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Toxins Remap

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Needs more binoculars or some other way for more than 1 observer to watch your handiwork. Might also need glass guiders to prevent bombs from being randomly shot out from the disposal chute, since I remember something about more randomized disposals being added. Otherwise it's not so bad. Gives the range a nice, girthy phallic shape, which adds a nice touch of cockage to the server. Could use more space bears.

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As a former toxins player, I would say this is a very strong design. The lab floor is more maneuverable than the current kinda-cramped one, its initial setup is stronger, the double chambers will be useful for anyone who wants to try comparing mixes, more coolers are obviously useful... My favorite addition, though, is probably the maintenance connection to xenobiology. The toxins lab is extremely isolated, as it is now, since there's only one way in and out.

One question though: Is there no longer an airlock for going outside? Maybe I'm just missing it, but seems like an important element to squeeze in there somewhere

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As a current toxins player, I would like the airlock back. I've been doing a lot of fun rp with "cross-department testing" aka "Build me something to explode so I can test its explosive resistance." I would also like it to be two tiles long (like the merchant airlock) for me to drag things out to the range.

Also, I've not played on other servers, so I have to ask if this Tachyon array is able to be disabled. I don't care about my e-peen, nor do I want my failures broadcast on common. I understand others will, so just curious if it's able to be toggled.

Overall a very strong redesign.

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