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  1. I can not say something in particular because that would be rude of me towards Borya. Ever since I joined this server almost half a year now, he's always been there whenever I needed him. He was truly my spiritual guide throughout the community itself, mechanics and the server as a whole. He gave me tips on how to improve my standing and how the roleplay actually works here ( as opposed to what I've been used to before I came to SS13). I truly support his application as his roleplay is GREAT and you could easily notice that he cares not just about his enjoyment, but the enjoyment others receive from their interactions with him. Borya-san. You go-go!
  2. Answering the "When are you on the aurora?" question as I missed that during my application: I am available most times during the day. I can play up to three or more rounds based on how busy am I IRL. I am active even during the GMT+2 mornings (dead hours) and the late times.
  3. Basic Information Byond Account: Lolziam Character Name(s): Isaac Wilde Milosh Harris Leonard Archibald Elias Ehrenfest Franz Weisgarber Wallace Rook Thatcher Castle Carver Hanks Victor Garber ROOK-E ROOK-P Arch Greek AI Name(s): PATRIA Discord username + tag: Lolziamus#2704 Age: 20 Timezone: GMT+2 When are you on Aurora?: Experience How long have you played SS13?: I have been playing SS13 ever since 29th of May, this also being the same day I had joined the Aurora server. How long have you played on Aurora: As answered on the last question, I have been playing on the Aurora server since 29th of May 2019 How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: During my time on the server I have learned many things about the baystation server. Either by learning them myself through trial and error, research through the wikipedia guides, or through the help from community members as well. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: I never had the privilege of moderating for any other SS13 server, Aurora being the main server I play for most of the time. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes I have. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I had never been banned on any SS13 server, Aurora included. Personality Why do you play SS13?: Space Station 13 is a game I found out not too long ago and seeked solely for roleplay. The atmosphere and the general setting of Space Station 13, with the fact that Aurora is a HRP server has got me hooked ever since I had joined I always enjoy roleplaying and being part of communities that share the same interests with me. Space Station 13 and the Aurora station server delivers an authentic roleplay experience for me, mixed with a lot of enjoyment as well through the unique game mechanics I had not found anywhere else. Especially since all of the games I had been roleplaying on were 3D games and not 2D ones. On top of that, the activity of the server and the fact that there is much more to learn and there's always something new to almost everyday is a hook that's gotten deep into me. And I enjoy every minute of it. Why do you play on Aurora?: The reason I joined on the Aurora since the very first day is my pleasure to roleplay within video games that offer a great and unique setting, Aurora being a very developed server that delivers in many ways. Since I had joined, the server and the community itself were very welcoming and provided a pleasant place for me to expand my roleplay and also learn many more things that helped me evolve. Thus arriving at the time of writing this application Starting with my Command Whitelist, followed by my recent IPC whitelist, I had been supported and helped by many community members to evolve and expand my possibility of roleplaying different species and improving my roleplay itself. All of the above are the reasons I am attached so powerfully to the server and I wish to help with it's expansion and with everything else the server could possibly ask from me, no matter how small! What do moderators do?: Being a moderator is no simple task. A moderator must have great knowledge of how a server works but what does it mean to be a moderator for a large community as well. As a moderator, I believe you should expect things to never be as smooth as you think, but at the same time you must realise that it's your job to smooth things, no matter how rough around the edges they appear to be. You don't need experience at first, as every moderator starts somewhere, but you must be aware of how a community works and what you should expect from it. Moderating the server actively or not is something you must do with pleasure and knowing that you hold a great responsability for whatever unfortunate events might ocurr. A moderator is not just a person that resolves disputes between players or punishes the rulebreakers, but they are also meant to help and guide new players or those who ask for more information, how some mechanics work or generally point them into the right direction What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Aurora is the kind of server that runs smoothly due to it's great community. Being a moderator for it means you are a trusted member of the community and you are expected to get along with the other members as well. Aurora thrives due to it's strong foundation, and part of that foundation is the staff team and those who actively seek out to help and assist those who are in need of help. The moderators are no exception, they are those who chose their position to help the server that either helped them or simply because they feel a great pleasure in doing so for the community, and it is no lie that being an active helper of this community has no drawbacks, because those who help each other are never at loss. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I pondered this question myself for some time. I asked a few community members if I should make this application and they supported me in this. I felt like this could be the chance to do something in return for the server. The first time I had joined I was barely taking in the server's size and the many mechanics I had to learn. But with swift and fast guidance, offered to me by one moderator, I had come a long way. Still, there is a lot more for me to learn and I hope it will never end. Every time I had learned something new, I had made friends. Either through random situations when playing the rounds on the server or through feedback on my application, or discord. With time on my hands and my great appreciation towards the server, I wish to dedicate time to it and help it even further, not just to return the help it had given me, but when the time comes, help others join this community and open their eyes towards the great time they could have here, playing the game and simply being part of it. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: My most evident qualities would be the eagerness to help and seek out new ways to help the community. From providing assistance to those who need it, to making others enjoy their time playing the game through roleplay or simple discussions. More than that, I believe that my dedication and the fact I listen before making a move would help me moderate the server and succesfully defuse any situation or provide just the measures that are required to push a situation out of disaster. Along with all of the above, I am more than capable to multitask whenever needed. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I don't see myself as an angry person. I am used to stress as at times, real life can be stressful. Education, work and the tasks I do and had done in my life, including the fact I had grown up learning how to get used to stressful situations made me negate it's effects. I believe I am ready for most things that I could encounter. Just like stress, anger is something I do not express. In a game, even as a moderator or as a simple player, I have no reason to be angry. I am here for a good time and when somebody is not having it, I try to give it to them. Insults, adressed to me or to others, no matter how harsh they can be, are not something I give too much mind to. I understand how people can get angry sometimes but I never try to fill my water tanks with fuel. I am at worst, dissapointed when I notice someone using insults when something does not go their way. Even then, I try remaining the same person I used to be before and be neutral. Anything Else You Want to Add: Should there be need of anything else, I am always available on discord. I am looking forward for the community's feedback and what they think of me. Hopefully this will make a good impression. It is nothing more than what I am! Hope I am going to be helpful to everyone here!
  4. BYOND Key: Lolziam Character Names: Isaac Wilde Wallace Rook Franz Weisgarber Carver Hanks Milosh Harris Leonard Archibald PATRIA ROOK-E Cletus Ellis Lawrence Fields Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: What had brought me to write this application was the experience I had the past week with my cyborg character, ROOK-E and the interactions with other IPC's in game. While at first they seem to be more than just a machine, their history and the way a machine integrates so well into the society, working with humans, either owned by NanoTrasen or on it's own is largely appealing to me Ever since I had joined the Aurora, this being on the 29th of march, I loved not just the ambiance and the general roleplay, but also the possibilities offered to me to enlarge my character line-up, providing different characters, different species and stories. The possibility to roleplay as an IPC would greatly improve my dedication and also, hopefully, have others enjoy my roleplay as well. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Be it a Shell or any other IPC, their adaptation among humans and other species spectacular. At first, an IPC would come off to you, given they were created to be that way, like any other self-aware organic being. Their ability to carry out not just work that requires physical strength, but also intelligence is very appealing. While normally more intelligent, they have their drawbacks as well. An IPC would normally not become emotionally attached to a human or a situation, but as they are simple machines, every IPC can be constructed for different tasks. The IPC is more calculated as their "mentality" is a complex algorithm that calculates it's actions and reactions to a situation, thus being more free than a simple stationbound. The IPC follows no laws, it also has no morals for what is right or wrong, but instead uses it's algorithm or it's pre built intelligence to react to certain situations accordingly. This, also with the lack of uncertainity that a normal organic being presents, as the IPC is imprevisible to a certain extent, due to it's positronic brain being an electronically pre built intelligence core. Character Name: ROOK-P Please provide a short backstory for this character ROOK-P is an IPC that had begun it's existence within the Frontier, on a trading ship filled with space traders that lacked morals and followed nothing but the greatest credits resource they could find. The traders had acquired ROOK-P and it's counterpart, ROOK-E from the Techno-Conglomerate civillian traders, given how they had no use for the two models and the traders seeking to make profit with the two, be it by labor or trading them. Once active, the traders soon realised that both IPC's were intelligent and capable, both being complex and calculated, able to perform duties that would profit the traders on their hunt for credits. ROOK-P, a Baseline frame, proved itself capable by carrying out maintenance and engineering tasks across the ship on it's trading routes while ROOK-E, the Xion Industrial frame had been carrying out mostly security tasks during the trades. While most of the time quite obedient, ROOK-P had a different task in mind. ROOK-P had a negative opinion about it's "owners", observing their disregard for any individuals they came across and prone to theft and unfavorable bargains for their customers. The Frontier traders were true despicable lifeforms for ROOK-P and the IPC had planned to find ways to remove itself from the ship. At the same time, ROOK-E had easily carried out orders given to him by the traders, while not bound to them through it's programming, it was unknown if the IPC was malfunctioning or simply programmed to be this way and carry out orders, no matter how morally wrong they would seem for a human. The circumstances brough the two IPC's to the point where they had begun to conflinct. ROOK-P suggested to it's fellow "brother" that they had been misguided, forced to work for borderline pirates that masked their treachery through unfair trades within the Frontier. ROOK-E disregarded the warnings, continuing to either intimidate, harm or fight for the traders and aid them to grow in their misfit. It all turned south real quick one day, when the trading ship had docked on board a NanoTrasen station within the frontier. The traders had in to deceive the station crew members with a trade offer for valuable resources. When the crew members had provided their side of the bargain with the resources, ROOK-E and the traders took the opportunity to forcefully take the resources from their customers. ROOK-P, merely observing, knew the outcome would be catastrophic and if he had been caught, it would end up, in the best case, a stationbound. Unwilling to let this happen, ROOK-P had intervened, withdrawing ROOK-E from the escalating conflict, in attempt to convince the IPC to give in for a more favorable outcome for them both. ROOK-E, unwilling to do so, had moved away from ROOK-P, continuing to threat and aid the traders into what would be their undoing. Once the ISD forces had arrived, the traders had only a few resources to gather into their space ship, and greedy as they were, they wouldn't let go of them without fighting back. ROOK-E had fought back with all the equipment provided to him, causing great harm to the ISD personnel while a few other traders were carryinf the resources on the ship. ROOK-P wouldn't allow this, thus, with it's great engineering expertise, boarded the ship and began disabling the power provided to the ship's thrusters and warp drive, preventing the ship from departing. Outside, ROOK-E had begun taking damage but the fight seemed to be on the trader's side. With a couple of casualities and the ISD retreating from the dock, they began to gather what was left and withdraw within the their ship. ROOK-P took notice and wanted nothing but to end this. Using a power cell, a small metal rod and some wires, ROOK-P had created a makeshift device that he would later use to disable ROOK-E. Moving outside, the IPC noticed that the ISD was not retreating, but merely preparing for another assault. He had known this had to end as the loud thumping of the metal against the floor meant nothing else but a security exosuit that would end this fight in the blink of an eye. ROOK-P rushed behind ROOK-E that had been firing upon the ISD personnel from behind two metal crates. The traders now, with all their loot on board, had decided to undock, giving no mind to the two IPC's on the dock. ROOK-P had made one last attempt at convincing ROOK-E to give in, but to no avail. ROOK-P had been pushed away by ROOK-E who then fired back at two ISD personnel entering the dock. ROOK-P took this chance and jabbed the device into ROOK-E's back, creating a powerful elecgric surge within it's chassis, disabling it. ROOK-P surrendered, giving in to the ISD personnel who restrained it and ROOK-E, while the exosuit and the ISD personnel had made their way in. On board the ship, the traders were making attempts at launching it, but to no avail. As soon as the exosuit and the ISD personnel boarded the ship, the fight was over before it had begun. There were no survivors from the trader's side. Following this encounter, ROOK-P had proved itself an useful IPC with "understanding" of what is right and what is wrong, offering itself to repair, salvage and provide maintenance to the station, furthermore providing information about the traders and what they had previously done during their tradings. ROOK-P had accepted to be owned by NanoTrasen and work on board their stations as an engineer, while ROOK-E had ended as a mere stationbound, locked and lawed within a chassis from where it would provoke no harm and would now be obedient for all the time he had been not. What do you like about this character? This character, along with the other character provided, prove that the IPC's are more than just basic machines, not just robotdls, but also true companions with great intelligence, aware of themselves and those around them. I like ROOK-P because, even though it had no knowledge of it's purpose other than just it's programming to be a skilled engineer, had not disregarded organic life and pursued the ideals that the traders had. That is why I wish to see ROOK-P develop on the server and play with it, using it's story so others could enjoy it as well. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8/10 Notes: None.
  5. Thank you a lot, cnaym! I don't know which characters you play but I appreciate your feedback! The nuke situation during the event was nothing more than the effect of those snakes troubling the captain's mind! Don't worry. Hah. Furthermore, I am happy that you had a laugh. I never play to win. Like I've mentioned before, I don't enjoy it unless everyone does. Thanks once again. Highly appreciate your feedback
  6. I had already discussed with Prate during the event about the light tiles. The decision to install the light tiles was an IC one, the tiles were, as mentioned by Prate, rather new. He understood my mistake as I had no idea what the effect of the snakes were on the tiles. We shrugged it off and called it a "Live and learn" situation. I am sorry if that mistake caused you so much discomfort during the event. Honestly, that boiled pretty much to the roleplay of that specific moment. As a Head of Personnel, when offering someone a job, Franz Weisgarber chooses to be careful aboht this. Given the situation, your character was a registered sex offender. Registered being pretty much being the keyword here, as they're supposed to be known. I believe that's pretty much, largely, an In Character issue. I understrand the frustration and how sometimes, you could easily throw arround your opinion on how something's not supposed to be that way, or this way. But honestly, it's a Heavy Roleplay server. Besides my HUGE mistakes that I had already done in the past and admitted, others shouldn't be taken in such serious manner. Remember that after all, even the HoP is not implanted. That is why, when dealing with his workforce, I chose him to be so blatantly straight up about your character's record. Like I said, I love feedback. And even from yours, I've learned something. But we have to learn from each other. My Franz Weisgarber will, at this moment, stay the same. Unless a CCIAA investigation shows up to his door, he won't be less blatant about the records of those who try to work during his shift. Why am I saying this? Because Internal Affairs, CCIAA exist for a reason. That was pretty much an issue to be dealt with IC, rather than OOC. Otherwise, why would we have all these CCIAA boards? I thank you once again for your input, both of you. I believe I have gathered enough experience during this trial, yes, there is much more to gather, but as of now, I had learned the basics of all of it. I've yet to receive more feedback regarding my better rounds, but we all had enjoyed them, and I already asked and the people have answered.
  7. Thank you! I've been focusing today on HoP as the job is relaxing and it's really easy for me to learn from the other Captains that are on shift with me. As for the rest of my days on trial, yes, you are right, I'll try to keep Franz Weisgarber ( The HoP ) in the spotlight. Nevertheless, I must thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it and will try to show off my abilities through a less demanding Command position. Thank you once again!
  8. Yes! About that... well. Not exactly. It wasn't a threat to have her removed. It was more of a reminder that she ought not to question that said situation. I wouldn't remove someone from their position, as I am aware that would cause no enjoyable roleplay for them, especially for such a small matter. It was just a normal dispute between command members. Nothing OOC. I was indeed going to go through what had to be done (the faxes) but, like I said. I keep on learning. One mistake is enough to learn for the entire future. As for the Authentication Disk, I have already explained I admit the mistake. It slipped, it happened and I apologize. I've learned much today and I have to thank you all for it. Yet, I was not aware of the explosive implant. I only found out about it when..well, I exploded. That just because I was unconscious due to the encounter with Valna. At least when she implanted me. I wasn't afraid of anything, I was just willing to take baby steps. Also, I was not aware of the code red due to connection issues (The SSD wave, as mentioned by the A.I). I appreciate constructive criticism and I accept each and every of my mistakes. I am here to make friends and to roleplay, make it enjoyable for everybody, yet it sounds like you are questioning my capability of roleplaying and accusing me of actually trying to win something out of that round, which is, not true. I am sorry if you feel that way, like I said, I tried to learn and I did. Every character has it's own personality, I don't wish to roleplay everything mechanically.
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