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  1. Travis Black does not know much about Vaurca since they're fairly new to his expertise. The rest of security were just standing there, while the known assailant further advanced on the crew, they were not reacting to anything and when the Vaurca was attempting to lockdown Medbay to keep Security out, I opened the door between lockdowns, as medical was unlocking the shutters. So I sprung into action since everyone was just standing there instead of going for the arrest and protecting the crew. The safety of the crew is always Travis' first priority and after stopping the threat I let the arresting officers finish the rest. I'm not going to allow people to get attacked and injured and just sit back. My officers don't have access to Medbay, so I opened the doors for them, after I stopped the threat I delegated the officers to finish the arrest. They all decided to still stand there instead of taking the suspect to Brig, while others stood around watching, after being told to go back on patrol. It was a split second decision between seeing the Vaurca threat approach the medical staff and attempt to lock us out, to rushing and stopping the threat. I trusted my officers to follow my lead and a couple did. In the amount of time I stop and tell my officers. Okay, so I'm going to open the door, follow me, I'm gonna open this next door and attempt to stop the Vaurca threat. Okay, now you need to cuff them. Okay now pick them up. Okay now take them back to Brig and process them. No. I'm going to expect my officers to know what to do when a threat shows itself, I opened the doors, stopped the threat since I was already there, and then let them proceed. As far as "frontlining" I was already at/near Medbay when the call for Security was made. I'm not going to go back to my office and chill while I'm closest. That's neglect of duty as well as idiotic. I delegate the officers when able, and watch instead of acting several times within a shift. The one time I act instead of delegating was because of an active threat that all other officers were either too worried about talking, standing around or just didn't have access to Medbay. As soon as I opened the door at least one officer went through and assisted me with the takedown. I think the incident went extremely well given the circumstances and I commend that one officer who followed my lead and finished the arrest. As far as the flash goes, they were too close in range for a tazer as well as there being too many civilians right behind/in the line of fire. The flash was in my pocket and I had to act fast, Travis Black did not understand the extent of how badly flashes effect Vaurca and thought it was just a mildly more irritant than a normal human's reaction to a flash. After learning that the Vaurca was injured, while in custody, I told Security to get them medical care and then process them. Let's talk about the arrest. I was first/second on scene and saw the Vaurca behind Medbay doors, with the Captain's ID. I told them to surrender, and they didn't. Then I saw that another officer was talking to them trying to diffuse the situation. I walked behind all the other officers to allow them to take care of the situation. The Vaurca then proceeded to enter the Medical Office north of the lobby where there were civilians. THEN, the Vaurca attempted to lockdown the Medbay so we couldn't get in. Seeing how no one was doing anything, I wasn't going to just sit there and allow harm to come upon the staff inside the office with the assailant. Once the shutters popped back open, I rushed into action, opening the door to allow any other Security to come in with me. Attempted to have them surrender yet again, and they didn't. So I opened the final door, flashed the suspect, made sure the civilians were out of danger and then the Vaurca then summoned bats and we had to deal with that, all while the Vaurca was attacking one of my men. I then brought out my tazer, since all civilians were out of the line of fire and attempted to subdue the Vaurca again. Then everyone was blinded and somehow the Vaurca was disabled and was cuffed by another security member. I think the situation was handled well within the circumstances, I stayed back and attempted to let the officers handle it when appropriate, and only took action when civilians were in harm or the situation changed to more drastic measures being required. I have been HoS on several shifts now and have delegated, not frontlined for most of them. I do not believe I need to work on delegation or not "frontlining" as I let officers do their due diligence when there is no harm at stake. I even spoke with another Head of Staff at the time and they agreed that what I did was no issue and right for the situation at hand. I stand by my actions as I feel stun batons are more 'vicious' than a flash, in most circumstances. Travis Black has now learned however, how flashes affect Vaurca on a larger scale than he previously thought.
  2. Yea, honestly it could have been handled differently but it was all within RP, like I hold no actual ill-will towards the RD, I've seen command staff straight up have vendettas against someone or go off, I figured it'd be within RP to just have a little spiff with this RD due to the stress of the round and the amount of things going on, as well as Travis be a fairly new head of staff. After a few rounds more after this I did get some more feedback and tips on what a good way to carry/communicate while being command, and will be working on it. While this situation I stand by there are a few other things within communication that I need to work on and I will be keeping that in mind while working on my command RP. Thanks for the advice, I will be taking it with me with the ongoing shifts.
  3. I will admit I was frontlining a little during that round, people kept escaping and things weren't being done right, so I did have to take things into my own hands. Though other instances I did frontline when I could have let my officers handle it, as there were a couple that were keeping up. As far as the instance with the RD goes, they weren't concerned with the individual that was "supposed" to be cyborged, they kept asking if a prisoner was HuT which they were told multiple times they were, and even the HoP could have replied that they were, while I was busy delegating and handling a situation between Monday and Medbay about to have a shootout apparently. I do need to work on sitting back and delegating, I will look towards that during my gameplay. Though I stand by the way I handled the RD being combative for no reason as soon as they got on the station, late, and their constant berating that was honestly out of nowhere. Appreciate the feedback, will work on the delegation and trusting my crew more.
  4. Played Captain once and it was kind of hard to keep up with comms when chat moves so quickly, so that is one thing I need to get used to. However- The RD was being combative and insisted that I reply immediately while dealing with three HUT inmates, one being suicidal and nonstop attempts at escape, and another who kept escaping and injuring officers. You'll notice I answered everyone else's comms except the RD's. RD was combative, asking asinine questions or attempting to push themselves into security matters. Most of the time, while they were asking if inmates were HUT (which they were told they were several times) I was either apprehending someone, in a fight, or delegating to security. Appreciate the feedback; However, I think I'm fine on communication when it's necessary.
  5. UPDATE: Decided to start with HoP to dip my toe in the water and RP out the contract negotiations between NT and Zav. Spoke with a Liaison today on shift.
  6. Once again, appreciate the feedback. I will stand by the fact that OOC is OOC and I can differentiate between the two. I'm an adult and once again, have been admin and HoS on other servers for several years. I can see how some others might not be able to separate the two and I'm sure the status quo is that it affects IC motivations. On the matter of the working on the transfer early, that's actually a really good idea. The next time I see a NT Rep on station I will speak to them regarding my contract. Edit: In regards to the OOC, an example of OOC staying OOC. I have sense played with both the "clique" and continued playing security with the same people who I memed about. No issues, no bwoinking. I will be looking for a NT Rep today while on station to take care of it IC, since it seems to be a huge deal, if I can't get transferred IC by the end of the day I'll just say it was done off station. That's a really good idea, I will probably dip my toe in by being HoP. Get used to the command role and fill a position that seems to be constantly empty. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, I appreciate it and will look into future options.
  7. Thanks for you questions, I'd be glad to go into some things. He is currently a Zavodskoi contractor, I am aware that non-NT personnel can not be heads of staff, even Interim. Travis Black has wanted nothing more than to be the best security officer he can be, and to follow in his father's footsteps and be a high ranking security command. He joined Zav early in his years because they are the best in Private Security. Contracts have expiration and Travis Black has shown nothing but loyalty towards NT in his days working there. He actually spoke with a Corporate Liaison from NT in character regarding "buying out his contract" or just waiting for it to expire/transfer. Travis Black will do anything in his power to prove he's worth a damn as security and has grown fond of NT. His contract is a temporary contract, he negotiated for a paycut and buyout clause to be able to transfer/change corporations. I'm not going to lie, I haven't dived deep into the lore, I read the corporation lore, and any other lore that interests me. If lore is like, super important to be a good HoS then point me to what pages I should check on and I'll have them converted to my memory in a couple hours. I put in the main things that Travis has had issues with IC wise, being born under the Sol Alliance he doesn't have many interactions except secondhand racism towards other species/races. Which has been one of the things he has been trying to adapt to. I can go into a little bit more detail about issues that might be prevalent in his growth. Being used to the Sol Alliance way of Galactic Law from both being from Sol, his father advising him of how things are done in his area of security. As well as being temporarily contracted by Zav in the Sol headquarters for training. So getting used to the difference between Sol Galactic law and Republic of Biesel law has also been something he's been working on. As far as the OOC thing, OOC and IC are completely different. Anyone who knows Travis Black knows him as a man of few words, and when he does speak it's polite and courteous. He's calm-headed and caring. I have never once been actually angry in this game, it's just not who I am. It takes a lot for me to even get irritated. I have no notes on myself for grudging, griefing, bias, or bringing anything OOC into IC. I've been an admin on dozens of HRP servers across GMoD, ARMA III and SS13, I've been HoS on three other servers and Captain on 1. I might talk shit in OOC for the memes or stuff like that but as I mentioned in my admin application, I'm level-headed and unbiased. I'd love to talk to you in private if something I said in OOC rubbed you the wrong way. Just know for future reference, if I seem aggressive or angry in OOC, it's a meme. Thanks for the questions, I'm sure others must have had the same questions; Glad to lay those worries to rest. I'll also add more to the "What's happening in Tau Ceti" section.
  8. Honestly, I don't play cargo tech often (somewhat for this reason), but I agree with some points here. My main issues are: Cargo ship is a bitch to get sent, and or send back sometimes. Ship is on a different floor, so you have to take buggy, aggravating elevator each time.
  9. Just came across this: I have a few points I want to add. I was the Warden for that round, and I was around when things first started going down. The first big battle happened in the Chapel after a chase through the hallways, I did see the Captain but I did not see them do much more than witness what was happening. In the Chapel three officers went down, one ended up dying in medical. Breacher was the other, they went down and I went back in to try and save them, at that point a cadet turned on us and took me out, with the cultist chopping my leg off. So so far we had a :Warden, two officers and a cadet removed from active duty. I was unconscious for most of the following events. After waking up without a leg and being sent on my way in a wheelchair, I went to the Brig to get an update, and I did see the Captain in the Brig, but they didn't seem to be doing much; However, that was before the huge battle. After visiting the Brig I went to get a new leg. I got a new leg, and realized I had brain damage, so I went BACK to surgery. I spent the rest of the shift in Surgery. So all-in-all security had no Warden, was down at least one officer and we didn't have a full manifest anyway. I don't have too much to add to the Captain frontlining, but the few instances I saw them, they were just watching and not interfering, though I was out of the loop for 80% of the round
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