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I love you folks


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Move aside, Manifesto posters, it's time to drop the dogma and get holly jolly. :classic_cool:

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays. It's a bit early (or a bit late depending on your faith) but I have no accountability of whether I'll be around on the internet for the Christmas week.

While Thanksgiving is over, I do want to say that I'm thankful for all of you that's stuck around this community so far. Sometimes we all make really silly decisions and it leads to arguments sometimes, but this holiday season we should all strive to think of the other person on the other side of the screen and try to wish them good tidings, no matter what you think of them. Christmas season can either be the best time of the year or the hardest time of the year. No matter what you might know or think about somebody else's life, let's all try to consider what could be going on for other people and wish them only the best.

That aside, I'm really happy to be around this community for so long and it's all thanks to you guys. I'm not going to make special mentions because all of you are special in each of your own unique ways. You all add something interesting and different to this community that creates different experiences for me and for everyone else, whether for better or worse. It's created special bonds between a lot of us and that's probably the best part of Aurora, you never knew what friend you're going to find in someone tomorrow. Aurora really is a fun place to be around specifically because of all the cool friends I have here and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

It's also the season for forgiveness. The holidays are always a fruitful time for thinking about forgiveness. It's always a good time to let go of the grudges you've held the past year because it's rarely ever a good thing to carry them over to have in the next year, and prevent those old transgressions from happening the best you can. In particularly difficult cases, reach out to somebody if you think they're angry and frustrated. Sometimes all someone needs is to talk to someone this holiday season, whether it's online or offline. The holiday season will be a lot happier for people if they are less angry and resentful. Forgiving is tough business. It takes courage and resolve to let go of negative feelings when we've been wronged. Fortunately this gets easier with practice—especially if we start with the small stuff and get in the habit early on—and it makes us stronger and better people.

In case anyone mentions it, you don't have to open a line to DM me, I forgive you, whatever you did. Consider it in the past year at this point.

I'm happy for all the friends I made this year and for all the ones I kept, I hope you all can say the same. Stay safe if you're driving this holiday season and try not to drink too much eggnog.

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