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  1. Jaxon Williams is an Engineering legend. This is the only person I’ve ever seen since I started to play SS13 choose to learn TCOMMs willingly. Jaxon filled a niche in engineering and the roleplay seen by his characters is 10/10. This is a command application I’ve been waiting for for well over a month and I really hope he’s given a trial.
  2. You're right. I didn't realize how improper the original message was. I agree with the original warning, however I'm still quite annoyed by Sonics inability to create a forum warning properly. This could've been clarified a long time ago if he'd been even a fraction more communicative.
  3. I didn't "just call them names". My comment had much more than "borya shitter" in it. Borya and I have not had good experiences, him and I have both blocked each other on Discord over past events. Is the issue me not going into depth enough? Or is this just staff clique because Borya is friend of all staff? My review of his application was neither a shitpost nor meant to be insulting. It was an honest review of my opinion of him.
  4. Since when has evidence ever been required of a personal review of an application? My opinion of them is low, and that was communicated. That was the point.
  5. That "changing it later" is every indication needed. It was non edited for maybe five minutes. Literally just long enough for Shadow to see it. So no, that's him knowingly prosecuting a clear and obvious joke. As for Borya, as I've said I have very mixed feelings about him. I stand by my review of him being toxic, but good in this community. The fact it's acceptable for that opinion to be removed simply because it's "calling someone shitler" is honestly pretty sad. It's not trashtalking if it's truth, which is apparent from your response to my complaint. Regardless, it's been made clear my opinion or humor is not wanted on staff applications. I will not be responding to them in the future.
  6. BYOND Key: James View Staff BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked Game ID: Forum related complaint Reason for complaint: Unjust forum ban, silencing my voice on the forum, and presenting incorrect evidence in administrative action. Evidence/logs/etc: - Additional remarks: Sonic warned me for a post I had made on the forum, a single point post marked as "spamming." (picture 1) This was not pointed as toward any specific post, and I had posted on two different moderator applications that day. I had posted a joke response on Shadows application, as he was literally begging for -1s in OOC. I let him see it, then edited to a serious response. I checked his profile and saw he and Borya were friends. I assumed he'd gotten offended by my comment on Boryas applications. The comment was paraphrasing "Borya is a shitty person, probably fits SS13 tho +1" What I should've said, is I personally have had bad experiences with Borya. I think he's a shitter. He is really in with this community though, everyone loves and respects him as he does it. I think he'd be a fine moderator here but not anywhere else. When I contacted Sonic to explain that I wasn't joking or spamming, he sent me one line "Oh so you're just toxic" and added an additional two points, making for a total of three which banned me from the forum. In this second staff action, he posted evidence pointing towards Shadows application which was a clear and obvious joke. I assumed this was a misunderstanding and tried to communicate via discord clarification. He didn't respond either time. I now feel Sonic has maliciously made this a confusing situation, refused clarification on the offending post, and just in general been toxic in retaliation to what he percieved as toxicity. For five days I have been unable to even file a complaint.
  7. +1, awesome captain. Pretty invested in good RP and with his past experience I'm sure he'll make a fine mod again too.
  8. He called me a nerd because I didn't respond fast enough :< Henry is a good rper, I've enjoyed having him in rounds the past few days I've seen him. +1
  9. A couple days ago this AI loving skrell gave Aurora the finest traitor round I've ever seen. Their skill and attention to detail when it came to involving as many people as possible in a fun way was awesome, and while I personally haven't seen them around much, I do look forward to this trial.
  10. I'm changing to a +1, I haven't been around for a couple weeks but the past few rounds I've seen Peppermints characters they've been amazing. I think they're going to be good for Aurora as a whole in the future as command. The effort she now puts into running good characters is noticeable.
  11. Rakt is a staple of the Engineering department. Easily one of the most respected Atmos Techs we have. He'd make an awesome CE and I look forward to his trial.
  12. This sounds like an awesome change.
  13. My question is has this price change been shown in supply and demand in other ways, or has this change only effected the market price of cigs. To state my question another way, can players use this to benefit themselves by growing tobacco and exporting it or was this change just "haha cigs are expensive also fuck you"?
  14. The lack of reinforced walling leaves the same weakness though. Unreinforced walls are insanely easy to get through, this does not live up to secure area standards.
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