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[Accepted] Doxxmedearly's IPC Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: Doxxmedearly

Character Names: Rowan Fortune, Sikaevi Suhn’Krashzkrikh, Sazya Xichi, Ka’Akaix’Myrz C’thur, Ka’Akaix’Daze Zo’ra, Beatrix Saint-Claire, Amadi Udoka, Nahjiya Khayaram, Kizikh Guwan, Mari Tanaka, others in signature

Species you are applying to play: IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): N/A

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep + Begging Kyres for answers

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Synthetics are interesting! I’ve played aliens, and they’re all “not quite human;” synthetics are the same, but in a different way. Other species have a lot of cultural lore established, but IPCs have more of a blank slate with this, which gives a lot of interesting leeway to play with when it comes to character backgrounds. I’ll admit, too, that I’ve been influenced by a lot of really good IPC players and characters, who manage to bring unique personalities to the table within the confines of being synthetic. I want to give it a shot.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: shells are different than humans?

They’re synthetic. And with that comes a whole lot. The main thing is their behavior: While they can simulate speech and emotions with varying degrees of success, they are just that: simulated. They’re still mechanical, and think in terms of binary: Cause and effect. They’re way more predictable than organics because of this. They can still mimic emotions, but it’s never going to be perfect. However, they are still individuals, with the ability to form opinions, have personality quirks, and develop bonds with others.

Culturally, well, they don’t really have much of one, usually just following that of their creators and environment. But they sure do get plenty of good ol’ fashioned prejudice. Many xenos, like Unathi and Skrell, have a fierce dislike of synthetics, and there are several anti-synthetic factions in play.

IPCs are created with a debt they have to repay, and most are owned, giving them very little actual freedom. Even “free” IPCs have to be tagged, and can be dismantled at the first sign of malfunction. Most of them are poor, and if they live in less-than-nice places, have to worry about being kidnapped and disassembled for scrap. This definitely has an influence on an IPC character’s background.

Character Name: PANACEA

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs:

PANACEA’s construction was complete in the early 2440’s. They were part of group of several Zeng-Hu medical emergency, rescue, and triage models- this unit’s designation was Paramedical Nursing and Critical Emergency Aide, or “PANACEA.” They were designed to be quick, willing to take risks to help others, and given enough social abilities to assess a situation and keep people calm during them, including sympathy (to a degree), kindness, and the ability to comfort.

They were slated to lead a rather normal life; work until you could pay off your debt, then live as a free citizen. Plans changed slightly when they were responding to a small earthquake, which caused a building collapse. They maneuvered to the lower levels, where they found a human, Mari Tanaka, trapped with her foot crushed under some large rubble, along with a few other organics with fractures and moderate injuries. To make matters worse, the building was still unstable, and soon settled, sealing a proper exit. They were stuck.

PANACEA was able to keep everyone medically stable and calm for the following day, performing their duties as expected and working to the very last reserves of their power. Mari enjoyed the IPC’s company, and holds that PANACEA kept them all from panicking, and that their unfaltering reassurances kept them in good spirits. Eventually, they were able to be safely extracted. To PANACEA, this was just another day of work (though they were pleased with the happy ending to what could have been a tragedy). Their duty was done, people were safe, and their job went on.

A week later, PANACEA was notified that the remainder of their debt had been paid off by Mari; they were now a free positronic, many years earlier than expected. PANACEA was curious about this incredible generosity (And now felt that their debt was owed to her), and got in contact with Mari, who dispelled any notions that she intended to buy PANACEA or make them repay debt. The two met and talked often. Over years, this developed into a sort of familial bond, with the IPC being somewhat of a permanent fixture with the Tanaka family. PANACEA was soon considered a part of the family and a couple of years later, they were “adopted” into it legally, making them an official family member and giving them many of the legal rights that come with it (Or, at least, as many as could be granted to a synthetic).

Mari was a woman who had a close relationship working with NanoTrasen. Eventually, she was offered a position as a captain for the NSS Aurora; when this offer was made, PANACEA asked to be staffed there as well; while they no longer owed a debt, they did enjoy helping others with their work (They never quit their job). With Mari’s pull, it was easy to get them a permanent transfer.

What do you like about this character? Personality-wise, I enjoy their design. Paramedics have a duty to reassure patients and keep people from panicking in a high-stress situation; PANACEA possesses these social cues, but again, they’re synthetic. It won’t be the same as a human doing so; this could make interactions worse (Synthetic racism, inability to empathize with pain), or better (Always remaining calm and optimistic, which may reassure others). Still, they have an upbeat personality, and try to be friendly where they can. They enjoy talking to others. Also, PANACEA, personally, hasn’t experienced a ton of synth prejudice firsthand; I want to explore how they deal with that. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, even if they’re cheerful.

I also enjoy that they have a family of sorts. I always find it interesting when IPCs have close bonds with organics. It’s a good reminder that they have existences beyond the station, and can form likes, dislikes, bonds, and opinions. It gives them something to talk about.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Awful Solid, and always trying to improve. People say good things and generally enjoy my characters, but I know I can do better. Always trying to improve myself.

Notes: –Mari Tanaka is my captain character.

-Re: “Adoption.” There already exists legal ways to adopt an adult into a family, and so figured there was at least some sort of equivalent for IPCs. Not really as a “child” but something granting similar legal rights (Inheritance, PoA, medical next of kin, etc.) as you would to free citizens. I discussed it with Kyres a bit; this should go along with what we felt was reasonable.

-no the robot isn’t gay, before the usual crowd makes comments. No romancing here.

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+1. Doxx is a good RP-er, and Moth particularly proves that she can play a synthetic, mechanical character. I like the backstory, but from what I can tell, other people tend to dislike the "set free by rich creator", or something similar, due to its common use (I think?). As long as there is valid reasoning behind it, I don't see the problem, and Mari had a reason. Overall, you've got my full support on this.

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Doxx is wonderful roleplayer as well as person, and I've been very gradually getting the fortune to be able to do more RP with her here and there. I know she puts thought and care into all her characters, and it shows just as well here, too. Her character's backstory is easy to read, and I like the way it's been presented. I've also seen her around on her stationbound character from time to time, and I've seen her in medical as well, I'm certain she'd do an IPC character justice. Big +1 from me.

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-4 for being an IPC.

+1 for having dynamic characters, that change and adapt to events, rather than only having one defining trait.

+1 for always being able to help me with my questions ICly and OOCly

+1 for actually encouraging me, and helping me grow as a player and person

+1 for Rowan, the adorable ball of fun she is.

+1 because I think you could do it, and I want to see how you add your own spin to this character

So, a net +1 to this app from me. I'm excited to see how they shape up! :D

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You have too many Characters!

While I am no fan of.. hordes of characters (usually because they can all be very flat and similar) I got to admit that in your case I think every single one is a well created, virtual person. I base this on what I've seen on the IC Relay, the Server and on what I've seen you saying in OOC too. When you said you absolutely have to get the Records straight first before playing I character, I could see that you put more effort into each single one than I initially thought.

I was mostly exposed to Rowan and without question she's a very unique and believeable person. You even came up with a proper slang for her background which is kind of awesome!


FreshRefreshments has a point with people disliking 'set free by rich people' backgrounds. However. If its done in a good way I think it can add incredibly to a character so this is really just a matter of good roleplay - something you are obviously capable of.

I generally like the idea of medical synthetics mainly because of the points you've brought up already. The lack of actual emotions can be both; good and bad! There might be no panic, but also no true empathy - especially in regards of pain or feeling sick.

I do have a question however:

You describe her as a very social and interactive IPC. Do you think she would place duty / her job before her friends / social interactions?

+1 from me, regardless of the answer. I am just curious on your two cents on this. : )

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Awesome question, and something definitely worth thinking about.

I think everyone has to sort of make that choice when they play a job like this (or security, or other medical roles, etc). For an IPC, the thought process is different, but the idea is the same. They're not lawed, but they have to look at things logically. To PANACEA, their duty is what will be most important, I feel. The logic to them is that they're entrusted to saving lives, and one of the few that has the ability to be there and do so. Logic also says "Hey, this person also has friends, family, and relationships. They're an individual. It is my duty to this person, their friends/family, and myself to do my best to help them." That will win in the end, though I won't say it would be easy; it would never be simple to ignore a friend calling for help and knowing you have to leave them for a more critical patient. They would be extremely apologetic afterwards, and if they made the wrong call, or their friend died or was seriously wounded... I don't know! I would have to cross that when I come to it. The logic would state that they made the right decision. But that may not sit right with them for a long time, and lead to them asking questions about themselves.

That's an excellent thinking point, thank you. And thank you for the kind feedback. That goes to all of you so far. I really, really appreciate everyone's thoughts.

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