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  1. No worries, I don't often pay attention to OOC either. I'm simply clarifying a fact here. My lack of communication skill/explaination is intentional. You knowing what happened, and still complaining about me not telling you is literally the definition of entitlement, by being OOC upset with me for not sharing information I didn't intend for you to have.
  2. I'm fine at taking feedback, which is why every time I play Binary I ask for feedback in OOC after every round. I'm quite new to AI. This isn't constructive criticism, this is you taking an issue you know I've already acknowledged and won't repeat and putting it on display in the only forum that matters. I'm not hostile because I don't care what you say. I don't care what you say because you're telling me something I already know, and acting like it's big new news. I both apologized to him in the library over holopad, and in OOC after round end. I don't give a shit what role you've chosen for a round, when the captain tells me to do something in a discreet way, and asks I perform said duty discreetly, I won't explain it to anyone below the captain lest it violate laws. Which it very clearly didn't. That sense of entitlement is honestly sad. I'll explain it again though. The Detective had argued that because AI Upload is such a secure area, he should've known even with permission that he shouldn't have been there. The captain asked me to order the detective to Telecommunications, in hopes of proving said point the other way around. Unfortunately the HoS was too competent, and the plan failed.
  3. Frankly I don't give a shit about your opinion, that was a great round. You want to nail me for a mistake I immediately accepted responsibility and apologized for you're welcome to continue.
  4. You didn't "chase" the librarian. He went straight back to the library because he didn't do anything wrong. Clarification was immediate whenever I was asked, you did not play a head of staff and could not see the command channel. You didn't trust your HoS to do his job, and now you're saltily -1ing me over a single event. Thank you for your feedback, it will be noted in my future roleplay scenarios.
  5. The captain asked me to, to prove a point to the detective. She didn't tell me to lie though. I do find it pretty entertaining that you find a way to see the one negative thing in a round of otherwise quite exceptional HRP. That OOC is taken out of context, and was me apologizing for letting a part of my character slip.
  6. And during my trial this will be shown, currently though I'm hoping to just show that I can make fun RP. Of course Command is held to a different standard, I agree with that myself. I disagree with this entirely. If there is no existing head of staff, whoever has a whitelist is promoted to acting captain. Following, members of departments are promoted to interim. I have never once asked to be promoted to acting captain, and while I suppose in general Acting captain would go to a member of security during lowpop, nothing says it has to. In my opinion, whoever has the best idea of the situation at hand takes command.
  7. I'd love some context on any times I've ever shut down anyones ideas. I am rarely in a position where I feel the need to say "no we're not doing that", can't actually think of any time I've ever done that. I also don't recall any time I've ignored someone, and it is possible in a crowd a message has been missed. I do this, without a doubt. However this is more something I do on slower rounds to allow myself to be a person of interest in certain situations. Joon himself is very stubborn, and hardheaded. Rather classic engineer traits. I won't let a pesky door stop me from getting to damage, when I hear shots I go towards them in hopes of getting involved somehow, but these actions never give cause to harm the crew or station. I'm very careful in the ways I negatively impact security so as not to be an antag, but still generate a little more fun for as many people as possible. You could have easily mentioned this to me any time I ask for OOC feedback as an AI. I've made it very clear at the end of every AI round I'm quite new to the role, and ask for OOC feedback. I've only played maybe three rounds as an AI total. What? I'm trying to get more command experience to make myself more fit for this whitelist. Of course I'm going to mention it whenever the situation arises because I'd like more chances to be interim. I appreciate the honest feedback, it's nice to get some constructive criticism and I will keep this in mind in my future rounds. I do hope you'll continue reviewing me in future rounds, as the goal is of course to improve.
  8. I'm really not sure of the time for the first event, but yeah if I'd known you were coming I wouldn't have started, sorry about that. I'm not command right now, this is just my normal lower ranking, Joon. I haven't been given a trial yet.
  9. You left out a lot of contextual details here, so I'll clarify both situations in their entirety. During the first round, I was in engineering stopping by to grab a drink, I saw we had a power alarm. Figuring it would sort itself out in a minute I finished my drink, and when I saw it was still there I made my way to the kitchen. Hacked in from the left side, where there was no damage, and saw floor tiles up, an APC turned off, and a door with its panel open. I called security, asked if they wanted to send a tech, two officers said "it's low priority" and "we're busy trying to stop murders" I said "I mean, send forensics or there won't be anything to check." I waited a couple minutes, started the repairs, and had just finished when Niennab arrived. While they were understandibly upset, they should've communicated if they wanted the scene left as it was. Security was pretty clear to me in their communication they didn't care. During the second round, we had autotraitor. I'd just finished spending an hour and a half fixing nonstop explosion damage, meteor damage, etc. I'm in security talking to a crash survivor about something when we hear an explosion. I see a hole in the brig, security checked it out, I fixed it. Now during this explosion, an air line had been severed. We patched the walls and restored floor plating, but I needed to make sure the air vents had a second pipe or else the prisoners would suffocate and die. Security was initially resistant to the idea, I got called away when the AI said "Atmospheric power failure, life support offline" and after fixing it, there was no one at security front desk so the stationbound let me into the brig to verify. Nothing miffs me more than uninformed people risking station and crew safety for quite literally no reason at all, and if you felt I was belligerent and dismissive in this situation, with how you treated me, I roleplayed my feelings very well. I guess prisoners can't break out when they're dead though, so that's cool.
  10. I've seen him play security, as Brett maybe twice. Both times he's been a good officer, works well with his team, and doesn't escalate situations more than they should be. Look forward to his HoS. +1
  11. I really appreciate the effort you put into this feedback. I will be the first to admit that knowledge wise I don't know everything. I will always be learning, especially when there is so much to learn and in the Engineering discord we're constantly working to change it. In light of this advice I have started playing non engineer jobs more often, trying to learn other roles seems beneficial, as you pointed out. As for mentality I have that down. I've been doing roleplay command for years, and it's just natural to me. In situations where we'd even need an interim CE I don't ask for the title change because frankly I don't need it. If something ever needs to be done that required a coordinated effort by engineering, or a dangerous event occurs that requires we get together, people listen to what I say, and if they disagree with an action I've suggested as our plan I listen to them, and if appropriate we've had a short discussion over it. I am always equipped with emergency supplies for fixing breaches, if you ever see a station killing event I'm the first person you see pulling a Shield Generator saying "Engineering, we're locking our department down.". Malfunctioning AI? Tell someone to grab an Emitter, I'll pull a Pac. I think this application has your attention on me, and I do believe now that you're looking closer you will be happy with what you see. I am happy to learn, eager to ask about things I don't know, and experienced in the intricacies of departmental command.
  12. I've complained in LOOC twice in my few months, once when security was being absolute garbage and arresting the wrong person, and when I was getting metacliqued out of a role. That's hardly a tendency. If you had an issue with me you should've ahelped, and had a warning added. As for OOC the only time I've ever complained is during the cultist mess a few days ago, when literally everyone was because it was awful. I'm often apologizing for bad RP on my part post round in OOC, not bitching about other peoples bad RP, because again that is what ahelp is for.
  13. BYOND key: Jamesview Character names: How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Not terribly long, around two months maybe three. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: #1 reason is now Ginny, the cutest pet in the game. My initial reasoning resulted from playing lowpop Aurora on a week I just couldn't sleep at night. Never any CEs on, or hardly any command for that matter. As I've switched back to playing highpop I notice that same lack of CEs. We have the three I see often being Kylee, Oliver, and Kuhserze. It's really not enough though. I've taught so many apprentices how to do stuff, and I think I'd fit the role of command well. It feels whenever there is an engineering staff I'm often looked to for direction anyway, I'd like to formalize that. When I first started asking around about it, I was encouraged by pretty much everyone to apply. Why did you come to Aurora?: From what I've seen there are only two decent HRP servers. I realized pretty quick that Bay isn't actually decent. Aurora is now one of two stations I play on. After playing for a while I realized an old friend played here, since then I've just stayed. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yeah, I meet and exceed the requirements for the roles I'd like to play. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I think I received a warning for going SSD once? I remember just falling asleep OOC midround, didn't notice the warning for like a week. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay, specifically HRP, is players coming together to create an immersive environment in which to add challenges and test knowledge in a consistent way. Roleplay in general is interaction between characters, the development of relationships and bonds, and then seeing how those relationships effect the aforementioned challenges. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Heads of Staff are responsible for keeping their department running smoothly, or at least their best with that goal in mind. Whitelisted characters are responsible for being knowledgeable enough to answer basic questions about their department, and setting the newer players who join their first shifts under them for success on the server in the department they've decided to learn. Heads of Staff are expected to teach the majority of game mechanics, or give that task to someone they know is competent and willing to do so. They set the expectations for everyone else in an RP way, accepting responsibility for the boring jobs no one cares about doing, and ensuring the department runs well. Whenever the round spotlight is put on a Head of Staff, I've found that whether an antag or not, they usually do a great job of making whatever is happening more interesting, which is only fitting; as characters, they are highly-qualified individuals who are of high-importance to crew and antags alike. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: When you're approved for whitelisting, it's a staff and community endorsement that says "Hey, this guy can make an interesting game. Hey, this guy can roleplay. Hey, this guy has a basic understanding of our lore." Other players can expect a friendly, knowledgeable player sitting behind their Head of Staff's desk, ready to give advice in terms of rules, roleplay, and the hard technical knowledge of their department. Heads of staff need to be fun-minded, in that they make the round interesting for as many people as possible. This is accomplished through a mixture of delegation, hands on guidance, and demeanor during interactions. Delegation is an important part of running a department, sure you CAN set up the engine, shields, and wire solars in under twenty minutes. The reality though? People chose their role to serve a purpose, and as a head of staff, it's important you provide direction for that purpose when appropriate. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Tau Ceti is a human frontier system, liberated from the Sol Alliance by the Republic of Biesel and on the edge of human populated space. It being a frontier system makes it a land of opportunity. By accepting a more remote posting the room for advancement is quite larger, and I will take advantage of that. Additionally, with all the new technologies being brought aboard in an effort to expand the Auroras research capability? Station like this needs competent engineers to maintain it all, as well as people to manage them. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? This application is directed at Chief Engineer, however I do feel once comfortable with CE I would like to make an HoP character. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Roman Joon will be promoted to CE, I may have James go to command school and become my HoP now that I'm done playing Medical. I will create more characters at some point, but honestly I've just been really enjoying playing as Roman lately. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: 6/10, give or take depending on the day. I feel I put a lot of effort into making my characters have flaws and supports, as well as to go a little deeper into scenarios whenever possible. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I would expect a department head to be especially scrutinized with how much ability to effect the rounds they have. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yeah, one of the first pages I actually read when I started playing. The humor of the overview of each role still amuses me occasionally. Extra notes: I do feel that compared to the other applications I've seen that I haven't been here nearly as long. While it has made me consider waiting a while, I decided against it solid in my reasoning of we need more active CEs. I appreciate you taking the time to read my application, and I look forward to my trial. Thank you!
  14. Hey, I was Roman Joon (Station Engineer) for this round. I latejoined, after hearing how many people were dead I went to security via maints, and hacked a door to get into the security area without risking getting caught in a main hallway. As soon as I opened the door to security I saw two officers, Lafortune and one other. I said "Hey, I was just trying to find you guys!" I was immeditely flashed with the cult flash thing, and by the time I could see again I was cuffed. I started begging for my life, but was dragged onto a sacrafice rune and gibbed wordlessly. Zero RP, I personally really love being part of cults because it's fun. To wordlessly be killed when they had all the time in the world to convert me, and with no RP at that? Really turned me off for the night.
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