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  1. I'm sad to see you leave, and wish I didn't share similar sentiments.
  2. +1 As someone that plays science, I don't understand why FRs don't have this. It's really easy to zone out green radio for a few minutes when doing some project, and realize some poor FR is annoyed they can't get in, and have to rush to the door. I've never really felt the same urgency for access when it comes to engineers or security. As First responders are in a hurry, there's very little RP going on, just distraction from projects on my part, and frustration from medical's.
  3. -1 For all removal of LOOC for ghosts. It can be really useful to communicate with a player, simple examples would be to ask if they want to help out a ghost role, such as golems, dionas and pAIs. And most of my experience with Ghosts talking to my character in LOOC has been very positive, and I'd hate to see it gone.
  4. I've not interacted enough with your HoS to make any verdict, but your RD is great, so +1 from me.
  5. I absolutely don't want the manifest to be removed. It would be a pain to have to ask over the radio if there are miners, cargo, medical and so on at the start of every shift. It's useful for determining what you can do during a round, what places may ask you for help, and what resources you have access to. I don't anticipate removing this information to help antags much, it's often pretty easy to determine if a player is a traitor, ling or vampire anyway, and they start on the manifest.
  6. I love FieryTech's RP and think they'll do great as a Skrell. +1
  7. Seen nothing but good things from your characters, I believe you'll do well as command. +1
  8. I need to say: try to communicate more. The round ending directly before me writing this, you ordered science to close down, with no information to the department about why, nor did you tell when we could enter again, and you ordered a headcount outside the department you never called off nor conducted as far as I could tell. This resulted in the department simply ignoring your orders. I know it was probably chaos from your end, but remember that if you close down a department, you're pretty much locking out people working there from doing much during the round, so make sure to tell peopl
  9. As far as I've seen, the main job of a Liaison is to raise awareness, do PR, and play favorites with their faction, and I believe Bjorn does this well, wandering around the station and being a loveable gun-nut uncle, being a very appealing face for a damn weapons manufacturer. He knows his role and does not try to assume command, but tries to help out when stuff turns bad.
  10. +1 I love Bjorn as a character, and Dahbunny is a wonderful player. Can't recommend enough.
  11. I get this, but I will counter with that from an in-universe standpoint, few scientists would accept unnecessary work hazards on what is already a very unsafe workplace. And the general Idea is that you're not supposed to use elevators in an emergency. It doesn't take long for someone to notice the workplace accident rate in Aurora, and start to look at how poor the safety is. At least let Xenobotany and xenobiology have access to EVA, so they have some way to escape, and maybe a electrically locked closet that releases when the power goes out, with the necessary tools to dismantle blast doors
  12. Remove the blast doors from xenobotany, and add a ladder from the science sub-level maintenance to the mainlevel.
  13. +1 It makes your character look really cozy, and I like the idea of seeing it around the station.
  14. +1 I've not really interacted a lot, but I've seen captain belbase in action, and he seems well suited to run the station.
  15. +1 April is a fine RD and managing a 4 hour extended shift with that hell of a 9-man expedition is no small feat.
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