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[1 Dismissal] Convert 'Tip of the Round's into Lore Info


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In a further extension of the grand dream of promoting and integrating our lore, convert the 'Tip of the Round' information into lore information instead of mechanical information.

Putting in well-known (in-universe) lore information into the Tip of the Round will allow people to understand more about the fundamental facts of the galaxy that their characters would likely know, as well as immediately accentuating roleplay over mechanics.

Example facts:

Did you know? In the year 2450, Tau Ceti's unemployment rate was at 20%!

Did you know? The Republic of Biesel only became an independent system in the year 2452, breaking free of the Sol Alliance!

Did you know? Humanity only met the Vaurcae in 2456 (that's 4 years ago!).

Did you know? Tau Ceti Basic, the language we all speak, is a spiritual successor to Esperanto established in 2404? Designed to be easily spoken by all alien species, it is the most common trade language in human space!

Did you know? Phoron was only discovered in 2417, and it's properties continue to astound scientists to this day! The rapid integration of Phoron into everyday life has proved a point of contention for some, yet its convenience is unquestionable.

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I am not sure about this, I always like seeing the Tip of the Round as it usually provides a good splash of comedy before a round. We also will end up just seeing the same lore info over and over again. Now I know tip of the round has the same problem, but usually you can still laugh about it and discuss it in OOC. Overall, I want the tips of the round to stay the same. -1

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To clarify, I consider most mechanical tips useless because they either touch extremely obscure points of mechanics that can be looked up in a guide (or should definitely be included in a guide instead of round tips), or give a very broad statement on the level of "X mechanic exists". Can be pruned/rewritten to cover something more general and useful than oddly specific department tips when such a department might not even be staffed at all? Sure. But I'd rather have something else. Meme of the round

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Voting for dismissal. The integration of lore cannot be achieved by boiling lore down to meaningless 1 sentence long trivia snippets. I cannot foresee this ever conveying useful lore information.

This will not singlehandedly integrate the lore, but will be yet another small step in the right direction.

What about the provided examples doesn't appeal to you? I think the examples I used are very potent- they demonstrated information which all characters SHOULD know (with the exception, perhaps, of some alien whitelistees), that not everyone DOES know, and that knowing will help to build more interesting characters.

The reason I would like for them to replace mechanical tips is that a lot of those mechanical tips take away from oppertunities to learn. 'Find out ICly' is a bit of a meme, but actually discovering mechanics and how to apply them for oneself or through a roleplay encounter is highly rewarding. I appreciate the same could be said for the lore, but that is why only things that every character would know are included, while leaving more obscure information to either be found through the wiki or found out ICly.

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