cuties.
  5. Going uphill got really hard lately.
  6. Would you be interested to dance with me?

  7. https://streamable.com/d6gqx
  8. I usually keep myself away from answering apps, but this one, I always liked IPC's and I like seeing more and more players applying for IPC whitelists. Well, the app itself is good, but, the good part comes after the beginning of the application where, since it is your first post on the forums it seems, it made me question if this application had any hope. It does You could have done a wee bit nicer with tbe part where you explain the differences between a human and an IPC. Whereas indeed everything is just 0's and 1's for an IPC, they differ. Some are pre programmed positronics that follow a certain task, speak in a certain way and you'd think they're just a humanoid stationbound. Other IPC's are more like a human. Of course, to a certain degree. But they can speak more like a human, act very similar and even learn new things. Well, I won't go blabbering anymore since I don't do well with writing comments in the morning, but I wanted to leave this comment as a sincere display of support towards your IPC app. +1
  9. Solid player whose RP is always top notch. Been interacting a lot with Windsor, Jack Welbourne and the like. Their RP was immersive and had great depth where the opportunity was presented. Especially pain-RP ing a crying boy. Kermit likes making up his stories pretty credible and of course, he seems to know lore. I trust he'll make an amazing Dionae since he is careful about each one of his characters. See: Faith Windsor +1
  10. I just learned you could do this on Recent Status Updates.

    The internet is truly amazing.


    1. Lolziam


      So apparently you can only see it if you click on the update.


    2. Scheveningen
  11. Thank you, big love. Happy new year and good night.
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